Spirit indicates its presence in many different ways.  Lights that go on and off, windows that fly open, doors that open or close, pictures that fall off the wall, objects that disappear and mysteriously reappear are usually sure signs that spirit is around, 
Chills, a cold or hot spot in a room, a sudden draft that comes out of nowhere, wisps of some fragrance, or the smell of smoke, are some of the more subtle ways that spirit manifests its presence. 
What do my cold chills mean? whenever I think about accessing my  psychic abilities it is almost like my blood runs cold. I am starting to become more away with my inner self and my “power”. Sometimes I find myself frightend. I am merely fifteen years old, and as a child I would have the worst experiences. I want to know more about it all now. I have no idea where to start, or what to do. I was meditating before bed and I seemed to have dosed off, but I was instructed to talk to Janice. I don’t  know anyone named Janice, but I was told to speak to someone named Janice, and that Janice would teach me. I was told through this “vision” that Janice would be the easiest to talk to. I have no idea what i eperienced. How do I get more involed with my psychic ability? I just would like some answers. Alexandria
The chills go with being psychic.  It is quite normal to get “the chills” and have the hair rise on the back of your neck.  That is the 6th sense.  No worries.  Ease into it.  Take your time and don’t get freaked out.  You have the “talent” and you will help many people in the future.  You are very special.  Janice is your spirit guide.  She is just trying to get your attention!  When you need help, when you need answers, ask Janice.  She will help you.  She is your guide and loves you.  Keep meditating and she will guide you.  Stay in touch and let us know how it goes.  Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree
Hello, I was wondering if spirits have a scent? Lorenzo
Yes indeed, spirits certainly can have a scent to them.  Some ghosts are known to give off specific odors that readily identifies them to those who knew them whilst they were alive.  Perfume, flowers, aftershave, pipe or cigarette smoke, even fried chicken!  Malevolent spirits tend to have a sour or rotten smell, some even smell like sulphur(rotten eggs).  Smell is a good way to tell whether a spirit is benign or malevolent.  Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree
I have a question, and I don’t know if it’s all that serious or I’m just exagerating things for myself, but is there any way to protect yourself from seeing things? Some of what I see I don’t mind, but occasionally after I dream something (I’m not always asleep, and sometimes it’s like deja vu, but it hasn’t happened yet– it just seems familiar) I get very sick. I get headaches and my stomach feels so bad to the point where I can’t eat for days afterward without being sick. By the way, this has been happening since I was about eight, and I am fourteen now. I’m by nature a nervous person, I think, so I’d like to know if it’s just me or there’s a reason behind this.
The harmless things are things like knowing when somebody’s going to call, who it is, or things about people, like what they’re feeling/thinking. When I get sick it’s usually after something negative, like when my grandfather died. I knew the exact date and minute almost a week beforehand and only got better (and I feel horrible saying this) when it happened. Caitlin
It is not unusual to feel ill at a premonition of tragedy. I for example became violently ill the night before 911.  You can try to cancel out your gift by not acknowledging it, burning incense such as sage and verbally demanding your guides step back because they are making you ill with premonitions however, it is hard to remove a gift so it will take work. You can also put a glass of water each night at your headstand with a pinch of salt and throw out every morning. Each person is different so only time will tell. Cate
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  1. i just want to know is it true that you feel when someone close toyou about to died. like for my father i sat on the bed mid-week in aug -08 and i cried cried cried like it was the last bread to eat.AND later within a week so. i was talking to some people explaining what had tooken place and they told me that i was getting ready to prepare myself for my father death. can i get some feed explain to me what that might’ve been.beside that with my father others feeling occur and thangs happends.

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