Although first experiences with spirit can be a little scary, once you know the basic rules of working with spirit, you can make these connections safely. And if you are pregnant, you don’t need to fear that you will cause some harm to your baby if you continue to connect with your guides.. . their loving energy will automatically extend to wanting to protect and help both of you… and baby is likely to have some spirits of its own around , little guardian angels, to see that the child arrives safely and securely in Mom’s arms at the right moment.

I recall a time when my son flew in from school all full of excitement about his day, – but I was deep at work with my guides and was immediately perturbed… but as soon as I started to react, to try to quiet him and send him away, I heard a huge burst of laughter from my guides, and these words: “your son needs your attention now. Go to him, this can wait, we’re here and will be when you are free to work again..”

My point is that loving guides support healthy realtionships with our family – they are protective of our little ones, even before they are born.

In fact, as Phil notes in his response to this inquiring mom-to-be, many children are arriving with legions of angels and spirits to support them in thier roles as leaders in these changing times.  It is not unusual for pregnant women to find they have a lot of spirits coming round them.

Hi there i have started exporing with meeting and working with spirit guides and have recently foud out that I am pregnant I just want to make sure that it is safe for both of us.  I know that I can protect myself from unwanted entities do I still have control with my baby?  Thank you for any help you can give me regarding this. 

Sara, I’ve just completed two mother/daughter readings, and a common thread wove through both of them. These two girls were born in the past five years as major planetary events were going on, and I kept getting the message: “And a child shall lead them.”

I’m getting the feeling that a lot of children are being born these days to women and families who are going to make a serious difference for our species’ future, so I’d have to say that your Soul has been preparing you for this child – a true soul mate – to help make it all happen. These Super-kids are here without the fear-dominant programming us older folks have been subjected to, so they’ll have a head-start in the stuff that is going to go down in the next five years.

“And a child shall lead them…” Run with that thought. Trust that you are both safe.
Peace, Phil the astrologer

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  1. I have talked with many soon to be mothers who have worked with guides before and as far as I know they have all done great. Most of the children are excelling in their studies and seem to be doing very well. Please visit a great website it is a paranormal website that has a blog containing a psychic abilities page. Please add your thoughts

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  3. I am currently expecting my first child. I contacted my pychic and she guided me thru my pregnancy. I have had a lot of spiritual connections with my unborn son. It has been a beautiful experience all together.

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