By the Celebrities Psychic, Nancy Bradley

There is a beautiful continuation of love and sex between those who have loved on this planet, and those that have since passed to the other side. Love never dies, and neither does sex, unless you allow it. Basically it does not have to, but so many people simply don’t know that and give up once their love partner has passed.

I have a client by the first name of Janice. Her long time partner and husband James died several years ago. In life they had an active sex life even into their 60’s. When he passed, as the love of her life, she not only missed him socially, romantically, and as her partner, but sexually as well. During a Reading I was able to access his energy and bring him back to her. That night they experienced the beautiful sex they had always enjoyed when he was on the planet, if not even better. She was so grateful.

The coupling of people, one living on this or any other planet and one on the other side is very beautiful, but I also want to explain to you what sex looks like when two people, BOTH deceased, enjoy it. It is quite lovely.

Because there are no bodies involved, imagine two jellyfish in the ocean floating endlessly, carelessly, fluid. It is much like that for spirits having sex. One comes to the other, and they entwine, actually going through each others energy. When the deceased choose to take on their body image it becomes more structured more like sex is here when alive.

But back to sex with one partner alive, and one deceased. The word needed is ACCEPTANCE. If the live person allows themselves to be relaxed, open to the possibility, and willing to accept, the partner on the other side will accommodate. Love has no time or space, and generally when a person does not find pleasure from a deceased partner it becomes the fault of the one still living. And, it is equally important to tell your deceased partner when you will be available for such interaction, and call them to you. Sometimes it becomes a waiting game when fear of the unknown is associated for the living partner, or to a non-believer.

But once the bonds of worry, fear and sorrow have left, sex with the deceased partner can become commonplace if you both wish it to. During this process you may find yourself floating above your body with the deceased partner, going to a wonderful world the deceased partner now lives in being opened up for you to see. And, it is always the person living that has the control to stop the process at any point if they feel the need to. Never have I personally seen anyone in this interaction not come back to the planet. Remember, as a person with a body there is gravity that has control, and you will eventually come back to earth.

There are many cases on my file of living people who believe they have been taken sexually by someone they were not wishing to have that type of connect with. To understand, you, the living, have to be open to allowing wrong partnering for it to happen. Often also, I have seen people looking for attention that will insist this has happened. So to cure any worries of this type, your mind and emotions control who you allow into your body for sexual (or any) purposes. If you do not want to couple with someone, you simply send them away you are the one with the earthly power and energy to do this. You absolutely cannot be raped by a spirit it is THOSE THAT ARE ALIVE that have the complete control. Keep high energy as your goal. I have these cases backed by psychiatrists, doctors, and other professionals not of my field, and the majority of people that state they were raped by a spirit are off balanced and in need of medication, simply looking for attention, or misguided when something completely other is causing them this fear. This is my experience, others may feel differently.

In case you wondered, same sex partnering is equally available on the other side. To the Universe love is what it is. There are no boundaries as to who you can love on a sexual level on the other side. Bigotry only exists for those misinformed here on earth. Love well transcends planetary influences and goes right to honesty, love, and resolve when passing. I have seen many gay people who rejected the person they really loved while on earth, only to be comfortable with same sex exchange once one or both are on the other side. Why? Again, there is no prejudice involved, no man made deception as to who you can love.

Love is all powerful. Love has no time restraint or boundaries. Love never dies. Whatever enjoyment you loved with your sexual partner on earth is still available after their earthly death. And, interestingly, I have seen people who had to make choices here on earth to choose one partner over another when they clearly loved more than one. If that is your situation, remember again that there is no jealousy on the other side. You are free to enjoy sex with whomever you wish as long as both parties are wishing it.

Nancy Bradley “The Queen Of Sacramento Ghost Investigations” is one of those that faces these many real haunting’s straight on. 

NANCY BRADLEY is the foremost psychic of our time.  Considered one of only twelve real psychics in the U.S., and one of only two recognized in the state of California, this is her seventeenth year as consecutively being noted as one of the TOP TEN PSYCHICS IN THE WORLD.  NANCY maintains the highest accuracy and integrity in the business.

 NANCY runs TRUTH CENTER, and is the wife of ROBERT REPPERT who is the founder of GOLD RUSH GHOSTS PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS.   NANCY is happy to come along on investigations, but prefers to participate only after ROBERT and his CREW OF EXPERTS have completed a first initial investigation which confirms the existence of ghosts/spirits/ UFO or other paranormal activity.  She will then identify the activity that is present, and give you the names of the deceased that are there.  She will let you know their association with the place or establishment being haunted.   NANCY is willing to communicate with the deceased, and if you wish, to remove any energy that is around that you are not comfortable with.

 Other than her work in identifying unexplainable activity through GOLD RUSH GHOSTS, BRADLEY is often seen nationally on television and heard on national radio programs.  She has two of her own TV shows in California as well, and is on the Travel Channel’s Haunted Hotel Series.  She conducts READINGS and EMPOWERMENT LIFE COACHING in her office and on the phone, teaches FRIDAY’S WITH NANCY Psychic Development Classes in her large classroom and Placerville, California, and is on the talk circuit continuously.  More about the renowned psychic NANCY BRADLEY can be obtained through her WEB at: http://http://WWW.NANCYBRADLEY.ORG.

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