The First Encounter

In the early years of my training as a psychic I focused on learning to work with with the Tarot and understanding the universal symbols in the cards – and in everyday life. But spirit had come looking for me several times, so I was curious to learn more about making spirit connections.  It was a particularly diffficult time in my life.. in the months before I had had major surgery on my spine and soon after lost everything we owned in a house fire.  I had heard of a medium so I made an appointment in the hopes that I could get some good guidance from spirit and also learn more about making spirit connections.

I remember being quite disappointed in the reading… but there was one bit that stuck… the medium told me she saw an Indian beside me, a handsome chief with the reins of his horse in his hand as he scratched the horse's neck… she said he came around me to tell me that I would be able to weather the storms that life brought…

I didn't think much about this incident until some months later… a Friday night, a friend visiting, we were sitting on the floor, sipping on a little wine munching on some snacks as we played cards.  Suddenly a strange quiet seemed to descend on the house… a few minutes later Tom asked if I felt the presence of someone else in the room… my response: "funny you should ask, I've been seeing the face of an Indian chief on the back of the cards every time I dealt them"… (these were ordinary playing cards, that typical checkered back to them, not a face in sight on them).  Then out of our peripheral vision we began noticing a lot of activity in the room … the ghost/spirit seemed to flit about, settling first in an armchair, then on top of a bookcase, then on the back of my rocking chair…  we talked to it, said it was welcome to stay as long as it was friendly….

Then my sensitive and very intelligent Calico, Squeak wanted in… – I can still see her coming through the front door, stopping, paw in the air to sniff and check out the living room.. then started a most amusing chase… In something of a wild scramble, Squeak checked out every spot that we had sensed the spirit settling – first the armchair, then the bookcase – Squeak was an athlete, often chose to loll about on one of the upper shelves but she had never jumped straight up 6 feet to the top of it before… then she seemed to be chasing someone around the room, playing with them, until she finally settled comfortably on the floor beside the chair where we had first felt the spirit sitting…

When it came time for Tom to go, I asked the spirit to leave with him, said I wouldn't be able to sleep if I thought he was around… and sure enough, as Tom left, we felt a big whoosh rush out the door behind him – and Squeak, who had followed me to the door, set up a wail…it seemed she was not happy to see her friend leave.. still, she followed me to my room and settled herself in her usual spot at the end of the bed – but she spent that night sitting up, staring at the door… I can only assume that she was waiting for her friend to return.

That was only the first time my Indian guide manifested in my life… he appeared in my mind's eye whenever I needed assurance that I could ride out a storm… and later he became an active guide in my life… but that is another story.

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