We’ve had so many inquiries about what it means when a baby is born with the veil – a caul – over its face that we went digging for answers and foudnd a lot of interesting and fascinating traditions and superstitions about babies….

Here are some dos and don’ts for new babies:

  • When first bringing baby home in a car, don’t sit in the back with the baby, bad luck…
  • Carry a baby upwards first: – you must go up the stairs with the baby before going down, – that the baby might rise in life, and the baby’s feet should be wrapped in flannel…
  • You should eat and drink to a new baby – there must be a celebration and everyone must have their share to wish the baby good luck
  • Bring baby a gift -you must bring a gift to a new baby on the first visit, for luck… an egg, meat, bread, drink, salt, a match all were favoured gifts.
  • Notice the way a baby looks at you – if a baby looks at you between its legs you will get pregnant
  • Dress the baby in clothes of the opposite sex – to deceive the boyseeking devil, some old Irish would dress a baby boy as a girl… and a baby girl who had a boy’s nightshirt put on her would have young men buzzing round her till she married.
  • Protect the baby – in Scotland, one protected one’s baby by wrapping it in one of its father’s garments… and to guard the child from being bewitched later in life, it was passed three times through its mothers’ petticoats….

Baby Superstitions

  • in the middle ages it was believed to be bad luck to place new clothes on a new born…
  • some believed that it was unlucky to even speak of an unborn child… but it can be lucky to be blessed with a stillborn child…
  • it is unlucky to pull clothes over a baby’s head
  • if you give away all of the baby’s clothes or the baby’s cradle you will be sure to have another baby…
  • if a baby first used its left hand to feed itself it would be unlucky in life
  • children born open-handed will be generous
  • don’t wash a baby’s right hand until after it is 12 moths old – or you will wash away its good fortunes..
  • never wash the first nappy…
  • hanging a baby’s nappy in the moonlight will bring you bad luck…
  • From 1507: I tell you for a trouthe that yf ony man bere vpon hym in some batayll the lytell moders wombe, knowe that he may bot be hurte nor wounded in his body.
  • From 1540:.. May not men …thinke, that I was borne in a good howre with a yly hoffe on myn heed.
  • From 1787: It is deemed lucky to be born with a caul, or membrane over the face… This caul is esteemed as infallible preservative against drowning; and under that idea, is frequently advertised for sale in our public papers and purchased by seamen.

About the Baby’s Caul

 I am trying to find information concerning babies being born with the membrane still over their heads & faces…. I remember hearing something a very long time ago, but can’t remember the details….. something to the effect of the baby being born with a “caul”? and that the baby would be special. I was present when she was born) the doctor said that it was very unusual for the 1st born to be born that way, and that she was destined to do great things (which reminded me of what I had heard about 20 to 30 years ago).thanks again, Diana

I have a friend that was born the same way, with a “veil” as it’s called in the south. She was born in Texas and has always shown psychic abilities. These children need special care. I would suggest you look up information about the Crystal Children and the Violet Children to help you understand her mission on earth better. You’ve been blessed with a child that has vision and wisdom. Take care, Laura

I would like to know if you have heard any of infants born in what, Old Wives Tales, called ‘White Veils’. That Veil is part of the placenta and left on the Child, and some think that the child is spiritually gifted, others think that the child is spiritually cursed. Can you give me more input and tell me what the scientific name for that white veil is? I have heard it, and have forgotten. Thank you,  Judith

It is said that such children are gifted to see beyond the veil – also known as the caul – the veil is a term used to describe the separation between dimensions… it can be seen as a curse by some because such gifts also carry with them some powerful challenges and heavy burdens… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I was born with a caul but have never experienced anything amazing. Although others, including a psychic, have said I am different. I do have a small hole on the palm of my left hand and I have read that some caulbearers have a small scar on their spine. I have just started a website for caulbearers. http://www.caulbaby.com

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  1. i am a caulbearer , and i have a psichic ability . i have a premonition in my dreams … and im also a bit lucky , in studies , games , and gambling .. but my nose has been scared because of this caul .. i endure sadness because of my nose because i am bullied by other people . but i have many friends .. i am happy that i am one of a kind when i read about caulbearers ..

  2. I was born with a caul 75 years ago. I am, and always have been gifted with special psychic powers. I refer to them as Angels taking care of me. I most often just start talking with someone and the next thing I know they are thanking me for helping them. Moreover I often actually see Angels especially helping in life faltering situations. 

    I have endured much in those many years but as I tell others, how can you appreciate the good without experiencing the bad.  I feel I have learned many lessons as well as taught many lessons.   Most of all I feel Blessed. 

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