This weird incident occurred about 6 months after the abduction events. In the last few months I had read for a few close friends as practice; then word got out that I could read the Tarot, and that I was pretty good at it… One afternoon, I was approached by an acquaintance with a request… Danielle, there are three of us who want readings, could we set something up with you? Although I was a few years into my training with Esther, I said no, I just didn't feel comfortable yet reading for people I didn't know, and even more importantly, I had a very good job, and there were professional psychics who needed the revenue much more than I did. Instead, I offered to find a good psychic who could read for us all… thinking of Esther especially, but when I asked her, she was busy that evening. So I looked into the Classifieds in the paper and sure enough there were several psychics listed… one of the ads jumped out at me.

The call was answered by a man with quite a deep voice, made me feel comfortable, his prices were reasonable, he could bring another psychic so it would go more quickly and they could come on the day we wanted. Great! All set for an interesting evening of fun… What did I know…

On the night of our little psychic party, I was more than a little surprised when I opened the door.  The older man, the one I made the arrangements with, was wearing a black rather bohemian shirt, the type that was popular in those days, and around his neck were several heavy gold chains with various medallions attached. Behind him stood a quiet, rather reticent young man, the second psychic. He was plainly dressed – almost formally – sports jacket, light coloured shirt, and a nicely pressed pair of pants. He made quite a contrast to the older psychic.

Before they arrived, we had agreed that the girl who initiated the gathering, and her friend would be first… but our plan was tossed out the window, when the older man said, "No, I'm here to read for you. my friend will read for the others." I was a little blown away at being the center of this man's attention, but instinct and curiosity led me to acquiesce… what did this man think was so important for me to know?

I settled the other psychic and my friends with tea and coffee, and then went to the dining room where the older psychic was waiting for me… Whew…He gave me one of the most intense, almost frightening readings I have had in my life.. he kept emphasizing that I had a great gift and could help many people… he went on and on about what I was capable of as a psychic, warned me to accept myself and be willing to do the work. He told me I would face many obstacles, that my health and finances would be an issue from time to time, my son would challenge me – I would be tempted to give up on him, but wouldn't. He said that I would travel and that I would be able to connect with ancient beings and travel to many realms… (All of which manifested over the years.) Towards the end of the session, he began talking about being part of a group of psychics intent on helping each other to get stronger, to go deeper and higher, to discover new realms and learn to make magic… I don't know why, but I kept hearing inside that I should say no, perhaps it was my Higher Self who said "you work alone"… and so I told the psychic that my guides intended me to work alone, I had been told to avoid becoming part of any group energy.

Soon after the men left, but not before giving each of us a neon pink calling card and offering to come any time.   And that was the end of that… or so I thought.

About two weeks later I received a call from the psychic who had read for me. He was determined to have me become a member of this group… I learned a little more… there is a sense that he was talking about the group assembling in a location north of Winnipeg, Manitoba.. When I looked for myself, I "saw" a room that appeared to be rather dark, rough looking; a number of people were working at desks, in fact it looked like a classroom with a large white board at the front of the room. When I peeked in, the room was deadly quiet, and very cold.  At that point I said it was ridiculous to even think of such a move, my son needed my attention and support… the pressure heightened… he promised that I could bring my son, that they had a small school set up for the children belonging to members of the group…he spoke of how all our needs would be taken care of, and again that we would reach unknown heights and depths with the training that could be gained through working with this group.  Again I declined, told him not to bother calling me again about this "opportunity" – my answer would remain the same. The conversation ended politely, he acknowledged my strength in going it alone, wished me well and we hung up.

Over the next months I would smile when I noticed the pink card tucked at the back of my wallet, it reminded me of how strange that night was….

Then came the day about 4 months after the first gathering, that one of the girls suggested we have another … but when we looked for the pink cards, they had each disappeared – even though each of us had noticed it in our wallets in the past week or two. It would not have been strange if one or two of us had suddenly lost their card, but for all four of them to seemingly go up in smoke was just a little too spooky.

(I hadn't learned that I was a spook yet…)

Some years later I learned that around the time of the reading incident, the CIA was gathering good psychics together, specifically for remote viewing to see if they could track what was happening in Russia.

Still, the incident of the disappearing pink cards, the appearance of the two strange psychic men remain a fascinating mystery.

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  1. I really enjoyed your story.  A similiar thing happened to me back in the late 80's.  I attended a class on Tarot reading at a metaphysical book store.  I was receiving quite a bit of information about the person teaching the class which I shared with her.  I could tell she was surprised by the accuracy.  When I was getting ready to leave she also handed me a mysterious card.  I too felt uneasy about the group named on the card.  The card was not pink.  It was white but had an image of a sword laying flat horizontally across the card.  I was curious about the nature of this group but my guidance was strongly telling me to stay away.  So it seems there was recruitment going on in San Diego, CA too. 

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