Spirit visits and other paranormal experiences are far more common in our everyday lives than we might think… and some of these events are life-changing, as Patty writes here.

At the age of 10 I saw my grandfather at the end of my bed.  Although I lived in Maine and he in New Jersey. I told my mom about her dad and of course she didn’t believe me.  She said that I was possessed.  Then after a lightning strike I was able to know things about people that I truly shouldn’t know. Now I hear questions before they are asked, and sometimes I answer them before they speak.  You can only imagine the looks.  Also, I can tell when there is a spirit in a home or old hotel.  I can most of the time see them when I concentrate.  I also read articles in the news or see it on tv, a missing child, an unsolved murder etc. I know who did it and or where the child is and so far I have been right on the money.  I would like to know if the storm had anything to do with this and if I will always have this?  My son shows signs of the same thing. Can we learn to better our gift, or will it go away? Patty

From the sounds of it, Patty, you were probably born with some abilities as a medium… grandfather’s visit was also about letting you know that you had it in you to connect with spirit… and you probably got it from him, since such a visit meant that he was astral travelling in that moment, perhaps wanting to prepare you for the opening that was coming….

and the lightning strike simply served to set your abilities loose in you so you would begin working with them… Yes, indeed you can gain strength, and so can your son… just keep exploring… meditate daily, read as much as you can, learn a tool like the Tarot to help you tap into your inner knowing… learn to connect with nature so you can pick up clues and insights from all around you… and trust what you know inside yourself.

Yes, these abilities can also go away – if you keep overlooking or denying them, or if you get scared by them, or life gets in the way… sometimes our psychic senses go dormant while we deal with some trauma in our personal lives… but typically they come back, when we’re ready and we need them.

First contacts with spirit are often indications of greater openings to come, as you have noticed… I recall several visits from my mother-in-law a few years after she had passed that preceded some very powerful psychic openings for me…. and in that same period, someone met up with a younger me at a bar several towns away… when I know I was at home with my son watching TV… I – or more like some spirit aspect of me gave him my phone number and he called me the next day…. shocked as I was that he couldn’t have met up with the real me… my only explanation was that I was going through a very stressful time in my life and my spirit decided it was time to get out and dance and laugh for a change…

Your grandfather was probably no more conscious of his visit with you than I was of my “outing” that night…

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  2. The very best of luck with your new blog : it looks quite impressive…I adore this drawing that was posted.
    Love and Peace

  3. Dear Global Psychics I just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world in your new venture. I predict only good things are ahead for all of you. I will send all my friends to you for readings.
    Dr Stephanie Earhart Ph.D.

  4. Years ago I was working the graveyard shift as a security guard near Tucson, at a very “high priced” housing development. It had a controlled entrance with a guard shack. It was about 0230 and all the homeowners were in. It was a warm night so I had the door open for the breeze. I was reading “Cosmic Consciousness” with my feet up on the counter. I starting smelling a strong odor and felt someone watching me. I looked at the door and there was this very big, beautiful wolf looking at me. His eyes were penetrating and seemed to just see right through me. I said hello and asked him how he was doing this evening. I spoke some more with him and he ended up laying at the door listening to me read out loud to him. After about an hour he said good bye and left. It was a very interesting visit. I still feel a connection with him.

  5. Hi! My name’s Julie. I’ve been blessed as have you with many abilities. I’ve given spiritual guidance my entire life just dont know how to go further with it. I started doing this at age 3. I also predict earthquakes but way of debilitating headaches. I own a small cleaning business and channel at the same time. I guess it just happens where ever I go lol. My children have the same gifts but each with their own twists. started to read your article but I’m in too much pain lol. I too suffer from this. There’s a Huge one coming. Probably right around Easter. I’d live to talk with you about this if thats possible. Its jot so much that I want to make money out of it as it is that its what I do the best. I become almost dyslexic from the pain of these headaches. I’m a veteran and its even in my medical records lol. Anyways. If you like… please email me.
    Be blessed.
    just me..
    Julie Aponte
    Your friendly neighborhood VisionAngel

  6. I have had a problem for about 3 years where I've started hearing people's thoughts randomly, then I had lucid dreams. when the guy I dreamed about noticed it and spread about what happened. since then people and strangers started knowing about it and started talking to me all the time. and some are bullying me right now every day and I can't stop it. I can hear them all the time and feel when they are thinking about touching me. 



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