Are spirits afraid of mirrors? Rachelle

Rachelle, Since I was a small child I have always had spirits around me and none have ever been afraid of mirrors. More than once, I caught a glimpse of one, standing behind me while I was looking in a mirror.

There are superstitions associating of mirrors with death in folklore. This stems from the belief that the soul could become trapped in the mirror, causing death. Mirrors were covered during sleep or illness so that the soul, in its wanderings, would not become trapped and unable to return to the body. After a death in the family, mirrors were also covered or turned to the wall to prevent the soul of the newly departed from becoming caught in the mirror, delaying its journey to the afterlife. However this is just folklore. Blessings, Shelly

Dear Rachelle: Spirits themselves are energy, and they do not have a physical body to see themselves in mirrors. If someone was to see a spirit in a physical form or in a mirror it took that spirit a lot of energy to come through that way. So in answer to your question No, they cast no reflection so there not afraid of mirrors…Blessings Jody

Absolutely not. they often appear in mirrors as a way of communication when you yourself are looking in a mirror. Sometimes though the mirror does not always reflect them depends on the density or strength and power of the appearing spirit. Victoria

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  1. i am absolutely terrified of mirrors in the dark, as I often see spirits in them, and these spirits are not nice.

    All my life I have been able to see, sense, and hear spirits. Many people thought I was crazy, but now I don’t fight it, I just go along with it.

    I guess you could say I have Eisoptrophobia, but I’m not sure why. If I see ghosts all the time, why is it when I see them in mirrors I get more scared? I scream and pound the door until I get out. God forbid the power goes out while I’m in the shower, I have panic attacks.

    Are these spirits trying to get to me through the mirror? Or are they just there like the other ones I see every day?

    Help me, because if these spirits are trying to “steal my soul” or whatnot, I want them gone.

    • your not crazy I use to see people death before it happien I have a hand print on my mirrow that want go away no matter I do

    • There not trying to get you there just trying to announce that they are there and want to talk with you

  2. Dear Stacey,
    I understand how you might be frightened at first, but you have the ability to see and communicate with these spirits. They are most probably earth-bound because they FEAR to go into the Light. It would be a very good thing for you to coach them into the Light. Pray and ask for Archangel Michael to come into the room and assist this dear wayward spirit. Spend some time talking to the spirit and letting it know that there is nothing to fear, and that he/she will find beloved people waiting on the other side to assist. Remind the spirit there is no hell (this is it, honey!), but there is certainly heaven, and hanging around here on the earth plane isn’t helping them at all. You gotta go into the Light to get to the next physical lifetime.
    If it is the spirit of a child, that is very easy… just tell them to go into the light so they can go see Grandma, who is waiting for them.

  3. Hello,

    My understanding (not infallible) of the soul and Spirit, is that no one or no thing can “steal” our soul, as our soul is our birthright, and is ours alone.

    Try this experiment: the next time you see something in the mirror, smile at it and say “hello spook!” and see what happens. Ghosts can’t physically hurt us, no matter what any Hollywood movie depicts.

    A genuine shaman who performs “psychopomp” work might help. This work is done to help spirits move on to the plane they’re supposed to be. A trip to your local New Age book store might help locate a shaman – ask the cashier. If they don’t know, pick up some white sage to burn, and ask the cashier for instructions. If they don’t know how to do that, go to another store – they’re useless. Smudge your home while repeating “please go away, leave me alone” – that sort of thing.

    Hope it works!

    Peace, Phil

  4. Hello, sometimes mirrors can be used as a doorway or portal to the other dimension, Sometimes Kids play games and movies use them in a negative or scary experience. First please realize you have a valid question, and that all things can be answered by research. So here’s what I can tell you, Spirits don’t steal living souls, that’s Hollywood, and we as living energies need to put or fears aside and realize they mean us no harm, and how it is we can communicate with them so they can help us. Also Dr. Raymond Moody has used mirrors in his research as a portal to the other side , to bring healing and closure for those in grief. Look him up in a search engine. Hope this helps Maryann

  5. No Spirits are not afraid of mirrors, Dr. Raymond Moody PHD did a lot of research on this and built a Psycomanthium, which is a large mirror, and a chair with the legs cut off, enclosed in a totally blackened room, like a closet, and then while in meditation the images of Spirits, usually deceased loved one would appear in the mirror for the sitter. If you look him up on a search engine you can find more info. about this. Blessings Maryann,

  6. Ive never seen spirits but I hear them all the there a possible way for me to see them?because It creaps me out when they whisper in my ears or scream when Im asleep.

