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 By Christopher Ree

Well, here we are, another Halloween; the year is 2009.  It has been a year that has not been so great, but here is a true story from zip code 01930, Gloucester, Massachusetts, the location of many strange stories, and home of the Perfect Storm. This may take your mind off of what has been happening in the Main Stream Media.  We can all put our masks and costumes on, pretending that nothing is wrong in our world.  Here is a story that may cause you to ask; what is this world we live in?

Picture, if you will, (Excuse me, Rod Serling; rest your soul) a child of six years.  It is his birthday party.  The day is September 5th, 1956

It is the day of my sixth birthday.  My family and our next door neighbors were having a BBQ party.  It was Labor Day weekend, and my brother and sister were all excited about the upcoming BBQ.  I remember it as the best birthday party ever, and for more reason than one.

There were other kids, as well, including some cousins.  We played the usual party games and won the usual prizes.  The real fun began after dinner!

The adults (Including our favorite uncle, Bill) attending the party were cleaning up after dinner and sent us kids out to play and out of their hair.  We were more than up for that and headed out to the nearby woods to play hide and seek.  The time was about 5:30 pm, September 5, 1956.  It was till daylight.  We were having fun hiding amongst the pine trees.  I remember that the game came down to my sister and me.  I was determined to win.

Suddenly, my sister and I collided in the same clearing in the woods, both claiming to be the winner, but to our surprise, in the middle of the clearing, stood two six foot tall preying mantises in full clothing with large red eyes.  They had instruments in their claws and were taking measurements of whatever samples they were gathering.  It appeared as if they were gathering plant samples.   My sister and I thought is was some kind of joke that our Uncle Bill was playing on us, and started to immediately laugh and exclaim at how brilliant Uncle Bill had been in his practical joke.  Uncle Bill, in real life, was a very well known entomologist (the study of insects) and professor at St. John’s University in New York City.  Uncle Bill was big on practical jokes, and after all, he studied insects!

My sister and I laughed all the way back to the house knowing we would discover his devices for fooling us,  red lenses over a flash light, old sheets for a costume, etc.  We found nothing to hint that he had produced our encounter.  In fact, all the adults were happily indulging in singing songs and playing the piano.  They were oblivious as to what we had encountered.  Everyone just laughed at us.  We all blamed Uncle Bill.

It started to dawn on me and my sister that what we saw had nothing to do with Uncle Bill.

Uncle Bill did not pull a fast one on us kids.  He was with all the other adults the whole time.  There were no costumes or phony red eyed lenses.  What we saw was real; it was unexpected by both the aliens and us two young kids.

I saw them.  They were large preying mantises.  Two of them looked at me and my sister with curiosity.  There was no malice.  No intent to harm, they seemed as surprised as we were.  We caught them off guard.  Talk about the ultimate game of hide and seek.

This is a true story from 1956.  We have not been alone for a very long time.


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