As we open to our Higher, deeper Selves, we will often find the world around us reacting in strange and wonderful ways, affirmations of the work we are doing to move along on our paths.
My first expereince with Astral wind was very strange….After visiting my family for the week-end, I received a pleading call from my mother: “Danielle, whatever you’re doing, please stop.” The purpose of my visit had been to try to clear some old pain and so Mom and I had had some very long, and sometimes tearful conversations about my childhood. It was very healing for me, affirmed memories that had come even from the womb.  When I left for home, a lot of old energy had been moved, I felt better than I had in a long time.  But it seemed that after I left, life got a little strange for my parents.  Lights were going on and off, doors opening and closing, the lid had flown off the saled dressing  landing a few feet away, even though no one was around to touch it, and then the patio door imploded beside my father that afternoon, shattered glass all over the living room – and again, no on had touched it and there was no apparent wind.  I knew immediately what was going on and promised mom I would fix it. As soon as we got off the phone, I went into a meditation, cleared in my parent’s home and the patio where we’d done most of the talking, then called on all our angels and guides to bring things back into balance. Minutes later the phone rang, Mom again. “All the lights in the house got brighter after we talked. I thought you’d want to know that your father just came running upstairs asking what happened, so I know it isn’t my imagination.”
The universe has a way of letting us know when we’re on track, when we have been doing the work that will carry us forward.  Pay attention when you feel the wind on your face… this letter explains why.
“This morning I was woken up by a feeling of wind. I live on the ground floor, no doors or windows were open, the wind seemed to be present only around my head.I am quite psychic I have recently been working with energy and meditating a lot and this seems to have increased my dreams, visions etc. my dad and my grandparents are as well. As soon as I felt the wind I started praying, It’s not the first time I feel strange things around me while I am sleeping and this is usually how I deal with it. The thing is I didn’t feel danger, I wasn’t scared or threatened but I must say it was the strangest thing I have felt. Before it stopped I saw a vision of a room and heard some whispering but I couldn’t make out what it was. Any comments? Alison
The sensation of wind is a common occurrence.  I call it the “astral wind”.  It seems to have something to with changes in one’s aura.  Not surprising, since you have been doing some extra inner work.  You will hear whispers, even music.  The best way to describe this is that you have tapped into what is known as the thread of “cosmic consciousness”, the universal stream of thought.  Keep meditating and praying, but as you do, ask Spirit to give you some answers to questions that you have.  You are just now opening the dialogue with Spirit, so be glad and enjoy.  Many people spend years trying to get what you are connecting with.  Hope this helps.  Love, Light, & Laughter,  Chrisopher Ree

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