Summer is a wonderful time of year to tune up psychically.  Nature offers us so many ways to connect, tune in and tune up.  Here are some ideas for you to play with this summer.

Reach for the trees… hugging  a tree is a great way to get a good boost of loving energy, but if you will also sit or stand with your back up against it,  breathe deeply, focus on the tree, and then  meditate with it, you might be quite amazed at the thoughts and feelings that come up… that old tree could have quite an interesting story to tell you. I once had an old apple tree tell me all about the orchard that once stood on my property.

Listen to the water… a walk on the beach lifts your spirits, clears your mind and energizes your soul, but have you thought to take time to talk with the water, to acknowledge it, thank it, and really listen to it?  The Great Lakes have been a tremendous influence in my life.  I have often lived close to the shores of Lake Ontario and have travelled around and over every one of the lakes through my life…  as a psychic, it has amused me to speak with them, and to notice how each one is different in character and energy.  There are times when I have walked along the shores of Lake Ontario and it has literally called out to me to pull me out of my reverie for a conversation.  Often to talk about its health, how it was feeling, and also to warn me… The Atlantic Ocean was the first to speak of this, but when I moved back to Canada, Lake Ontario took up the warning… always the same “tell people to get away from the coastlines, it is no longer safe to live close to the shores.”  It was Lake Ontario in the early 90’s that warned me of the flooding to come, explaining that with the poles melting so rapidly now, waters  everywhere would rise.  The Lake reminds me of the symbiotic nature of our relationship with the land, the air and the waters and that we must respect each other… and it tells me that I am safe for now, but others are not so fortunate… I urge each of you to walk by the bodies of water near you this summer, connect with the water around you, pray with it, offer it your love and gratitude, ask for its protection… and then listen, allow the water to speak with you, to tell you how it feels and what it needs…. and if it tells you to move away, do so at the earliest possible moment… the water around us is waiting to be loved, to be heard, to be appreciated… as is each of us… if you will share a moment or more with it, it will tell you when you are safe, and also when you are not… and it will open you up to the Oneness, to communicating with all of Nature, and the planet itself.

Connect with the earth… I noticed a number of times last summer when the earth seemed to be vibrating under my feet as I walked… so I asked it what was going on… the response was clear… “I am shifting my weight, watch for the results to show soon…” I had already seen in my minds eyes that the Ring of Fire was firing up, and that we would see an increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity, but my vibrating feet enabled me to actually feel the magnitude of the shifting that has now begun in earnest. I find it is very easy to connect with the earth, perhaps becuase I am a Taurus…. but I just have to visualize earth, or stand with my feet firmly planted on it, or better yet, get down on my hands and knees and put my hands in it… or best of all, dig a hole in the sand and bury myself in it for awhile. I had one of my post powerful meditations laying deep in the sand as close to the water as I could get without getting wet… I was recovering from kidney failure, depressed, exhausted by the struggle… but as I lay in the sand, I could feel my skin prickling,  the dark energy leaving me, seeping into the earth. When I left the beach that day, I knew that I had just experienced  a deep healing – and a turn around. Connecting with the earth is healing, grounding..  and opens up some interesting conversations… once I found a fairy coming forward to lead me deep into the earth where I found  a very busy world, a world full of colour and joy. My fairy guide explained that this dimension held the seeds of all that was good and loving on planet earth. you can find out what She needs, and also what you need… just by asking it… and remembering to be grateful to her for sustaining your life and all the life around you….

Notice the life around you – notice what critters come around, what birds and butterflies appear, what plants are thriving and which are not… I used to plant flowers for my friends, but then I noticed that when a plant wasn’t doing well, it usually reflected that the person I had planted the flowers for wasn’t doing so well either… so I stopped, I don’t need to be paying such close attention to what’s going on in my friends’ lives. Birds are messengers, so I listen to the birds that come into my garden…. and I notice what animals appear… we found a dead baby skunk under a bush in our front yard a few years ago… no co-incidence that was the year my son lost control and the whole neighbourhood was concerned for him. Two years ago a mother raccoon nested in the porch roof, right next to my bedroom… raccon speaks of transformation… and, quite unexpectedly, we managed to put it together to make some big changes in our home, including putting on a new roof. This year, the squirrels found a small hole under the eaves and settled in around my heat vent… bringing a number of relevant messages about balance, and making time for play.

Nature has a way of communicating with us – it is simply a matter of choosing to notice, to listen, and then to take time to understand and interpret the messages that are offered to you…. summer is the perfect time to exercise these natural connections. Get outside, Connect, see what nature has to tell you, about yourself, about your world.

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