How do you know that a spirit is present?

Many of you have wondered about how you can tell the difference between the times when your imagination is working overtime or you have had a real spirit visit.

I have had a few important people in my life pass away, one was my father and 2 other father figures to me and I‘m not sure if I have had their presence around me, how can I tell? Jackie

If you have a pet in your home and they start acting strangely, then you can be pretty sure that you have a visitor from the other side. But there are other signs, like getting goosebumps or feeling an unexpected wave of cold air… candles suddenly flickering when there is no draft to affect them, lights dimming, objects falling unexplainably… or you might feel a tap on the shoulder, someone brushing your cheek, touching your arm… or you could hear your name or a knock at the window, or smell perfume or tobacco burning when no one is around. I have had the wonderful experience of feeling hugged, and at times have felt a wave of love come over me when certain spirits come through.

Spirit reaches out to us in any way it can. They will visit us in dreams, or in life, as they can and need to. If you watch for the signs, they will have a message for you…. what is important to understand is that spirit often has a limited amount of energy to be able to manifest their presence, so they will typically choose the time, and circumstances carefully – as well as the person they want to deliver their message to.

So pay attention to what’s on your mind and what’s happening around you when you sense a visit from spirit. And notice everything about the visit. Their message is contained within the context of how they manifest their presence… for example, my ex-mother-in-law who loved to wear hats visits from the other side from time to time, and I can usually get a sense of what it is she wants to tell me by the type and color of the hat she is wearing. . While most often they come just to let us know they are safe and well on the other side, and will see us when we cross, sometimes they come to help, to serve or to protect. It is up to us to notice…

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  1. Spirit world is only a heart beat away from this reality. it does seem that as we meditate more and more our sensitivity to the spirit world and those in spirit become more and more acute.
    where we can feel the presence of the invisible as it was said, a change in the atmosphere, a change in the temperature, a sudden shift in the barometric pressure in the room. Yes often times the behavior of our pets, the dog barking insanely at the blank wall or running to the closet door and barking.
    when these sensation occur why not address them, speak to the presence that is there, even the Bible speaks of trying the spirits, you can ask them to identify themselves to you. listen to the still small voice that will come. There are answers to those question if we will only listen.

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