Over the years, we have had a number of clients contact us about how some renovation or change in their home seemed to release some challenging spirit energy that appears to be rather negative.  In most cases, a cleansing is necessary to clear the area, but these visitations can be purposeful. It is useful to say prayers and light candles for these restless souls, to call on your angels and guides as well as theirs to help these souls back to their right “homes”… and then to look within, to notice the places where you may be angry or in fear around the project you have undertaken, or are repressing some anxiety in relationships, work or finances. Usually. once we address the personal issues that have been dragging our energy down, we can clear the negative energy that has attached itself around us.
The situation is that my husband and I lived in a house (80+ years old) for about 8 years.  3 years ago we tore the house down and built a new home.  Starting the week we dismantled the inside of the house, and continuing through until now, we have had 3 years of “bad luck”.  We have had many things go wrong with our new home (more than would seem normal), and many significant challenges in our personal lives.  It feels like some black cloud moved over us when we started this house tear down and rebuild.Do you have any thoughts on what might be going on?  Is there something you would be able to suggest or do to help us?  Jo says you no longer live in Toronto, so if you are not able to assist us, do you know someone who might be able to? Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Cathy

When they took down the old house they released a LOT of residual Spiritual energy and spirits that had been very happy and content up till that point.  They’ve stirred the pot, as it were.  We did the same thing here at our house and my folks did it when I was very young. A good cleansing is in order, along with a ritual to sooth and/or release those energies. Kimbah

Spirit does show a heavy darkness over the house, spirit shows a door.  Spirit says “jack”  or sounds like “Shock” must go through the door.  I feel there are three spirits there, one of whom refuses to cross over.   He is planted there, and is quite disturbed by the activity and dismantling of the home, and has created a negative aura that sits there and clings to them, and negative attracts negative  However he is not responsible for all the “bad luck”  or challenges. If you cannot find someone to do a house cleansing you can try this prayer and you must believe it and hold faith to it.  
Light 3 white candles in center of the ground floor of the home and repeat this prayer 3 times, First thing in the morning just after daybreak or as sun is rising with your partner facing the sun , take a few deep breaths and say this prayer:  
.“Lord we ask that you direct all entities here that are not of the brightest part of the light and not part the divine plan, that they are not welcome and ordered to leave now” 
Repeat the prayer three times and then blow out the candles. There should be signs and a different feeling that day.  However if it continues you will need a professional house cleansing. Peace and joy, Anthony
Yes, there is a lot going on here, and this energy respond to the lower vibrations…you will need to work at clearing and facing your fears, angers resentment… especially anything associated with the rebuilding…notice what is going on for you emotionally, and really work on keeping a positive, affirming attitude. I want to recommend some very useful books to you – the Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy, Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn, and the Secret – also a movie, being promoted by Oprah these days, you can find it on the web… these books talk about the Law of Attraction and the
role our thoughts and feelings play in creating our circumstances in life… they will help you take your power back and will give you some tools to break through your fears… it is fear at the root of the hard times and the fact that the harder they get, the worse you start feeling about yourself…… it is important to understand these creation dynamics order to get things onto a smoother path,,,… learning to raise your vibrational frequency with joyful loving thoughts is one of the first steps you must take to be sure you can shift this pattern… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle
Thanks so much for your reply. I do understand what you are talking about and agree that I have built up a tremendous amount of resentment over the house which I know has been unhealthy.  I will definitely get started on those books. Thanks again. Cathy
Clear the resentment, forgive yourself and everyone else here and you’ll find things begin to calm down… magenta is the colour of forgiveness so wear this colour, keep it around you for the next while as a reminder that you are letting go… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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