In the late 80's a group of up to 30 people began gathering in my living room every Monday night to explore our mutual interest in spirituality and to develop the ability to channel. (Channelling is a way of connecting with spirit. In some cases the spirit will speak directly through the channel to the audience and the trance channel does not know what is being said. I am a conscious channel so I was very aware of what my guides said or intended to say to the group…. but as you will see, they had a way of getting passed my blocks when needed.)

One evening, Erika arrived with a batch of sticks in her arms.  I was curious, but busy getting everyone settled with some food and a beverage. When it was my turn to channel, I closed my eyes and connected with Isaiah, my primary guide. As soon as Isaiah made his appearance, Erika asked me to hold out my arms where she put that bundle of twigs and posed this challenge. "If it is true as you say that we are one with all and so all of nature is conscious, these twigs have seen something dramatic in our history and you should be able to tell us what it is."

I immediately caught an image of President Kennedy walking on a grassy knoll holding little Caroline's hand… what was interesting to me was that JFK was in black and white, but Caroline's image was in living colour, she was wearing a cute little beige fitted cloth coat with brown leather buttons and trim around the collar and waist  with a matching bonnet, – I can  still see her… looking back over her father's hand…. but I wouldn't make the connection between the image and the sticks, I couldn't believe that I was getting the right message… I knew Erika had been visiting someone in Texas, but I thought she had gone to Houston…. so instead, I bought some time to process what I had seen, I told the group that I would speak of the twigs after answering everyone else's questions….

Finally, I couldn't avoid it, all the questions had been answered and I was again being asked to tell the group where these twigs had come from, what they had seen.  I heard myself saying "The memory in these twigs is akin to the memories of a child being told a story by their grandfather." And again came the image of JFK and his daughter, but this time I understood why the president was in black and white… In a flash, I cut the connecton with Isaiah and blurted out that the twigs had to be from the grassy knoll near the JFK assassination…. when my eyes flew open I knew I was right as I looked around to see a circle of open mouths and stunned faces…. no more stunned than I…

…. it seems that no matter how long you work and play with other realms, it can still be a shock to discover a truth and so be affirmed in the work…

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