The Power of Your Mind

Some years ago, I decided to use the Columbus Day week-end to visit my family for Thanksgiving (Cdn Thanksgiving and Columbus Day always fall on the same week-end). We were missing my family and I especially wanted to bring my son to see his paternal grandmother who was in her last days in the hospital. Although I had been divorced for many years, I still kept in touch with my ex's mother – my son was her favourite grandchild, so I knew she would want to see him one more time.

I planned to leave on the Friday, right after work.  I lived in Boston at the time so it was a long drive to Hamilton and then London Ontario.  I thought that we could drive about half way and stop around Utica in upstate New York, then finish the trip in the morning. Not such a good idea as I soon found out.

It was around midnight when we reached Utica where I pulled off the highway to find a place to stay… I should have checked first… there was no room at the inn, any inn… This was fall fair season and every room in the city was booked. So we headed back out on the highway to see if the next town had room for us… out of luck again… By the time we got to Rochester, it was 3 AM… I had stopped at every exit that indicated there was accommodation available, but every time, we came up dry, still no room at the inn…

I was exhausted, it was no longer safe for me to drive, so we pulled off the highway, once again, hoping that this inn would have just one little room for us… but no… However the young man behind the desk could see how tired and stressed we were… I was near tears by this point, didn't know what to do, I couldn't continue driving…… he very kindly told me to pull my car up in front of the hotel so he could watch it from the front desk, and offered the use of the hotel facilities as we needed… so I pulled the car up almost to the front door, and Pat and I settled down to try to get some sleep.  Pat stretched out on the passenger seat that reclined enough for him to be comfortable and very quickly passed out. 

Meanwhile, I was trying to get comfortable in the back seat… I finally managed to get my body into a position that allowed me to stretch my legs a little, but then I lay there shivering…. it was a cold October night afterall… I was desperate to get some sleep so I could drive safely in the morning, but it wasn't going to happen as long as I was shivering… then I remembered that I had our good clothes hanging at the back window, so I pulled them down and covered myself with them… soon I was warming up and finally fell asleep.

We woke as the sun was coming up and the first thing I saw was that the clothes I was sure I had covered myself with in the wee hours of the morning, were still hanging where I first put them… I was stunned… how could that be? I felt them over my body, felt myself warming up under them so I could fall asleep… but there was no denying that the clothes had never left their hook, no sign of any rumpling or wrinkling from being tossed over me… spooky… but then I am a spook and was becoming more accustomed to having spooky things happen around me.

There was more to that story… it took a year or two, but eventually, an explanation came through my guides. It seems that in my most recent past life, I had been held as a prisoner of war by the Japanese and was placed in a very small cage after I attempted to escape.. I could neither sit nor lie down in this cage.  I was forced to sit cross legged, allowed little or no movement at all, even at night. In that cage I survived by controlling my mind, learning to trick myself into thinking, quite literally, outside the box….To access the power of my mind, I learned to focus on where I wanted to be, how I wanted to feel… I imagined my body stretching so that I could sleep, I imagined myself as cold under the hot sun, and warm in the cold nights… I found a deep connection with our Source that often lifted me up and out of the cage…. In the back seat of my car, shivering and desperately needing sleep, the memories were triggered..  necessity is the mother of invention…

My Columbus Day story was just the beginning of a much bigger story… for another day. In the meantime, it speaks to how much power our minds can have over how we feel… accessing the power of your mind makes the impossible, possible.



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