Making predictions is a natural part of our existence as humans. In our early history, we read the weather, the clouds, and all of the natural elements around us to know when we should plant, or protect ourselves from the storms. As we evolved, we learned to predict events based on the movements of the sun, moon and stars, and the art or science of astrology was birthed. In more recent years, we use numbers – statistics – to predict the outcome of many events – pollsters and statisticians have taken the art of predicting to an entirely different level.

As psychics, it is our job to make predictions. We are asked, called even, to observe and report on the energetic patterns we see at work around us and what the likely outcomes of the current movement will be… these observations – like all predictions, prophecies and simple psychic readings are about providing information that can help us to make better decisions.

Making predictions is not a simple process however.  We use a lot of different tools to make predictions – the Tarot, astrology, the numbers around an event or person. But then we must also read the energy to see how and where it is flowing. This makes it possible to predict trends and possible outcomes.

I look for the “sparkle” when I am making a prediction or asking for direction. Over the years, I have noticed how images will jump put at me with a kind of sparkle and these sparks have meaning. The best way to describe what I mean is to imagine yourself coming to a fork in the road. The “right” path for you to take will show itself to you if you allow yourself to gaze down each path without focusing on anything… as you do this, you will notice that one path seems brighter, elements may sparkle at you as your eyes take in the view.  This is the way the best route shows itself to you.

I first noticed this phenomenon many years ago when I was checking accounting spreadsheets for errors. I could find the error easily if I just allowed my eyes to scan the document without taking in any specific parts of it. It would sparkle for me.

When I make our annual predictions, I will spin the globe and when it stops, I will look at where it sparkles.

You don’t need to be a psychic to look ahead… look for that sparkle, the next time you need to make a prediction. When you must make a choice, see which one shimmers and glimmers for you… I can predict that the one that is sparkling is probably the best choice.

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