Have you ever heard your name being called, but no one is there? Or a knock on the door, or the window, but, again, no one is there? Some would say that these are natural occurrences, the brain relaxing, clearing or some such, but I am more inclined to think these are paranormal activities… when I hear my name called, I listen carefully to hear the voice – often it’s a voice I will recognize, my father or grandmother or some other relative who has passed over… I will ask if they have a message for me, or if I can help them in some way… sometimes they have a message they want passed on, sometimes they just want to remind me that I am loved… whatever the case, I pay attention… often these calls are spirit’s way of putting us on the alert, telling us to notice what’s going on around us, something may be amiss, or a pleasant surprise may be on the way. . I have a similar reaction to a knock on the door or hearing the doorbell when no one is there… for me, this is another way of spirit calling – a polite spirit, asking to be invited in… in this case, I will tell them they are welcome to leave their message, but then they must leave… However, three knocks on the door or window is a different story – there is an old Celtic superstition – which many will validate – that three knocks signals an impending death. Whatever the case, spirit usually has a reason for calling on us.
My home that I currently live in has always had activity. I believe there is a possible portal in my flower room ( Im an event/wedding planner and do floral designs) formerly my dinning room. With so many different incidents from seeing a tall dark figure,to hearing a child call my name and say mom. There is one incident I will never forget. A couple of years ago during Christmas in my room it felt very heavy as if someone was watching me. My husband and I would hear noises from the christmas rapping paper crinkling to items on my night stand moving. To hearing someone walking past the foot of our bed. One night I left a few Oreo cookies wrapped up on my night stand and right as we got into bed and turned the lights out, I could hear the wrapper making noise. I turned the lights on and the Oreo cookies had been opened. Later that early morning as I was sleeping I could feel someone or something telling me to wake up. As I woke up I was completely taken back by a little girl who had blonde hair between 7-9 years old wearing a long white gown, I could see standing next to my bed. If I put my arm out I could touch her that is how close she was. I was so startled I started scooting to my husbands side saying his name and to wake up. Once the little girl spirit noticed I was startled she began to disappear into a skeleton figure then gone. When my husband woke up I was so shaken up I told him what happened. Unbeknownst to me he told me he had seen the little girl floating above my head the other night but he thought he was dreaming. As I lay back down something is telling me to look on the floor. When I moved a pillow over I could see a child’s footprint. It was pretty imbedded in the carpet, very small and seemed as if looked like her foot print was boney. I took a picture of it to always remember this. I never saw her again after that. However on occasion I can still hear a child’s voice call out to me and say mom. Thank you for allowing me to share my story. Bri
 What an interesting story…  my first instinct was that there was a past life connection here… while I am not so sure about the portal in your flower room, I feel that it was your work with flowers in that room that attracted this little lost soul…especially if this is an old house… however that doesn’t need to be the case… you might find it interesting to look into the history of that area…. if there has been a trauma, a sudden death or some disaster in the area, this little one may have been floating around looking for her mother – you may have been her mom, or may look like her mother, perhaps her mother had a beautiful garden and cut flowers from it some time long ago…
Next time you hear her call, (or any time you think of her) send her love, and tell her to look for the light, to follow the light, it will take her to her Mom… and then call on her guides and angels – as well as your own – to help her find her way home.
I would also say that you have some ability as a medium, if you haven’t already, I urge you to learn more about connecting with spirit and how you can develop your abilities.
Thanks so much for sharing this story! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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