by Marie

Sometimes we think we are going crazy and spirits are taking us over, or Angels are guiding us. It is a good thing to remember that having a body and caring for it is a part of our life on earth.

Chemical imbalances caused by lack of exercise, poor diet, food allergies (such as Celiac disease) and exposure to environmental toxins can have a detrimental effect on our mental health even to the point of causing hallucinations. We need to be careful because sometimes what appears to be a spiritual event could be caused by an imbalance in the body.

A weak or unhealthy body also does affect our energy field and can leave us open “prey” so to speak to “energy vampires”, both human and those from other domains. Not caring for our physical health can interfere with our ability to receive guidance, hear messages, and discern good from disruptive energy.

Marie’s Specialties

Numerology Life Path Charts
Life Path Consultations
Life Lesson Readings
Name Analysis/Changes
Health and Wellness Readings
Osho Zen Card Readings
Sacred Path Native American Cards
Conflict Resolution in Personal/Business
Pet Readings


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