  7. I have owned a mirror for many years. This mirror has many “souls” within it. If I were to tap a mirrow with a pencil point, each point on the mirror would reflect one “prison” that contained one soul. Some of these souls can go into other mirrors. I sense and often see them changing places. However, they always return to the large mirror. Lately, one of these spirits has called me “conjure woman” and told me I am like the conjure woman who put them there, that I have the same power, and that I can remove them.

    Any comments on this?

    • No! A spirit asking to be removed from an entrapment never means well. They may seem innocent and win your pity, but leave them there! These spirits are not of the deceased, they are demons, and that is why they have been imprisoned. Get rid of your mirror with special care not to break it in the process.

  8. I’m guessing that there’s really no need to see anything. I’m personally not visually oriented to such things, as I know how much an eye can be tricked
    into seeing something that’s not really there. That doesn’t stop me from thinking that something just passed by my peripheral vision, but I’ll chalk
    it up as a stray floater – those dust particles and dead tissues that can get caught up between our tear ducts and eyelids.
    It would be more important to try to listen to what is being whispered to you. If the messages aren’t clear, demand clarification. Simply go within
    and say: “You’re not being specific. If you don’t speak in ways that I can understand, I will ignore what I’m hearing!” Sometimes we have to be blunt
    like that, and they need to hear that we’re paying attention.
    Perhaps it would be best to pick up a discipline like the tarot, runes, I Ching, or some other divination practice – an established method of
    communicating with them. When I say “established,” I mean that there are many books written by people who have studied each of these for years and decades, and through trial and error have developed some techniques that really help.
    As for the screams when you’re asleep, these may simply be left-over remnants of things you’ve seen in the previous day, specifically something
    you saw on TV or in a movie? If you watch too much of this stuff, your mind will pick up whatever pollution is being offered. Cut way back on these
    forms of mindless “entertainment” and pick up a book of Rumi poems, Buddhist thought, Native American spirituality – anything that will reawaken your own
    imagination – your birthright. By mindlessly turning on the TV, we’re subconsciously admitting to ourselves that we’re surrendering our birthright to someone and something else – people and mega-corporations who don’t have our best interests in mind – just their own greed.
    As an astrologer who needs to keep up with current events, I need to watch the news from time to time. As I turn it on, I say to myself: “Okay, my psyche is about to be raped. Give it your best shot boys.” This mindset protects me and allows my imagination to filter through the BS they’re dishing out. It’s amazing to see how much fear “they” are trying to instill on us. They know that fear sells, so please don’t sell your soul to this devil. Peace, Phil

  9. the strangest thing happened to me last night leaving me feeling confused!! i am sceptical but very open minded when it comes to the afterlife however; i was asleep last night in bed, it was very stormy and the thunder had woken me up. when i sat up i was still sleepy but nontheless very awake i looked across the room at my vanity table and saw 2 men in the mirror, one was in a suit. at first i thought it was the tv which was switched off and on top of the table next to the mirror. i was squinting and the figures did not go away they were quite obviously reflections in the mirror! even now, my logical sceptical side is trying to rationalise this by saying that i was maybe half asleep etc etc. but deep down i know i saw something as i was quite awake after being shaken by the voilent thunder and lightening ouside!!! please comment!!

  10. We are close friends, that’s all you need to know. But we believe that spirits and ghosts live among us, and we have eyewitness proof.

