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What happens if you commit suicide?

*** Very individual. As I understand it, there is no hard and fast rule here. Religion teaches that there is some level of hell or purgatory, but this probably relates to the darkness the soul takes with them and must work through as opposed to a specific place that a soul is assigned to… The person who committed suicide will have to face their transition of course, and it will be as it is with all deaths – very much based on the beliefs the person themselves held.

What is the afterlife for somebody who commits suicide?

*** I’m sure again it is unique to the spirit of the person, but would also depend on what brought them to their decision. For example, some suicides are desperate acts – people who cannot live here anymore and who cannot see a way through their pain. Others are considered honourable – such as those of the WW II kamikaze pilots or the current crop of suicide bombers who do not kill themselves as an end to some personal pain, but in response to a feeling for a larger mission in life. It does not matter whether you agree with them or not – or whether we judge them as deluded or not – the conditions of their crossing over and what happens after are highly dependent on how they perceived their choice.

Where does the afterlife lead them?

*** Probably to as vast an array of experience and opportunity as anyone’s afterlife does. I think, at least initially, you experience what you expect from the afterlife. Yet, belief alone will be overridden with truth, so as all things are possible in life, they are in death too. In the afterlife, the person who commits suicide will be given an opportunity to work through and resolve some of the soul issues that drove them to take their lives in the first place. But again, this is the same for every soul whatever the circumstances of their passing… but the transition of a suicide takes much longer as the soul must work through the darkness that drew them to take their life.

Are they trapped in between dimensions?

*** Only if they trap themselves. Some schools of thought would say yes. And I know that once upon a time we were called to participate in a soul rescue… a schizophrenic woman in deep despair was missing, had committed suicide but no one could find her body. We found her in the astral plane and were able to pull her soul free and take her across where she was met by light-beings who helped her to come back to herself… but it took three weeks of earth time for this healing to manifest so her body could be found and her family could finally put her to rest. In this case, the woman was so deeply despondent and ashamed of her condition that she did not feel worth saving – so she stayed stuck in the position that she died on the astral plane… It took a great deal of love and soul work for this woman to decide to free herself from this pain and move on in other dimensions.

Are they reincarnated?

*** Depends on if they decide to do so. Our spirits decide if they will reincarnate based on what the higher purpose of living life here is about. This is not human logic – it is spirit logic, which is different than ours. Reincarnation is a choice – one that a soul makes for reasons beyond human logic. So, it would depend on whether the soul felt they were actually finished here or not. In the case of the suicidal woman, above, it seems that she has decided to work from spirit dimensions to help others who are mentally ill get the help they need… and to accept themselves…

Is there next life worse than their previous life?

*** Only if they make it so. In metaphysics and spiritual understanding, there is no better or worse – there is only what is. However in keeping with your idea here, no I see no reason for it to be worse – if they learned what they needed to or found whatever they were seeking. It could be – but it could not be. Spirit makes no value judgments – humans do, so the concept of better or worse just doesn’t apply in spirit world. The answer would be, if they learned something from the experience, probably not… it would depend on what lessons they felt they needed to take on in their next life…

One final note… there appears to be a difference between a suicide of a mentally ill person, the suicide of someone who is on a mission and the suicide of someone who is simply despairing of life… in the first two cases, there appears to be a kind of “emergency room” operation on the other side that swings into action to rescue and help the soul to reconnect with itself once it crosses over… but in the third case, I have seen the dark feelings getting bigger, consuming the spirit until there is nothing but the pain… it appears to be a horrific way of crossing over, consumed by doubt and fear and the agony of despair… it is as if our physical bodies somehow contain this pain, but when we release ourselves from the vehicle at death, the pain becomes overwhelming… and thus comes I think the sense of being trapped between dimensions… and the need for a great deal of prayer and love for the soul in such pain… eventually, as the soul processes what it is experiencing, and again, with enough love and prayer sent, the soul’s guides and angels are able to get through the pain to recover the soul and carry it to safety.

  1. I hope that many people will pray with love to assist robin Williams’ transition.

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