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Dreams that come true, visions and inner voices that bring forward useful information are all early signs of psychic ability… and I have certainly had my share.

 I remember in a history exam that I couldn't think of the dates and details of the event in question, a significant part of the exam… but I had studied.. and all of a sudden I could see the page in my text that held the information… and sure enough, I was right, passed that exam with flying colours…

Dreams came true, impressions proved to be accurate… still I didn't see myself as unusual, until I began telling my friends about having visions of the future… I remember one time I could see my ex-boyfriend sitting on the edge of my bed, smoking his pipe with something of a smirk on his face… next morning, I told my dear friend – and *checkpoint, Janice, that Russ was on his way to see me… and sure enough, by suppertime he arrived… he had taken the 12 hour journey with his new girlfriend to be sure I didn't want to come back to him… awkward to say the least. No wonder I had been forewarned of his visit.

Another time my son and I went to see Russ, now living in a tent off the land, just off the coast of British Columbia .. there was a lot of unfinished business between us… There was no way of contacting him on his island in the sea to tell him we were coming and it was a very long (but gorgeous) drive… . So all along the way,  I kept "seeing" him arrive at the docks… and sending the message that he needed to meet us there. But when we arrived, there was no sign of him. The dockmaster told us that he had come in the day before so they didn't expect him back for several days.  But he knew where Russ lived and called us a water taxi… just as we were loading our gear into the taxi, the dockmaster laughed "well, son of a gun, look who's coming around the bend."  Of course, it was Russ… he couldn't believe his eyes, last time he saw me, I didn't even know how to drive, so he was quite shocked to see us, all he could say was," OMG, I kept feeling like I should go into town today, but I had no idea why… "

It was Russ who noticed how often instincts and dreams, my assessment of people, almost always proved to be correct.. In those days, information came in dreams and visions… I didn't know that many of these events were a form of remote viewing as well as telepathy. One incident I remember was about a phone call. A friend of Russ's lived in the country and only came into the city about every 6-8 months. One day Russ was on his way to answer the phone when I hollered out from the kitchen, "tell Paul to come for dinner." When he heard Paul's voice on the other end, he was so taken aback that he dropped the phone, "Danielle, you have to stop doing that."

One of my more interesting dreams/visions involved my friend Renee… I saw her house being raided by police looking for cocaine… but I didn't bother to tell her because I knew that Renee would never have drugs in her home… a few weeks later, we left our children for the evening with two of Renee's brothers. She knew that they planned to invite a few friends over to play cards once the kids were asleep and she had left them a half bottle of wine (her brothers were of legal age), not much to share among 5 young men.  One of the boys had a very abusive father who came pounding on the door a few hours after we left, demanding that his son come out and get the "whoopin" he deserved… Renee's brothers were strong and loyal to their friends and family they moved to the front of the group and told the father he would have to go through them to get to his son… the father left – and called the police with a bogus story about the boys doing cocaine…… it was kinda funny,  the boys had been quietly playing cards on the floor when the police burst in – they even took the collar off the cat, stripped all the beds, woke up the sleeping kids to check their PJ's, and of course there wasn't even a speck of any drug, let alone cocaine… the boy's father was charged with mischief and falsely reporting the next morning… It was no wonder I hadn't told Renee what I had seen.. there was very little we could have done to prevent the incident except perhaps to stay home..

And then there was the time when I should have said what I had seen… At that time I was the senior account exec for a very busy turnkey systems house. – in Boston, surrounded by small towns, curving roads and lots of hills… … A rookie sales person had been assigned to me for training… a kind of uptight young man, rather strait-laced. One night I "saw" his car, a beautiful silver Volvo, sliding backwards down a steep hill, pushing another car behind it also down hill… until they both hit a tree.  Like Renee's story, the images seemed so improbable that I didn't bother to tell my young friend… beside he probably would have laughed at me, – I was in a senior position in the company so I felt it was wiser to say nothing about my psychic self. Two days later, my trainee arrived late for work and quite upset… he had just checked in with the body shop and discovered that he needed some very expensive repairs to get his car back on the road… the night before he had parked on a steep hill for a few minutes to drop off something to a friend… in his hurry, he had forgotten to put on the handbrake and just as I saw, the car rolled back, hit the car behind it and landed on a tree. When I told my friend that I had foreseen this happening but didn't believe it and thought he wouldn't either, his answer was simple "If you ever get an image like that again, TELL me."

Over the years I have learned many different ways of foreseeing the future… and I still pay attention to the images in my dreams… and the visions that seem to float across my mind unexpectedly… you should too…could be some useful information come to you from your inner world..

* checkpoint..I often advise beginning psychics to find one or two people in their close circle of friends to whom they can say what they see….this person serves as a "checkpoint", someone who can affirm what was seen before it happened.  Keeping a dated journal is also a form of checkpoint… useful for building trust in one's psychic ability.

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