    One of us can “see” spirits. That happens to be AS. But I (ML) was at AS’s house one day, and I will never see the same way ever again. When I first arrived at her house, all AS wanted to do at the moment was to go into the attic and search for her mother’s old collection of Beanie Babies. We got everything we needed together: Bandanas to cover our mouth for safety, just in case there was any harmful gasses in the attic, etc. We pulled down the ladder and AS climbed up inside first. She did say a few things about how hot it was up there, but she also stated that there was a light in one of the corners. Then I went up after AS left, the attic was too small for both of us. I looked around and opened some boxes to find the Beanie Babies. I looked to where the light was, and it was a strange foil-like flicker there. I turned and then saw a strange dark corner. Darker than it should be. I looked closer and then heard a sigh in my ear. The sigh was deep and relieved. Like someone was happy that I and AS were here. I freaked out and rushed down the ladder.

    That was our FIRST witness. After we left the garage, we tried to find another way up the attic, to see if there were any more “mysterious beings” above us. We tried the hall enterance and above the piano, to no luck.

    But when we were on the piano, we heard tapping noises like nothing else. Almost like something was knocking on the other side of the cieling (please notice that we were home alone).

    After we left the piano, we went to the kitchen, and noticed something strange about the structure of each room. Each room had one light, and one vent, except for the living room, which had two vents and one light. And the family room only had one light, no vents.

    Could spirits be haunting the house? We’re not sure, but we’re nervous.

    I have a theory that AS has a connection to the spirits. But I’m not sure. I don’t know. Could any of you think of an idea of what was making such noises?

  11. Hi, Im not sure whether I can share my own story/question here or not but I’m desperate to get some feedback on this! I have recently come out of an extremely destructive relationship to which I suffered both physical and emotional abuse. This mostly took place in our new home which we were in only 7 weeks. The walls were often blood spattered and I never quite felt at home there! I noticed often throughout the house that pictures and a clock that were hangin on the wall were often crooked! I put it down to thin walls and the slamming of doors as we had a lot of canvas paintings on the wall which obviously are very light- but one particular day the paintings in the bedroom were really crooked!!!!! I again brushed it off. However I have been back and forth the house only twice since we seperated and Im glad to be out of there- the house was filled with a lot of tears and unhappy memories -but today upon walking up the top of my stairs my full length mirror that faces you directly at the top of the stairs had a crack right the way through it!! it was still fixed to the wall so it hadnt fallen or had anything fall on it- no one has been at the house and the mirror is new??? Im wondering is this someones way of getting a message to me or a warning- can a crack in the mirror be a message of somekind? or is all just weird coincidence? Id love to know?

  12. Are mirrors on an outside wall of a home considered a portal for spirits? I have a family member who has the whole outer wall covered in mirrors as it was that way when she moved into the house. She has been told that this is a protal and her autistic child constantly sees and sences people in the house which has her vary scared and has my concern. My cousin sences both male and female spirits along with her departed husband and has been talking to psycics and others who have many differnt opinions about what is happening. I personally have seen a dark human like figure breefly at the front door and next to her in the big window when i was waving good-bye from my car across the street. Is there a way to cleanse the house and close any portal that may be there? Would taking the mirrors off the wall be safe? What can be done to help make my cousin and her daughter feel safe in their own home? I practice Reiki and meditation and I am a skeptic and a believer in the paranormal. I am not sure how to handle the situation. If anyone can offer any assistance in this situation, it would be greatly appreciated.

