submitted by Judith Vandermeer,

As a Druid priestess of over 40 years’ service, I will share with you what our spirits are saying regarding the remainder of 2010. 

 There will be some sort of forced relocation from the Gulf of Mexico area due to something toxic being offgassed from the oil spill. This will be a summer of discontent among the general populace, with some political and business execs being killed globally, due to public outrage.

 There is a breaking of the soil in the West, and a storm which will come thru the Gulf, pushing or picking up oil and destroying crops, grazing lands etc in a large area. This will affect both fuel and food prices, so you would be well advised to purchased extra fuel, a good generator, and plenty of food water, medications.  It may become difficult to get what you want/need.

July will be a very dangerous month meteorologically, tectonicly, and magmaticly… People will be very much on edge and you would be well advised to out of your way not to piss off any strangers.  You do not know  how they might react. 

This is also the time of the lone wolf juhadist…people with a score to settle… Use your natural esp… We all inherited it from our ancestors, and if you will take the time to hone it a bit, it might save your life or the life of a loved one.  The same sixth sense that kept your distant ancestor out of the cave where the cave lion or dire wolf was waiting, can keep you our of the McDonald’s where the nutcase with the Uzzi is waiting. 

There will be record rainfalls in parts of Europe, and in the western USA which will do great damage. This will be also a difficult year for forrest fires.

 The advice of our grove to you all is to regard this like a winter weather warning… Stock up on those things you need, an be ready to settle in, read a good book or two, and let the schmutz fly overhead. 

We bid you peace!

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  1. Do not wish to leave an address. But, your comment about the Lone Wolf hits too close to home. This young woman, whose affection I was trying to cultivate, had a vision that her co-worker (who looks a lot like me) was going to be injured protecting her in a shooting at her office. On the same day, I had a vision that she and I would be shot by her ex. [I just recently found out she had an ex.] Today, as I drove into my local library I was greeted by three news trucks (a librarian was stabbed by someone who broke in on the holiday when the building was closed to the public).

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