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Strange But True – To See Without Seeing

Remote Viewing

When I was a girl, my mother would complain that I knew too much. It was as if I could hear through walls and see through the floors. Sometimes I didn't understand what they were talking about, but I could tell by my parent's tone whether it was something good or bad… usually bad, my childhood wasn't exactly easy… Perhaps that is why my psychic abilities kicked in so early in life.

For a long time, I thought everyone could see and hear and feel what I did… I can't remember when I realized that I was different… Those close to me had gotten used to my dreams that came true and what seemed like an uncanny ability to"see" the people I met at a deeper level than most, and how often I could predict what was coming for them… but this for me, seemed natural, it was amusing, but I never gave it much thought.  I don't think it really dawned on me until my late 20's  when I went with a girlfriend for a tea leaf reading, just for fun, and the psychic insisted that I learn about my abilities… some might call them a gift…  I see them as tools to help me and others move along the path… but we're getting off topic here… still, there is method to my madness..

My point is that I don't remember a time when I wasn't able to see remotely…

Over the years, it wondered at how often people asked me to look in on someone… even my mother called asking me to look in on one of my sisters.. she was worried, felt something was wrong….  I asked Mom to give me a minute, then the images came… I was able to tell her what my sister was doing at that moment, and what was awry in her life.. within days Mom called to tell me I was right, my sister had come for a visit and to get Mom's opinion on the situation….

In the 70's, the CIA in the US experimented with a scientific approach to remote viewing to try to follow Russia's activity during the Cold War. In fact this work continues on a smaller scale to this day.  You can find more interesting information about this work here.

However their work produced inconsistent results…. my thought is that scientific approaches are mostly ineffective because psychic ability – “seeing”  can be unpredictable and misunderstood… it requires all our faculties… seeing, feeling, listening…along with an ability to interpret the signs and symbols that come up in your travels. Still, applying scientific principles can help to guide and substantiate a psychic's remote viewing…
My method is simple to "just go there." It is like dialling a TV to the right station for your program… When I was teaching, I often gave my students a simple remote viewing exercise to affirm their psychic abilities.  Before the session, I would contact a friend in a distant location to ask permission for my students to enter her home psychically… Then I would lead everyone in a meditation… after a few minutes of connecting to our inner selves I would ask the students to take a journey. I would give them an address and tell them to go there, enter the house, greet the host and notice what they saw, felt or heard.  After 10 minutes or so, I would go around the room asking each person what they experienced. Once the list was complete, we could notice similarities in what people noticed… what was most interesting is that when we called my friend to give her the details of what we saw (I had never visited her home), she said that we had, as a group, described her home in some detail – and accurately… I think remote viewing works especially well in a group environment where everyone's insights are considered valid so that  whole picture can come together of the location or individual you want to look in on…
I sometimes take folks on a journey through a guided meditation – I don’t do it often or offer it to clients because for me it is too easy, I don’t feel right being paid.. one of the most interesting of these journeys involved a man who intended to sail the Caribbean and through the Panama Canal… He wanted to see what he could expect on his journey. As we approached the canal, I remember seeing that the coastline appeared to be quite industrial… years later I happened on a TV program that showed the entrance to the Panama canal… I shouldn't have been, but I was shocked to see how closely it looked to what I had seen in the remote viewing session.
Another fascinating experience came up while I was on the phone with a friend in South Africa… as we spoke, images began to unfold in front of me… when I described what I was seeing as I looked out her front window, she could see how my images fit her location – right down to her looking our her front window at that time… and watching a ship enter a harbour some distance away…
So, the next time you want to visit someone… allow your consciousness to refocus on where you want to go, and pay attention to what you see, hear and feel… if you can, affirm what you saw with the individual, or  a visit to the location. This helps you to build trust on your abilities.
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