Friends and neighbours have always been a little surprised that my animals come when I call then, both the dog and the cats. When I trained my first cat some three or more decades go, I didn't know that cats don't usually respond to being called.  We lived in a condominium complex in those days that allowed pets, but demanded that they come in at night. So, if anyone was missing as dusk settled into darkness, I would put my head out the door to call for the cats. And always within minutes, I would hear the meows at the door to come in for the night.

Even, Charlie, the escape artist, the most recent addition to our family finally figured out that if he wanted to spend time in the garden, he needed to come when he was called… he might hiss on the way past me, but he usually comes all the same. Especially when I ring the dinner bell – by banging a spoon on his dish.

 We've had animals in our home since my son was a small child. And they always "minded". But it wasn't until I began seriously working with my psychic abilities that I recognized why.

I communicate with my animals telepathically, sending images and sounds with my commands and requests, so it is easy for them to understand what I want… and because I praise them for responding, they get into the habit of listening.

My dog Gracie awes me with her ability to pick up on my thoughts. A few weeks ago, we set out on a walk in the woods with the intent of taking the long way around, giving her an extra long walk… lost in thought, I took the usual shorter path when we reached the fork in the trail.  A little way down the path, I noticed that Gracie had stopped… there she was at the top of the hill, clearly pointing in the direction of the other path. I got the message… "I thought you said we were taking the long way around." With her thought she sent me a picture of her running in the fields on the longer trail – I immediately remembered I had the same image in my mind when I planned to take that route… I was impressed… she had seen that picture, and remembered.  The bounce in her walkas I turned to follow her made me laugh – she was as proud of herself as I was for getting what she wanted so easily.

There is really no trick to communicating telepathically with your pets… it is simply a matter of clearing your mind, holding a clear, focused – and simple – thought, then sending an image or a smell with the thought.

It is not quite so easy with wild animals though, or birds and other critters… The principles are the same, but our domesticated animals are much more in tune with human thoughts and feelings. Probably through hundreds of years of conditioning, they have become much more aware, and more capable of reading us. The energy in wild animals, birds and critters is often moving so quickly that you can't get a clear focus to communicate…

The trick is to communicate a simple thought… and listen for simple messages… whether the animal you want to communicate with is your best buddy, or a wild deer you encounter in the forest, you won't be able to make a connection if you ask them about the stock market. But if you open your telepathic communications with thoughts of love, gratitude and acceptance, and stay very present in the moment, you can effectively communicate simple thoughts like "I have food for you", ""it is safe to approach me". And you can hear their thoughts in your mind.

I am an 'epic' lover of all animals in God's great universe. Somehow, when I speak to my cat, I now take for granted, that she understands me, who I am to her, and what I am saying and what my means are.  This feeling I have not always possessed in all the time I've kept pets, although I have always spoken to my pets; all in a very particular way and style to each one's personality!  Developed in a very natural way spiritually.  My question is, how do I  connect with my pet on a level where I can see she is conscious of my plight and purpose, and I of hers. Or any pet for that matter, the birds who drop by into the back yard each day for feeding, or the homeless cats I put food out for who huddle on the veranda for shelter. Or even the little guys in the pet shop windows waiting for good homes?? Michelle

Animals are so easy to communicate with.  The hardest part with some animals is to get them to settle down and relax. Not unlike trying to talk with a toddler..  I Just sit quietly and put a thought or picture of what I am trying to talk with them about into my head, and then I wait for them to transmit the answer back.  Alot of animals respond to telepathic images instead of words. Deb

 You are already contacting them in a spiritual level.  Animals are pure spirit in form and function.  They are busy doing the things God has them do.  Don't mistake their lack of attention towards you to mean they are not listening.  They just ( for the most part ) have very little tolerance for our questioning minds.

Just observe and notice how they work – play. Love, Laura

Hi there…..I personally can also communicate with animals such as my kitten and dog….I know exactly what they are thinking and they me…I keep hearing for you to have "faith" and since you know that you can communicate with your cat…continue on doing that with other animals too.

I also personally feel that we can all communicate with animals such as…..think to yourself… "I'm not feeling well " and your cat comes over to you…thats also your cat picking up on you….I know both my kitten and dog both do that with me and I also can just look at their eyes and sense what is going on whether they are trying to communicate or not.

I must say though that I am a natural empath and this is more than likely how and why I can communicate with my animals…as for their purpose being with us…. there's a reason for everything and I honestly believe our animals are guided to us for companionship and to give them love and them us love….I hope this helps you…blessings, Love & Light xxx Karen


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