  13. My aunt and I wanted to try to see if you could see spirits in the mirror. We were told to do it in the dark with a white light in the background. They told us to look in the background to see these spirits. They also told use that it would be three spirits that was always around us. My aunt went first, because I was a little afraid. She sat down and starred at the mirror, a minute later she says she sees a skeleton figure, but it wasn’t behind her, it was replacing her own reflection.
    Seconds later she saw her reflection fade and completely disappear. She was starting to get worried.
    Then five seconds later her reflection reappeared as a man, he was really pale, his cheekbones sunk in and his eye’s were black with big bags under his eyes like he hasn’t slept in a long while. He had a creepy expression on his face. My aunt looked away and looked back.
    She then saw a young woman dressed what look to be from the renaissance era; she wore a yellow gown with a matching collar and hat that had a feather in it. She was beautiful, but her eyes were black and she had a smirk on her face.
    Then appeared an old lady her face was covered with wrinkles with a grave expression on her face. My aunt looked up at me with a disturbed look on her face. She asked me if that would be it. I said “yes”.
    She took a deep breath relieved that it was over and looked at the mirror to get up the skeleton reappeared with its hand reaching out. My aunt feel to the floor shocked. The skeleton turned into the young lady; her eyes completely black and her mouth opened wide. She started to press up against the mirror. My aunt quickly got away from the mirror, and it went away. We turned on the lights and saw a hand print on the bottom of the mirror. It was too small to be ours and it had the hand print had a squared tip to the fingers.
    We turned off the lights and were about to go to bed, we were talking and I looked at her, her appearance started to change, her eyes became black and started to get wide. And her body started to go bone white, her hand started to look like bones. She looked like a skeleton, even her face looked like a skull! I quickly turned on the lights she went back to normal.
    I’m a bit worried about my aunt. What does it mean to have those figures appear in front of you? And is she in danger?

  14. Years ago I would gaze in the mirror and I would see a woman that would take over my reflection. She looked tired and thin, her faced looked stressed and older, she was totally foriegn to my eyes yet she seemed kind and smiled as I smiled in the mirror. It did not scare me any way at the time. I thought it was me looking at myself too hard, but I was definitely seeing another spirit in the mirror. I see dark ghostlike shadows usually very small out of the corners of my eye and I hear voices calling my name. I am actually a artist and I am now trying to come to peace with my gifts. I have dreams of people coming to me and talking, many of them are dead, I will have written emails or pieces of articles in my dreams telling me about a person or incident or giving me useless information. Well perhaps I think it’s useless because it’s part of a puzzle I do not want to spend my energy on. It has scared me in the past and I still sleep with the lights on. I know I have surpressed my gift for fear of sounding insane, it has always been surpriseing that many people believe something is wrong with a person that is being communicated to by the dead. Or that I can read a person’s thoughts or see the rain before it begins. It seems natural to me yet uncomfortable. This site seems cool that we can all connect and chat. I have had a voice help me once when I was in danger walking down a street by myself at night, the voice said” Your not alone I am with you” repeatedly and the voice was a woman but not mine. This voice spoke to me right befor e man came running out of a dark train station towards me that I was walking by . He was out to do harm and moved like a predator, he was very quick, but thankfully because of the voice and my fear I was quicker and ran as he chased me, a passing car stopped and took me home. I was safe. With out the correct people to talk to about being pyschic this can be a lonely feeling. I am a painter and never thought of exploiting my gifts as pyschic and probably never will. I would like very much to be able to chat with others that have a gift like mine on this site.
    I remember I would talkk so much as to not hear the voices or hear people lie when I already knew the truth. Not to mention when I was younger after a few drinks I could and would read my pals at parties. I always took them by surprised but I did not like the way it made me look, like I was some voodoo mamma. I don’t want that image really. I am painting spirits that I see in photo’s of friends and family right now. This way I feel I am embracing something good about my gifts. To some it’s still a bit scary. Sometimes it is to me too. I sleep with my light on still. It’s just makes me feel better.

  15. I have had dealings with the demonic with ghosts and with angels since I was a kid I am what one might refer to as a psychic or psion etc I have a question about mirrors, in refference to hauntings you see recently I have been haunted by visions in the mirrors of my bedrooms I would see myself, slashing my neck open or my wrist…. or hanging myself many different things… hearing whispers to do it I performed a recent banishment ceremony, one that my grandmother taught us. The ritual banishes evil things from a house and also keeps them from being able to come back for a long while. I will also be using the wiccan salt blessing for those who are knowledgable about it you put salt in the doorways and window sills it is a purification thing because wiccans believe salt to be a purifier, but I have been rambling my question is why do spirits sometimes only appear in mirrors.

