The veil between dimensions thins at this time of year, a time when we are apt to get spooked by encounters with spirit:

My daughter is 21 years old. A few months ago she woke up thinking, “what if I turn around and see someone”. She turned and saw a man sitting on the chair in her room. He was not looking at her. She could explain exactly how he looked: curly black hair with a coat on. He was not looking at her. She said out loud “you’ve got to be kidding”, got out of bed, walked past him and switched on her bedroom light. When she turned he was gone. She says she has never seen anything again, but sometime thinks she hears voices. This has never happened to her before. She is an intelligent, well adjusted young lady, who is currently furthering her studies in town planning. I think I am freaking out more than she is.

The Global Psychics Team responds with advice on how to handle such encounters:

From what I gather from your email, your 21 year daughter awoke with the feeling of a presence in her room. When she turned in the direction she felt the energy of this spirit entity, there he was sitting in a chair but it appeared that he was not aware of her or was looking at her or acknowledging her presence in the room at all since he did not respond to her voice, no facial expression or gestures of any sort of acknowledgement, that he vanished when the light came on.

One of several things it could have been, ghosts are merely echoes of energy caught in a loop, they appear when the time approaches when they departed, their images is energy that is caught like a hologram image as on Star Trek. The more energy we give these apparitions, the more effect they have on our reality.
If this was a spirit entity it might be someone who was close to her at one time, even someone from a past life. She can ask them questions like why are they here, is there a message from them for her. And she can tell them that she only desires the love of God and the highest and best from the spirit world, and if this is not for her highest best, please ( and firmly) leave.

Spirits do not come into our vibration to upset our lives but to help us and teach us but they are not about to frighten us. Of course, if you have not had an experience with spirit, there is a startling, but once you realize there is nothing to fear, you can seek a communication with spirit.
A spirit entity will attempt a communication. Sometimes there will be a coldness in the air suddenly like the heat has been sucked out of the room, such is the case because these spirit entities tap into electrical energy sources to sustain their ectoplasmic form for short periods of time.
If your daughter feels this is not for her highest and best, if she is afraid of these things, the fear is an energy as well, and she can simplytell the spirit to leave. When connecting with spirit it’s best to keep your attitude one of love and understanding. love and peace. I hope that helped, Michael

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