by Anatara

Swimming in the life rich waters of Hawaii’s Big Island, one is immersed in the grandeur and simplicity of a life of unity, and cooperation. More so than here on the land, although it shouldn’t be any different, you can see that all life depends on all other life. Every small plankton has the potential to feed the next generation of a slightly larger fish. This system functions in a beautiful dance of symbiosis, which includes the dolphins,whales and even we humans if we choose to participate in it’s equality.

All of the creatures of the sea know this. They resonate within this harmony and respect for each other. They accept that we all have a specific role to play, and that not one of us is more important than another. And they share this with us as we are able and willing to listen.

The dolphins have SO much to share with us about the coming opening which is rapidly encompassing us in its realm. But can we listen? Can we hear and accept the wisdom and bliss of a shared life of respect and Love?

Yes ….we can.

While in the ocean, you see that movement is not restricted by gravity, as much as it is on land. One can swim below, with, or above another. The dance is a weaving of movement, a flow directed by the moment. It is directed by immediate need and desire. It is respected and allowed by each of the other members of the sea of life. The colours and shapes of the tropical fish defy ones imagination. Is this any different than the different shapes, colours and sizes of the people’s of the earth?

So what is about to happen? What will change? What is already changing?

There has been a dampening field around us for eons. It has maintained a colossal cage which has prevented the human race, in general, from feeling safe amongst each other. It has spurred us into competition, one up-man ship, and war for thousands of years. The Dolphins now assure me, that this field of restriction is being lifted. We are sailing through a moment of galactic breakthrough. It is up to us now to believe that the freedom and Love that we feel, is safe.

Change can be instant, it can be focused on and assisted by our actions, or it can simply be accepted as real because our hearts say that it is! This is where we are at right now.

The Dolphins, and the ancient Hawaiian ‘elders’ who hold the space of cooperation and oneness with all life, assure me that as we flow through December 2012, and into the time-based year of 2013, there is an acceleration of openness warming us with its veracity and Love.

This is more than a prediction … this is an acknowledgement through all time and space, that there are no under dogs, there is no more holding back of the truth of what humanity is meant to be.

We are the purest form of Love that there is! This means that we may trust one another, cooperate with each other, and support all manner of togetherness, now and always.

Let’s do it! With Blessings and Love for you all during this opening, Anatara

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  1. Hi Antara,
    I think it’s really beautiful to read what you have just written and to know that dolphins are emerging so amazingly in my life, from stickers, to finding old pictures the other day, of swimming with dolphins ( I wrote to my sister about this because she identifies closely with dolphins and was my swimming companion that beautiful day). I am quite sure what you’re saying is beautifully Right. And I wanted to tell you this.

    I believe this story is about LOVE.

    Ruth Housman

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