  16. Dear Sue

    If the mirrors are the portal taking them down might help, if the mirrors are a connecting device between someone in the house and the people if you take them down or destroy them it could hurt the person that is connected to the spirit or mirror, cleansing a house is rather easy but I usually combine a few cleansing rituals, first I place salt on all the entrances. then I go throughout the house starting with the most used room, then spreading outward place in a large bowl ice, water, and witch hazel or rubbing alcohol a sprinkle it using your fingers throughout the house plentifully do not miss a single room or closet, sprinkle it on every door in and out of the house and every window even the garage then when you are done go to the main entrance and toss some of the water out of the door then place what is left in the bowl in one of the most active rooms if anything more happens, contact a local church and ask them to perform a blessing on the house, during the the sprinkling ritual you should feel chills, I hope everything goes well with you sue, Also do research on prayers envoking the archangel michael the first time I performed this ritual I used a prayer and I noticed while I was doing this I eventually began shouting it throughout the house though I didn’t realize it at first

  17. Trying to communicate through mirrors is very dangerous, Shelly, What happened to your aunt sounds like the early signs of possession by an evil or demonic spirit. If it continues to happen you might want to take your aunt to a spiritual healer or perhaps a simple church usually the catholic is the one to deal in these types of things but look it up in your community as the catholic church in a lot of cases denounce all things having to do with the demonic whether proof exists or not

  18. okay. lately, some really abnormal situations have occurred involving my sister. it started out with just her “feeling” like there was someone watching her, but she saw a face in the mirror and decided it was nothing. over the last 2 months, she has woken up to something shoving her in her bed and grabbing her leg. most of the time she just gets up and follows me into my room hoping that it will stop. the first time it did. but everything got worse. only last night she came into my room at exactly 3:15am and said something weird happened, like someone touched her leg. then i pretended to go to sleep because i didnt want anything to do with it. I heard a crack, like a breaking mirror or glass, then the creak of the drawers next to my bed, then the sound of someone dragging their foot on the carpet. then my sister flinched and kicked. It was on my bed and inbetween me and my sister and had its hand covering her mouth. She punched me but she couldnt say anything because it wouldnt let her. My pillow smells of “dead” and i know what that smells like due to dead pets etc. It always happens around 3 and 5am every morning. any ideas what it is? cause it certainly isnt nice

  19. forgot a tiny detail, it has happened ever since i got this new dutchess with a huge mirror. it has scratches inside the mirror, and handprints that do not belong to anyone in my family. it’s going to the dump today. there are also welts and scratch marks on the roof of my walk in wardrobe which is right behind my sisters room where her bed is situated.

  20. To Amy,

    I know it’s been a while since you wrote and I was only on this site to read about the mirror thing, but I have a good idea of what’s going on with your sister…

    I experienced the same things when I was younger…the sound of footsteps dragging on the carpet, feeling someone grab/poke my leg…also scratching across the ceiling, whispering in my ear, pounding at the end of the bed while trying to sleep, growling. Anyway, it sounds a lot like demonic activity. If you’ve gotten rid of the mirror, you should also have your home blessed or perform your own cleansing of the home to banish the entities. It was extremely traumatizing to me as a child. I’m 23 now and am still afraid of the dark. I eventually just learned to ignore it. Good luck to you! I hope the activity has ceased.

  21. One morning I thought I saw a cloudy mist like image moving in my mirror that is located in my bedroom. It was a reflect capture from a side angle from the mirror on dresser. I have a full length mirror that is mounted on the wall and a mirror that is mounted to my dresser. The wall mirror is next to my dresser by they are not facing each other. I’ve heard that you should never allow mirrors to face each other.

  22. *Sorry for the typos*

    Does anyone know why mirrors should not face each other?

  23. i have been woken up a few times now well more often then i would like and have found very evil looking shadows and very eery vibe going throw my room it freaks me out even when i turn the light on and then off they are still there however i have moved a very large mirror in front of my bed and they have now gone is this because they are now trapped in the mirror or because they are scared of it or should i expect to see them again?

