Spirits drop in unexpectedly for a lot of reasons… often just for a last good-bye, to let a loved one know they are safely across… often they have a specific message to pass on… Some are trapped… and yet others are intent on possessing a body… one of the most frequent reasons for seeing spirits is to give us a wake up call, a Knock on the Head, to help us see that there is so much more to life than our outer senses recognize…. the world is much larger than we are taught in geography… and far more complex.

Why do these spirits come to me?

Like everyone else, I was puzzled by my first encounters with spirit, wondering why me? Even when it was a relative coming, I wondered why they would pick me among the dozens of others they might have visited. My guides once answered this question with a big laugh, “What, you didn’t know? You have a sign out on the astral plane, saying “willing to take messages, one one condition, you give me the message and go.”

Many of us are natural mediums, born with the ability to connect with spirits on the other side, perhaps a result of work we have done in previous lifetimes… I can’t say for sure why… why is anyone gifted with any particular talent? The gift of mediumship though appears to be obvious to those on the other side…. as if all of the natural mediums on planet earth are lit up like radio beacons so any spirit who needs help can find them.

Spirit usually has a purpose in connecting with us, in allowing themselves to be seen.. many are confused, all want help. Some don’t even know they are dead, and are wandering around in a kind of limbo-state, stuck somewhere between planet earth and the astral plane.

Why was I held tight by a spirit when I was asleep? I was taking a nap and something climbed on my bed. Held me from behind really tight and started to stroke my hair.  I could not move and I was trying to call out to my sons in the living room.  They could not hear me.  I tried so hard to get out of bed but I was held tight.  About 5 mins had passed and I saw a little boy who resembled my little brother who had past away when he was 7 yrs old.  I was 8 yrs old at that time.  This boy was laughing and smiling.  The hug that I received was a loving hug.  I felt love but I was afraid but it was a tight hug.  When the boy disappeared I was able to get up.  I got out of bed and started to cry.  This is not the first time this has happened to me.  I’ve seen many things ever since he passed away.  I just want to know why are these spirits trying to contact me.  I’ve seen different spirits at least once every month or once every two months.  I was told by many pyschics that I have a gift but I don’t know how to use it.  That I have spirits protecting me.  I need some clarification on why I am receiving these experience and what are they trying to tell me? Diana M.

The answer is easy… spirit is trying to tell you to wake up, to go and explore your gifts… start by taking a class in meditation and meditate daily… and read, read, read… start with the works of Craig Hamilton-Parker and James Von Praagh – world famous mediums who have written some good books on the topic of spirit connections.  You might want to look for a Spiritualist church in your area, they offer some classes that you will find helpful… It could also be useful to keep a journal of your experiences… this might alert you to some patterns in these connections.  Hope that helps to get you started. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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