Spirit often communicates with us through our sense of smell….

Recently I keep smelling perfumes around me when I’m not wearing any as is someone has just sprayed and also the smell of holy communion, what could this be? Gillian

It not uncommon to perceive odors from spirits.  Perfume is quite a common attention getting device for the deceased.  There are many cases where a specific brand of perfume worn by the deceased is smelled.  The same is true of cigar and cigarette smoke, roses and other strongly scented flowers.  By the smell of communion, do you mean the smell of incense burned in a church or the smell of the wafers themselves?  Either way, it would signify the presence of a spirit that may just have had a mass said for it.  With all this said, Gillian, I would say that you are psychic and are able to tune into the other side.  You may just have discovered a hidden talent you did not know you had.  Do keep us posted!  Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

The perfume smell could very well be a loved one that has crossed over that wore that scent when they were alive.The communion smell I feel is angels letting u know there around. Jody

My grandma passed away in September 2009, although I wasn’t told till the 2cnd of October. She was burried on the 25th of September and funnily enough on that day I chucked out two jars of mayonaise because I thought they had gone off, they had an extremely strong smell of vinegar. The next Sunday at lunch I could smell the vinegar on the salad that my mum was making in the kitchen while I was in the lounge. It was such a strong smell it was almost umbearable, and I made other people smell the salad as I couldn’t eat it and they said it smelt OK. I thought I was going mad but when on the following Friday I found out that my grandma had passed away I linked the two… as now almost by miracle the mayonaise smells like mayonaise again and so does the vinegar. If somebody could confirm this and let me know more about spirits and  smells I’d feel alot better. Thanks in advance, Kelly Thompson

I am very sorry about your grandmother passing, and sorry no one told you for a while.  Well, no one on this side, anyway, right?  Grandmother did, huh?

Our sense of smell is considered in some circles to be our most trustworthy sense.  It is thought to be the first one we experienced as humans, in that, according to the Adam and Eve story, at least, “God breathed into man.”  Breath, of course, is related to smell–we breathe in, we sense smells.

I think it would be interesting to know whether your grandmother was a vinegar or big mayonnaise user.  *grin*  After all, for her to ‘use’ it to communicate to you is an interesting choice.  But how exciting (considering the situation) you were able to put the two together and know she was reaching out to say goodbye.  That is so lovely.

Keep honing your gift.  Read all you can on such things.  This site has TONS of good info.  And maybe, just maybe, Grandmother was encouraging you in your gift.  What a wonderful parting gift she gave.  Be sure to thank her.  *smile* Much love, Teresa

Your grandma was telling you something.   She was signaling you via the vinegar smell.  It was just her way of getting your attention.  Her time was up just like your mayonnaise!

She was saying good-bye via the mayonnaise.  How sweet is that?  Grandma was saying good-bye.  She was communicating through food!  There is no death, only new vehicles, new bodies to continue our exploration of life, therefore no fear.  That is her message to you, Kelly. Remember this message all your life (all your eternity).  Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

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