  24. Hi everybody!

    I just whant you all to know that i have all my life been able to see,hear and feel every kind of spirit in our dimension ever since i was a small child…all my life i have been scared of my experiences…i could see ghost’s trough mirrors everywhere i went,i heard them laughting into my face and they where very evil..i could hear them speak to me and shout my name in the middle of the day,Not only in the night’s! In the same time i was really exited about my experiences and my so called gift,i understood later that i was a medium and whanted to pay for 1 year study on this area and get professional,i have always felt that this was the meaning of my life and so on and specially to help people who had lost a person by death and so on…But for about 5 years ago i started to get supernatural calling from our Heavenly Father,Jesus Christ even thoe i was living non religious life all my life and was a free spirit and loved the occult and many times my beloved God called me and showed me how to get saved and He told me about the truth of everything that i had been experienced all my life…that None of theese thing,lifestyle or spirit’s are from God or the goodside …all of theese spirits are evil even thoe they try to show up as youre reletives and friend’s all theese are demons and ghost who shows up from the Evil forces who tries to confuse u and make u sick and eventually steal youre soul long before u know it youreself!!! I whrite this from my own experiences in life…been there and done that…i even got 3 demons in my body that i really wasen’t aware of really…during 2 years of my past in different acations 2 spirits showed up in my bedroom and enterd my body i felt that they where male and their ages ( not that they where demons ) and i was awake when this happend and i first enjoyed it but on the second time i got really scared,cause they locked my body from behind…i couldn’t move or scream…and so on…But now i am free only be the precious blood of our saviour Jesus Christ!! None can set u free from demons accept GOD..Haleluja and god bless you all…Please feel free to contact me anytime!

    • Hi Eli my names Mark i read your post about seing and hearing soirits etc and how jesus explained to you what they are,dont know how long ago you wrote it or wether you will reply but worth a chance if you email me i will be abke to go into it more as it says feel free to contact you and i thought i would.Thanks.

  25. Hi when i was sleeping i would here my name passing thrue my
    ear i was homeless at the time sleeping in my my mom
    seen a spirit in the mirror a man dress on all white suit
    it smiled at her she think it my. dad saying im here.

  26. As a child I remember vividly seeing a skeleton wave to me in any type of relflection. As a child this scared me and my parents always told me it was just my imagination. To this day, I know I saw it. Is there any meaning behind this or was it possibly just a child’s imagination gone wild?

  27. One day I was talking to a women in spirit and i thought to see her in the mirror but on my right side. She had a close smile. I was a little scared but not to totally freak out but I felt on my gut to face it without any fear. Then she disappeared. I felt happy and surprised to see her but not knowing if she was an angel of mine. Or what? Idk

  28. Does anyone happen to know why like 3 larger than human hands skeletal hand prints were seen in a mirror twice.i seen then after I would take a shower and the mirror was steamy.. I paid it no mind hoping that it would stop these occurrences. Weeks later I see skeletal mixed with human hand prints (instead of claws at the end, the prints were rounded off at the tip) on my car window where the driver seat is…. From the inside of the window (not on the outside) … The other prints on my passenger side windows were on the outside of the winding.. Those had claws at the end…. And the skeletal fingers are not always straight… They are sometimes curved…. I kept the prints on the inside of my window where the driver seat is…. And a few days later I seen an image of a skeletal face within the image of the hand prints looking directly at me (where I sit in the driver seat while driving) I never noticed it before. I’m not sure if that face gas always been there or if it just recent appeared… I’m trying not to have any fear but does anyone have any clue why this is happening

  29. I wanted a sign from my nephew Josh that i knew was from him that wasnt a coincidence. I took a shower last night after crying all day. I told him in my mind to flicker the lights, make the tv go off or something, anything. nothing happened, so I laughed to myself to him saying its hard for ya right, you're new there, right.I said, well if you cant come to me, go to your mother and hug her, she needs you. me and my husband  leave messages on the bathroom mirror. no one was home but me and him. he was sleeping. he said he didnt mess with the mirror. and there wouldnt be way to. if he did, you would see wet finger marks. you can see part of our message on the mirror. an infinity sysmbol and XOXOXO's at the bottom. the right O caught my eye. it is scratched out. I had chills, I know it was him. he was a real jokester. I used the camera flash to see the scratches better to show my sister and there is a letter S to the right of the letter O.

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