My roommate Jo was expecting another girlfriend to go out for the evening.  But when Emily arrived, she said she needed to talk to me first… Her problem was that all the clocks in the house stopped at 12:10 AM.. She and her husband would reset the clocks. but sure enough, the clocks would again stop at 12:10. Immediately I asked if she knew anyone who had died at that time… and there was one, a good friend who had recently died in a motorcycle accident.

When I connected with him, he told me he was very worried about his partner. He could see that she was considering suicide, she was in such grief… he wanted Emily to visit her, to help her…she was a little doubtful of this information because her friend was a strong woman so checking out didn't seem plausible.  Still, the next time she saw her she decided to talk about it with Emily despite her opinion. To her surprise, her friend had indeed briefly considered leaving this planet to be with her partner.

Having explained the problem with the clocks,, I thought I had done my job for this couple, but there was more to this story.

A few days later,  Emily called me… her question: "what does it mean when your washing machine is filled with water?" The water was clear, but she said her machine could not possibly have filled, not just because she hadn't started it, but also because the water was out of order in this machine's cycle.

I was pretty sure that this was about some emotional clearing and healing but I needed to talk with my teacher for her insights on this situation. She knew what it meant… she said that the  clear water indicated that the dead partner wanted his girlfriend to know that all was forgiven, there was no karma attached to her from his death… that's when the whole story came out.

Emily's friends were not getting along so well.. She left him, but after a week she came back – on the day of the accident…. Earlier in the day they had started an argument… she had left him because he spent a lot of his time drinking with his biker friends… and when she arrived home, he was already quite drunk and so were his buddies… His partner was livid, the argument got quite heated and continued until his friends all left… that's when he decided to go too…He was quite drunk, but he got on his bike anyway to escape the argument, so  he took off… in less than an hour she got the call that her partner had been in an accident, was thrown off his bike and sadly had died almost immediately.

The woman blamed herself for the accident, wishing they had not argued that day, that she had kept her mouth shut about the drinking, but she just couldn't let go of the feeling that he put his bike, his buddies and the bottle ahead of her… and so the fight began… and ended with his death.

The water in her machine was about his letting his partner know that all was forgiven, that she was not to blame for his stubbornness, and certainly not for his accident.

When Emily gave her friend the information, she cried, and felt a huge weight being lifted off her shoulders… she knew now that she could let go of her guilt and  move on… End of story… except for one interesting little bit… when all was done with his partner, I asked him why he had come to me, he didn't know me… his answer was simple, "you were the only one nearby who had her lights on"…  it seems that when you are on the other side, you can tell who you can pass messages to because they have a particular glow to them, thus the term "having your lights on."

Later my guides said that I had a sign posted in rhe astral plane: "will take messages, on condition that you leave as soon as you have your answers."

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