Why am I here?

This question first came up for me when I was still a teenager. In college, I studied philosophy in the hopes of finding some answers, but that just brought out more questions. It wasn't until later in life, when I embraced myself as a spiritual being housed in a physical form, that the answers about the meaning of my life became very clear. I had some important lessons to learn, old karma to settle, and some new patterns to set for myself.

The obvious answer to my question of purpose was that it involves service to others…. as the eldest of 6, I have always felt somewhat responsible for my family, and over the years, also for my extended family, my colleagues, friends and clients…. My "life job" is to do what I can for others, where and when I can…

But as I connected to my soul, I could see other and perhaps more profound purposes underlying that calling to serve… In fact, the service work is simply a means to an end, a way of creating opportunities to achieve more personal goals – the spiritual purposes that I had set for myself, goals focused on healing old wounds, resolving old issues, facing old fears – and building strength, loving unconditionally, living with integrity.

My quest for purpose was driven by the inner feeling that I was here on a mission, that I had something BIG to do this lifetime…. a feeling shared by very many… Men and women, young and old, no matter their race, nationality, religion, lifestyle or position are feeling a growing sense of mission, of purpose, a spiritual calling that they can no longer ignore. With 2012 upon us, we are each called to move along with the transformative energy flooding the planet.

And many of these people have found their way to Global Psychics for answers, not just about their life purpose, but about their spiritual purpose. Although each person has a unique set of purposes, through the readings I found that in our own way, each of us is striving for some of the same goals….

In response to questions of life purpose, the common purpose appears to be to learn to love unconditionally – while learning to love ourselves; and in response to questions of spiritual purpose, the common goal appears as learning to apply spiritual principles to everyday life – while learning to heal ourselves.

While some are called to practice the healing arts, and others to be ministers and teachers in their communities, and a few have the means and the profile to serve in very public ways, most of us are here to work on ourselves, to pursue some very personal spiritual purposes, and to serve those around us in simple ways, even if it's just offering a bowl of chicken soup to a sick neighbour.

I discovered something even more interesting as I responded to these requests, a significant understanding, for myself, and for others… that sense of mission, that inner excitement around accomplishing something BIG this time around, is really about an inner quest… that something big is all about healing oneself, evolving, growing, making a deep soul connection… and the sense of excitement is at the thought of being free, whole, a true spiritual being…

The more I thought about it, the more I recognized just how big that mission of healing oneself truly is… think about it… if each one of us would embrace the simple life purpose of loving everyone unconditionally, along with the spiritual purposes of of healing ourselves and applying spiritual principles to every day life, imagine what a world we could create together…

PS. Interesting that the Wall Street protestors can't seem to identify a clear platform for their protest… that is because what they are really protesting is the need for Wall Street – and all those in positions of power – to begin to apply spiritual principles to their lives – and their working lives… for example, one ancient principle is to "take what you need and leave the rest"… in other words, to share the wealth, not hoard it.

If you are struggling with purpose, wondering why you are here, this a a powerful affirmation to help you attract some answers: "I will to will Thy will"… this affirmation aligns you with your Higher Self, connects you with our Source.

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  1. Another excellent way to discover your emotions, what moves you, patterns, correlations and causes that resonate with you, is to journal and record your dreams in a journal as well.

    Pay attention to who, when and how others reach out to you.

  2. I just finished reading Teresa’s New Year Greeting and message: Be Yourself, a New BE ginning.

    Let’s do another split and say, BEG inning. I am going to a football game and I think maybe the last of the innings is the important, lynch pin, in outcome. We get surprised. And maybe the prize in surprize is that there’s a new opening of consciousness, that’s going to bring us all to the WON in ONE. Yes, we can all do this, the alchemy of words.

    I am begging my God of Coincidence, to let the gold coins that fell this Chanukah holiday to bring us all into a new era of world peace. May we all move towards this goal. Away from the gaol of ignorance, in terms of being. We will do this together and we will learn about love, that love itself, could be, surely, another word for what truly powers this universe. One verse.

    And so all of us, poets and writers, and people who act with conscience, and do acts of LOVE, remember, if all the world’s a stage and staging ground, the stag, that deer, with flowing antlers, is shouting do what’s right, and what’s dear, what we all say we cherish, namely World Peace, will follow.

    Follow the yellow brick road. In Toto, with Toto, we’re going to OZ with Dorothy. Just keep connecting…. the dots!

    Happy New Year World!

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