What happens to the sexual part of a person when they go from body to spirit? sexuallity is an energy.what if one you love has past but you and your body still has a sexual reaction. is it normal. what does the spirit feel? how  is it dealt with? I would love to be with him one more time however Iknow iIcan’t. How do they feel about that? Stephanie

Love never dies, and true, sex is an energy.  Without the body, however, sex is less of an issue.  We maintain an attraction to our former partners when we pass over, but it is not the same biological urge we experience while in the physical. Retain the memories of your former lover, but keep your eyes open for another partner here on the physical plane.  Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

Sexuality is indeed energy and Tantric sex and the Holy Rite are used for mystical purposes. However physical attraction is a corporeal experience although there are spirits that do feed off sexual energies as well. However for the most part these are spirits that have not moved on. Love and life on the other side is the purest of energy devoid of the physical desires of which you speak. Spirits move forward through many planes toward ultimate enlightenment and sexuality as you describe simply is not part of that life. Your loneliness is understandable but that is all part of grief. Cate

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