Equipment That Talks…

Somewhere in my studies, my guides suggested that I could use my telekinetic powers to manage equipment like my computer and my answering machine, (remember when?) and even my car and the weather. Since I had found it relatively easy to connect with people and nature, I figured that it was worth a try.

An opportunity soon came up… when I left the corporate world to begin private practice as a business consultant and coach, a good friend offered me her ancient computer and printer… this was a VERY old computer, it ran off floppy disks (yes, I'm that old))… I put the disk for the program in one slot, and the disk for my data in the other. It worked…

Until I was in the middle of a very important but rather long and complicated report – and we were in the midst of a record-breaking heat wave – 6 weeks when the temperature didn't fall below 100 except at night… My old work horse collapsed under the load and the heat, the machine sputtered, the screen flashed and then the system died, the screen went black, rebooting it didn't work… it was done and of course, just when I needed it most…. this was as good a time as any to put my abilities to the test… so I placed my hands on the computer, closed my eyes and focused my energy… I told the computer how grateful I was for the work it produced,  I would give it the week-end to rest… but when I turned it on Monday morning, I expected it to work…

As I focused, up came the image of a couple of little men in space suits tinkering away at the inside of my machine… I dubbed these little men my Space Buddies, because I began seeing them in my mind any time equipment was malfunctioning… Space Buddies because they were small, friendly and funny… – if they manifested in the material world, I would think they would be 2-3 feet tall… they spoke in what to me sounded like high-pitched squeaks, and it looked like they were wearing miniature space suits… my sense is that this is how my mind interpreted the shields that they wore when they entered this dimension…. their antics as they worked always made me smile… although I heard their communications as squeaks, I would get their messages as telepathic thoughts. That afternoon, they assured me that when I was ready to get back to work, the computer would be… in the meantime I needed a break, had been "all out" for several weeks, time to catch my breath.

Come Monday morning, I sat at my computer, and with some trepidation, turned it on and loaded the programs… sure enough, it was working again… at first it burped a lot, I had to type very slowly and save often, but then it seemed that the computer tuned into my vibration… it settled down and kept up with my typing. Back on track… Until it came time to print the report.

I often joked that I had a psychic printer in those days.. whenever a page wouldn't print properly, I would find that there was an error on the page, a typo, a grammatical or spelling error, some content missing or erroneous… Once I found and corrected my mistakes, the printer would finally print the page properly. Now I had a 30+ page report to print, I was afraid it would give me a hard time, and of course, there were several places where I had to correct my mistakes for the page to print… except for page 13… I couldn't figure out what was wrong with that page, I made every correction possible…So, I decided to let it go looking a little askew, but as I usually did with an important document, I "sat on it" for a few days before sending it off to the client. I was cleaning up the kitchen on the day I intended to send it… as I washed the dishes, deep in thought, I mulled over the content, and all of a sudden something clicked into place, I realized that I had missed a key point… I would have looked very foolish had I submitted the report as it was…and of course… the missing point proved to be on page 13…. which printed easily once I added the missing information.

The Space Buddies also helped me keep my car running… I had a new Chrysler LeBaron that I really loved, but it seemed I had it in the shop almost every month… one of the main problems was that it would overheat.. When it did, I would call on my Space Buddies to help me cool it down… they would tell me to think of the car in ice while they tinkered under the hood… and that usually worked… However, I was scheduled to make a long trip, intending to see a number of clients along the way…. when I started the car to take it into the shop for a check up, the needle on the heat gauge jumped well into the red… so I put my hands on the dash, called the Space Buddies and visualized the car in an ice cube… sure enough, the needle went down and I was able to drive to the shop without incident… in fact, when the mechanic went to check out the car, he couldn't find anything wrong with it.  I told him to take it for a run around the block, and while he was gone, I lifted the ice off the car, thanked it and the Space Buddies for their help, then told the them that the mechanic could repair it… by the time he returned, the mechanic was shaking his head… now the problem was obvious.

I used this same technique just a few years ago when my car started overheating on our way home from a day trip… I managed to keep that needle just off the red zone until we got home.

Electronic equipment, especially, seems to respond to my vibration. I had an answering machine that took messages whether or not the phone rang… over the years, I have been able to tune in to fix phones, my vacuum cleaner and other small appliances… but I can't keep a tape recorder working… I stopped trying some years ago, no matter what recorder I used – I purchased the best on the market several times, but after recording three or four readings, it would no longer record…. it would act like it was recording, would pass our test checks, but my clients went home with empty tapes. It seemed that the tape recorder just couldn't pick up my frequency once I started the reading…  One particular occasion really made me laugh.  The client had asked if he could tape the reading and I responded of course, but explained that I couldn't supply the recorder or tape and told him what had been happening.  When the client arrived, he tested his recorder before entering my home, everything worked fine… so when I opened the reading, he started his machine and it seemed to be taping… but when he got home, the tape was empty, except for our opening remarks. Too strange!

Until I started writing this article, I hadn't noticed how many times telekinesis has played a role in my life…. I have a few more rather interesting stories to share with you… another day.

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