By Teresa


This month is going to be all about strength and new beginnings.  It will be about knowing our own inner divine strength(the first card), the serpentine power of persuasion and change and transformation as well as victory.  It will be about transforming and accepting without dogma our traditions and embracing the Light.  Very December-y, huh? *grin*

We will be called upon to tame the lion that has roared and tried to overcome us. The time has come to draw upon spiritual purity and that sign of fire (symbolized by the lion) which purifies as well as showing that our higher spiritual nature can overcome worldly desires.


This implies the triumph of spiritual intuition over brute strength.  We can’t make anything happen, but we certainly can afford ourselves of All That IS and draw it to ourselves with our peaceful and believing inner being.


This is a time to realize not only that courage and perseverance will help us overcome our problems, but also that the powers of love and intuition are stronger and more enduring than hatred, brute force, and antagonism.  A very Divine Feminine kind of thing (which is also represented in this particular card’s Hebraic attribution, the Tet, which represents the serpent).   During this month we will learn to overcome any fears we may have had in the past and begin to muster our resources and energies for the next phase (the new beginning) in our life’s journey.  “Behold, all things have become new, the old has passed away.”  We may also come to realize that while we have achieved great things through our perseverance and determination in the past, in the future we will succeed just as effectively, and at less personal cost, by bringing more love and consideration into our everyday affairs.  Another reminder of the Divine Feminine.  And personally, this is my own ‘take’ on what 12/21/12 is bringing:  A greater understanding and ‘use’ of that Divine Feminine energy.


I open myself to guidance from my higher spiritual self.
I experience the triumph of love and compassion over negativity, aggression, and blame.
I seek to balance the forces of spiritual insight and material attainment in my everyday life.


Even though we cannot see the future right now, if we do what our heart of hearts says is right, we will come to happiness. 


I also see this for December:  Some things will be like good old Taurus (my sign *wink*), that faithful homebody.   December will be about being connected.  And also about sacred things being revealed (ooh! I LIKE that!). *grin*  There is a scripture that says, “The secret (sweet, satisfying companionship) of the LORD [hwhy—The Name–YHVH] is with those who fear (are in awe of; revere and worship) him; and he will show (make known to) them his covenant (and reveal to them its deep, inner meaning).”  (How cool is that?!)


This of course isn’t necessarily about or limited to the Christian concept of that which is God.  This is about Source revealing ItSelf to us, of showing us how we are connected to that Source, are part of it, in fact…and in so being, we are quite powerful indeed…we can manifest in this realm all that we desire.


Many people freak when they see this card, Tradition/The Hierophant, because they think it is about religion or things not changing.  But this month is going to be a bridge-maker  that “provides a connecting link between outer experience and interior illumination.” (Paul Foster Case) We will discover we have dominion over the creative, formative and physical worlds.  We will find balance between the masculine (pure abstract thought) and feminine (passion and desire).


We just need to be wary of allowing worldly religious traditions to sink into dogma and conventionality.  We need to find the true essence of what we believe, what we know as Truth.  True spiritual insight transcends earthbound authority, but we must remember to be wise (the serpent in the first card’s meaning).


This month, with all the traditions of so many different belief systems, we will do well to remember that as we embrace spiritual truths and teachings that accord with our own sacred inner knowing, we are connected to our intuitive understanding, and owe their inspiration to a high spiritual source…and not be afraid to be unconventional if our spiritual inclinations take us in a challenging new direction.  (Ah, that ‘new’ keeps popping up, doesn’t it? *wink*)


I seek the Highest Spiritual Truth for my guidance and inspiration.
I see to unify the inner world of Spiritual Illumination and the outer world of personal experience.
I seek to walk in the Light.
I seek the Source of the Divine Mystery that passes human understanding.

Last but not least, the ‘qualifier’ card, if you will.  This third card for the month of December, the Three of Fire/Staves/Wands, shows that we will see our ‘ships come in’.  We have staked our claim and now await a positive outcome, one that reflects the hard work we have already undertaken. 


We will find partnership and cooperation in business transactions and assistance will be afforded us when needed to bring us prosperity.  I, of course, tend to see this in the spiritual sense more, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work for things to look up for any of us financially.  We just have to be sure we have a solid basis for anything to prosper, so we can’t congratulate ourselves prematurely.  Build on firm foundations.  No sifting, shifting sand. *smile*


This is the Birth of Light…and I have to say, I find that fascinating, as December 21st is that, indeed.  The days become longer after that day.  So perhaps we would do well to perceive it as such:  The Dawning of a New Day…a New Way of Thinking, Being, Seeing.  A miraculous birth is at hand (geez, really, could this BE any more ‘December’?  Think of the many traditions that see this month, and that day in particular, as just this…a celebration of Light, the rebirth, if you will, of the Light.)  Stay on the path.  To resist this great birth would bring pain.  This ‘child’ is the product of Love!


The connection mentioned in the 2nd card is here as well…it has been made and conception or perception (note the roots of these two words—which kinda brings us to reception) has occurred.  There is nowhere to go but through the dark tunnel toward the light.  This card, too, promises the balance.  This birth of light is symbolic for the rebirth or renewal of the Self.  Creativity (as mentioned in the 1st card) is sparked in every direction. 


December will be a resting place for us.  Let us rest, prepare for this miraculous ‘birth’ and embrace the newness that is promised.


I will close with this from the Tao Te Ching (the oldest Taoist text):

Tao gives birth to One;
One gives birth to Two;
Two gives birth to Three.
Three gives birth to the Ten Thousand Things.
The Ten Thousand Things uphold yin and embrace yang.
They harmonize through blending these vital breaths.  ~Ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tsu


May we discover and enjoy the Ten Thousand Things within the balance of yin and yang, the balance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine.


Rejoice!  The End of the World as we know it has come!  *smile*  The Old has passed away.  Behold, all things have become New!  *smile* Teresa

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