How can spirits that have passed on in another state and  town, communicate with us so easily? Do spirits travel around the  country, or do we communicate by telepathy? Brenda

We are all spirits on the inside whether we are physically alive or dead. And we are all connected with each other regardless of distance, or level of existence. On the highest level of spirituality, the level of unconditional love, we are all one being with no separation and no time or space.  When we’re not in touch with this highest level, inside us, there is a, seemingly multidimensional existence, one of which is this earthly level in which we reside, where everything SEEMS separate.  But really is not. This is why telepathy and other forms of communication can happen with all spirits regardless of time, distance, or level of existence. Ponder that for a while!  Love, Rhonda

Spirits can communicate with us through our 5 inner senses:
Clairvoyant  –clear inner seeing
clairaudience—clear inner hearing
clairsentience—clear inner feeling
clairolfactory –clear inner
clairgustance— clear inner taste
We develop these inner senses through meditation. And Since the “Spirits” are in another dimension  they transcend time and space. Maryann

Spirit is limitless, so Spirit knows no limitations regarding geography or chronology. Anything can happen at any time regarding Spirit, so it behooves us to be in the “here” and the “now,” no matter where the here and now is for any of us, or whatever time Spirit moves us.

I’d suggest trying to be in the here and now no matter where you are, or what time it is – it all happens in the moment – and everything is possible in the here and now.
Peace, Phil

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My friend past away April 21,2007. He was only a sophmore in highschool and we met in school in junior high. After he past away i became close with his brother and best friend  who I recently started having feelings for. In my dream last night my step dad and I were in the car on the way to my friend’s house. even though he lives right up the street. I had fallen asleep and had a dream in my dream while I was on my wway to Kevin’s house that instead of my step dad driving me the boy who past away was driving me. We were talking as if it was nothing and he was telling me to give Kevin time and to take care of his brother and his friend for him. I told him I was and he said he knew because he was watching. My question is was i really talking to himand is this the only way i can talk to him if he crossed over? Ritz

It has been my experience that communication with the deceased occurs in many ways, one of which is dreams, whether they have entered the light or stayed earthbound as a ghost. Your dreams can have multi meanings. But I feel that in this dream the most important meaning was one of authentic communication with your friend who died. Trust what you said to each other as real. I would recommend that you not specifically TRY to communicate with him for a while. The fact that he was driving your car (attempting to control you), and that you fell asleep in the dream to have a dream within a dream, concerns me that, he may not have felt free to move into the light, when he died. If you do have further communication with him, in a dream or otherwise, encourage him to go toward the light, and promise to talk with him later after he’s taken care of his own transition. Souls do sometimes try to take care of any unfinished business through others, before they go. You need to release him with your love and blessing. Also pray to the Archangel Michael and ask him to help Kevin into the light. If you need further help with this process, call for a phone session. Good luck.  Sincerely Love, Rhonda

Since  when  we are asleep and “dreaming” we experience a different level of brain activity. Our conscience mind is at rest we are able to access other dimensions. At this time as well as through Meditation.

This is the time that you are most likely to receive messages from Kevin. Some interesting reading for you might be “We don’t die” By George Anderson. Also Books about psychic development may interest you. Maryann

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  1. Hello in my own personal opinion spirit have no time limits at all, actually time doesn’t exist in the spiritual plane. My views on how do spirit communicate with us through different countries etc is, if we are open to receive and spirit do want us to know they are around it doesn’t matter whether we are here, there or anywhere infact spirit can come to us at anytime, any place, even via dreams spirit tend to come to us and give us messages as i also get that a lot too. I have found as i work with spirit a lot and have done for many, many years that even as i unfortunately lost 2 babies through a miscarrage and have moved home, and we are honoured and privalaged to have our little boy and little girl to be with us, even through our move of home. Having contact with spirit to me is truly a blessing and very, very special. Hope this also helps you, blessings,

    Love & Light xxxx Karen xxx

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