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So Many Gifted Kids!

I have been feeling a significant increase in the volume of inquiries from psychic kids and the adults around them, but it became obvious when I checked our files for material on psychic kids.  I found all of the letters and responses posted today had come in just in the past few months.  Perhaps it is just that we are learning to be more aware, perhaps it is because our children now have much greater access to information and resources, but it is also that so many of today’s children are far more connected, tuned in and enabled than we were.

I use the word “enabled” as opposed to “gifted” for a good reason.

I think it is important to understand that there is a new breed on the planet today… calling them gifted somehow separates them and puts their “gifts” on a kind of pedestal, something not accessible to everyone.  I prefer to call them abilities, to reinforce the fact that these abilities, while special in today’s society, are quite natural and normal.  And these abilities will become the norm in the years to come as these children grow and mature and have their own ‘enabled” children.

It will be very interesting to see how these kids will change the world over the next decades.  Here is a sampling of things to come and what these kids may have to offer…

Gifted Kids Challenge Us to be Open-Minded

Hello, I am thirteen and have had numerous psychic experiences. I am able to see exact things from the future in my dreams, I can predict things that are going to happen before they happen. This is a  very helpful gift but it worries me, that seeing these things isn’t normal. No one in my family knows about my gifts, they aren’t very open minded to things like this and it would be very uncomfortable to try to explain it to them. The only person that I know personally is a friend of mine who is open to almost anything (so long as it is not morally incorrect) the only problem is that she knows about as much about it as I do (so not alot).

My gifts started to appear when I was about four and ever since then have been growing stronger. I feel like keeping all the information I see locked up inside is eventually going to drive me mad. So I have turned to people who have a lot of the same experiences as me to help me cope. People say that this is a hard stage in life to go through, now I have to go through it with all this extra stuff in my head. I’m lost, what should I do? Why do I have these visions, I didn’t ask for them. What does it mean to be an Indigo or crystaline child. I am open to any answers as long as they will help me. And one final question, how do I use my gift to help people? I feel that I was given this gift for a reason, please help me find it. Thank you. sincerely,  Stephanie

You write a very articulate letter which leads me to believe you think clearly and can express yourself well.  This will be very helpful in using your gift.  I have every confidence you are going to be fine.

A lot of young people are experiencing what you are.  This is a time when people like yourself have come into existence to bring the world into a place of peace and harmony, love and truth.  You are already on your way.

The way to help people is to think how you would want to be helped.  If you see something in the future, you have the power to affect what you see to a certain degree.  If you see someone making a bad choice, you can advise them about it.  Of course, that can be tricky.  Sometimes you can do something, even pray, for a different outcome.

Also, I think you are choosing good friends.  I like this: “so long as it is not morally incorrect”–that shows character.  That is an important element in living a life of hope, peace, love, etc.

Hopefully you will avail yourself the abundant information on the Global Psychics site.  700 pages!  Any other questions you don’t find answered there we will gladly answer or attempt to find the answer.  You might also think of hooking up on our community at

Hang in there, kiddo.  You are doing great and I am proud of you! *wink* LoLove, Teresa

One of my co-workers has a young son who is 4 years old. He sees dead people and is also a little intuitive. I think she is definitely freaked out by this and doesn’t know quite how to handle what her son sees and experiences. One day he told his mom that he saw his pre-school teacher’s husband in his dream and the next day the husband died. He sees a man and a child in the bathroom of their house and is afraid to go in there alone, at night. Just the other night she turned  off the light after he was finished in the room only to have it turned back on…this happened a few times.

This year, they purchased a brand new Christmas Tree since their old one was over 20 years old. Her son’s were allowed to hang their ornaments that have their names on them. Two  days ago the younger boy was fighting with his brother because he thought his brother moved his ornament so she scolded the boys and told them not to touch the tree again. They came home the next day and all of the onraments were moved toward the bottom of the tree. My co-worker said she did not put any ornaments near the bottom because she was afraid thir cat would knock them off of the tree. Later that evening her son told her there was a little boy in the tree. Thinking he was talking about one ornament in particular which has a little boy on it she kept brushing him off since she was busy trying to get dinner on the table.  He kept insisting there was a little boy in the tree but she didn’t want to hear it.  At the end of the exchange he stomped off to his room screaming she never listens to him. That night, she and her husband along with the cat and dog were sitting on the couch. No one was near the Christmas Tree. She heard what sounded like 4 snaps then the tree came crashing down.  When they inspected the tree to see what could have happned she said it looked like the branches were bent in the shape of foot prints as if someone had tried to climb the tree. I try to encourage her to listen to her son and to read up on mediums and anything else she can get her hands on but I think she’s afraid. She is spiritual herself in that she does like to meditate for a few minutes and draw intuition cards to get a reading on her own life daily but I can’t understand why she can’t see that her own son is also spiritualy intune. Any advice for parents who don’t know where to begin helping their children? Lori

One book I have read in particular might help your friend.  It is by Lin Northup and is called Wisdom’s Children.  I suspect there are other books out there.  In this one she relates to parents of Indigo and Crystal children, etc. hoping to help them accept and encourage what is happening to and with their children.  She was a teacher, if I remember correctly (it’s been a while since I read it).

I know there are things I wish I had done when my children and grandchildren were still that age.  They are so open to spiritual things …and, I believe…their own past lives.  One granddaughter asked me when she was that small if I remembered when she was old and I was young.  I didn’t know the right questions to ask.  I just asked if she was Granny (my husband’s grandmother).

But encouraging these gifts  is so important, as I suspect you believe, also.

If your friend is into intuitive cards I wonder if she would do them with her boys–if she doesn’t already.  I have found my granddaughters love choosing tarot cards.  One in particular helped the youngest when she was 6 to realize she had the gift of making it rain.  She had thought until she drew these cards it was her sister’s doing only.  This could be a good way for your friend to communicate with her son…using the cards she pulls for herself.

I hope she will listen and look for things to help her.  Fear is generally just of the unknown.  She may become more comfortable by learning things herself.  There is probably some good stuff on this site, as well.

Good luck and let us know how it goes. LoLove, Teresa

Thank you for your letter and the important question it brings up.  Children under the age of six are pretty much automatically psychic.  They have not been inundated with our earthly plane, and see things more in spirit than the rest of us. Some people manage to maintain this level of perception into their adulthood, but this is extremely rare.  Your friend’s son is seeing spirits/ghosts, whatever.  There is no doubt of that.  She should listen to her son.

Tell her to view the movie, “The Sixth Sense” with Bruce Willis again.  That may help her out a bit.  It is a shame that we do not listen to our children at preschool ages.  They are so pure and innocent and really do see things the way they really are.  As we grow older and indoctrinated with religion and what passes for education, we quickly lose sight of the true magic of life.  There are whole worlds around us happening all the time, but few of us choose to see it. The little children see; we do not.  I thank my mother for not discouraging my visions as a small child.  I never lost “my sight” as a result.  Keep us posted.  Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

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