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How have the members of the Global Psychic team known what to say to the many questions posed by our clients and visitors? Few of us have had any formal training.. in my case I was fortunate to be guided to a teacher.. from our first meeting, she knew that I would be her student, Esther was not only a wonderful teacher, she was also a great friend and an incredible guide.

For the next eight or nine years, Esther shared her knowledge with me. She taught me the Tarot and how to deal with paranormal events and most importantly, she taught me to respect the work, to take it seriously.. she took a deep spiritual approach to any form of psychic work… over the years I learned that she had a degree in philosophy and that she had an extensive knowledge of the bible and both the Catholic and Jewish faiths, as well as knowing the meaning of signs and symbols and a variety of paranormal events.   I tell you this to introduce you to a series of paranormal events that have occurred in my life, to explain a little of how it is that we can answer so many different questions… and because Esther is at the heart of this first story.

An Abduction

It is only in retrospect that I realized the truth of this story that goes back to the late 70's when I lived out west.. It begins with a desperate call from Esther, late in the night, so I knew it had to be urgent. She didn't say why but asked me to get to her as quickly as I could, she needed my help… her son had suddenly appeared at her door, seemed to be  quite disoriented, lost… A few years before, Harry got caught up in drugs,, especially cocaine, but he had been clear for more than a year, and besides, this scene was nothing I had ever seen before… someone had been messing with his brain.

When I arrived Harry was sitting in an armchair, acting and speaking very strangely. He seemed to have lost track of time. The only clear statement we could get out of him was that "He was the wrong one"… otherwise his words came out garbled or in singsong. Some lines of his constant "poetry" held information, clues, so we needed to be attentive, any probing had to be gentle, calm, unafraid. He was restless, couldn't sit still, ended up laying on the floor where he could roll around some.  Over the next few hours of listening, questioning and focusing psychically, we were able to put some pieces together.

The first was that there had been a female and two large males in the room with Harry.. the room was quite sparse, the sense that there was nothing else in the room besides the bed and a night stand that seemed to be covered in a white cloth and a number of strange looking instruments. What we could see (through remote viewing) appeared to be a hotel room, except for the lack of furniture and the extremely bright lights. We saw the woman gave him a needle in his arm and soon after he was unable to move any part of his body… but he could still hear most of what was being said… the statement that he was the wrong one seemed to indicate that they had targeted a specific individual and Harry was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Still, they decided to work on Harry.

Finally, by 5 AM, it was clear that we couldn't get anything more intelligible from Harry and because I would have to be at work by 8, I said good bye… but not before both Esther and I simultaneously received a very powerful message telepathically. " You must never speak of this to anyone, particularity any authorities.. There will be consequences  We know where you live."

The story doesn't end there, at least not for me.. when I got home I had the strong sense of being watched… we lived across the street from a small strip mall with a large parking lot…it would be easy to watch my home from that vantage point. Over the next few days, I felt I was being followed by two men in black, driving a black car.  By the third night, I was so spooked, I asked a good friend if my son and I could stay for the night. We slept on the floor, but it was comforting to know that Tom was in the next room… at this point, telepathically,  I contacted "them" whoever they were. (At that time I knew nothing about the Men in Black, was not even faintly interested in making contact with alien life, barely paid attention to any talk or stories of UFO's, let alone abuctions.). Whatever force we had come upon that night with Harry left me afraid…, very afraid .. so I promised to keep my mouth shut…. if they would go away and leave my son and I alone. They replied by telling me that they would be watching.  As a result, until the mid 90's, I kept a very low profile, focused on my job, and even listed the phone under my son's name.  Fortunately, I haven't had any further contact from these men in black.

Eventually Harry recovered some, although he was never the same after that night. We simply accepted what had happened was another strange paranormal experience, a mystery. I wanted to help but, unexplainably I was involved in something I just couldn't make sense of… Until recently. After reading a number of abduction stories, now I believe that we had witnessed the results of an abduction.. the people we saw were shape shifters, my sense is that they were reptilian.. neither Esther nor I could explain the occasional images of what looked like dinosaurs with scaly skin… again, now I know what this means.. Since then, I have seen and felt the men in black around but they have not approached. And thanks to my guides, I have discovered that not all aliens are the same… Ahkbar the alien has also explained this and to use my intuition to warn me how to see and avoid certain alien energies..

And so began my connection with forces from other worlds… but those stories will have to wait.

More To Come

  1. Looking forward more stories. It is really interesting to know what goes on in the life of someone who is a Psychic…. I always thought that people with these abilities can 'predict' things for themselves so they probably are more prepared to what life brings….. Also, since I remember myself, I believed in the Paranormal but unfortunatly, nothing really strange ever happened to me (some small staff which does not make sense , but it can be my imagination…) so I am just curios to know what other people go\went through….. 

    I hope that you are OK, I was sorry to read about your health issues and whish you ALL THE BEST..

  2. Love your stories.  Any reason, outside of being very busy, why you haven't thought of writing a book?  You could do that when you are recuperating from surgery.  Prayers for you and your health. 

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