When spirits come to call, there is usually a purpose behind the visit.

Folks often wonder why a spirit would come to them… the answer is simple: “they come to you because you have your lights on upstairs.” Many of us are natural mediums, born with the ability to connect with spirits on the other side, perhaps a result of work we have done in previous lifetimes… I can’t say for sure why… why is anyone gifted with any particular talent? The gift of mediumship though appears to be obvious to those on the other side…. as if all of the natural mediums on planet earth are lit up like radio beacons so any spirit who needs help can find them.

Spirit life is all around us, so encounters with them are much more frequent than is commonly thought. Spirit usually has a reason for connecting with us, in allowing themselves to be seen.. many are confused… all want to help – or to be helped. Some don’t even know they are dead, and are wandering around in a kind of limbo-state, stuck somewhere between planet earth and the astral plane.

My brother died in a motorcycle accident over 7 months ago. He and I were very close. We vacationed together. We camped together six months out of the year for more then 10 years. After I married, my brother become close with my husband as well. I have never missed anyone more in my whole life. But with all that said, strange things are happening in my home, – usually around 4 am the stereo in my son’s room goes on by itself, I heard footstep going up the stairs, I hear water running, very bizzarre. And the most concerning and recent thing was last night about 9:30 pm I was in the house and all the sudden my ears became blocked (I could still hear) and like a ringing in them. Then on my right hand I experienced pain in my ring finger and pinky. You see I am left handed but my brother was right handed and he had problems with those two fingers. I then felt very nauseous. Can you explain this.

Christoper Ree responded to this inquiry, suggesting that the woman’s brother is still hanging around her. “As you say, you and him were very close, and he doesn’t realize that your time together is over. Speak out loud to him and tell him that he is no longer part of this dimension. He has to seek the light and cross over. That is where his destiny awaits. A sudden accident like his is difficult to comprehend for all involved. He hasn’t figured out that he is actually not of this world anymore. Help him shift over.”

My best friend passed, but I was feeling out of sorts a few days before.( I am in another state, and didnt know). Now alot has happened to her husband and myself ( noises,voices, loosing keys, electronics draining, etc…) She comes to me everyday, and one day she was trying to get through, through me! How do I help her? I have always had some type of insight. Please Help. I am not sleeping or resting. Thank You!!

Said Christopher Ree in response: “Your friend is trying to get your attention, as they know you are a sensitive. She wants help crossing over”

In both cases, Christopher’s advice was to “…hold your own special memorial ceremony for them. Create an upbeat ceremony, nothing dreary. Play their favorite music. Serve their favorite food and invite their other friends and family to pay tribute to someone you all miss. Light candles around a photo of them and give them a proper send off. Toast to their next life! This should do the trick. That is why the Irish throw a big party when someone dies. Same with all the music and parades at funerals down in New Orleans. Hope this helps.”

Now, for an interesting slant on this story…There is a reason why I am bringing these stories forward today… Christopher is himself in spirit now… he had been a great contributor to our site in the last years of his life, a very popular reader and generous teacher. Since his passing, I had been reluctant to use any of his material… it didn’t feel right when he was no longer here to gain the benefit of the exposure… but something happened a few weeks ago to make me rethink… Chrisopher came to visit… Years ago, he sent me a lovely sodalite globe, along with some beautiful crystals… I knew he was around when the globe began appearing in some strange places in my office… once sitting rather precariously on the top of a little cloth pouch, another on the floor in front of my son, exactly where he would see it and pick it up…. as if to verify the visit, shortly after, one of the psychics on the team inquired about his wife out of the blue… I finally figured out what he was trying to tell me when I went looking for material for this article… as I browsed through my files and came across so many with his name on them, I heard him telling me that I should use them if they fit, that he is happy to continue to share… Blessings, Christopher, such a loving soul.

Spirits drop in unexpectedly for a lot of reasons… sometimes just for a last good-bye, to let a loved one know they are safely across… often they have a specific message to pass on… Some are trapped… and yet others are intent on possessing a body… one of the most frequent reasons for seeing spirits is to give us a wake up call, a Knock on the Head, to help us see that there is so much more to life than our outer senses recognize…. the world is much larger than we are taught in geography… and far more complex.

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  1. My son passed when he was 13 due to getting hit by a car while he was crossing a street just down the street where we lived.Well I DESPERATELY want to connect with his spirit but I somehow cant.Ive had 2 dreams of him since he passed one where he was underwater and we brought him to the surface and revived him with CPR the other one was strange someone told me Eric was living in England alive and well in the dream I went over there searched in vain and that’s the last dream ive had of him he passed in April 1999.Any suggestions and thanks for hearing my story.

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