Earthquakes may be a common occurrence in many parts of the world, but not here in Southern Ontario.  So when one struck last summer, we were all taken by surprise… and to my even greater surprise, I discovered that I am one of many “earth quake sensitives”.  Here is the note I wrote to the Global Psychics team about what I experienced, and Lisa’s response.  I’ll be interested in hearing if any of you have experienced some weird physical symptoms just prior to an earthquake.

A bit of panic in this part of the world because of a small earthquake that hit. north east of here.. I didn’t feel much of the trembling, didn’t seem to affect this area much, but I noticed this morning that my vision was blurry… I just got new glasses, so I thought it was just that I needed to adjust to them, but I am wondering if this was a physical reaction to the earth moving… anyone have any experience or knowledge on this one?

It’s interesting that you bring this up, because I too experienced something “odd.” The earthquake hit at 1:45 pm – about 15 minutes prior I started to get a darn headache again, so I went and laid down on the couch here to try and get rid of it. The tremors were felt here, but obviously not as drastic as in Toronto or Ottawa for example. The house vibrated slightly, and my windows started to rattle. Normally I pay no attention to the shaking of the house and rattling of the windows because whenever the logging trucks drive by that’s what happens. But … there were no trucks yesterday lol – the #2 machine at the mill was shut down for 24 hours for maintenance so they halted the loads. Anyways, at 2pm – my headache was gone – completely gone. So for 30 minutes, between 1:30 and 2 pm, I was experiencing a headache – just prior to, during, and just after the earthquake. My head has been fine since then lol.

I don’t know why we would experience anything physical like headaches or blurred vision like that, but it would be interesting to perhaps research other places that have had medium to large earthquakes (ours was a 5.5 – a medium one – by no means small – especially not when you see buildings swaying lol) – to find out if other folks have in fact experienced strange physical “side effects.” If anything, it would just prove that we are all connected on this earth and are all connected TO the earth.

To follow up – I just had to do a little bit of research on this and we are definitely not alone – apparently this happens quite frequently. Here is a passage I found on one website about how a lot of people are “earthquake sensitive”:

Earthquake sensitive humans may experience physical, random or monthly type hormonal, emotional, and brain activity related responses to those energy field fluctuations. Headaches are among the most common responses. Nausea and dizziness can occur. Some people may experience abrupt, strong, and temporary or even somewhat longer lasting mood swings. High or low frequency tones may be heard in one ear or the other or in both ears at the same time. Short duration muscle jolts are common. Physical pain or some other type of sensation in a hand or foot and in extreme cases actual physical injury can occur. Dreams may be influenced by those energy field fluctuations. Especially sensitive people may begin hearing voices or seeing ghostly images. I believe that some people might begin seeing auras of different colors surrounding other people.”

If you wish to read the entire article it can be found here: I Googled “feeling headache before earthquake” as well as “earthquake sensitive humans” and was given countless websites and links that discuss this phenomenon. Very interesting! Check it out, Lisa

  1. I experienced many mini ones in SC in North Charleston.
    Out West where the earth trembles near Yellow Stone, I became sick and nauseated. \
    I feel the earth rumbling and get dizzy, soon nausea sets in and within 24 hours there is a quake.

    I am a sensative. So I feel . I also have the five senses on other levels. Sometimes this is a blessing and sometimes I think not. I am learning acceptance. I do not fear anymore.

    At last I am now calling them “gifts”. I do believe the most important change will be one of increased awareness of a higher power and ours as well.

  2. Thank you for your comments.

  3. I discovered that I am an earthquake sensitive though my experience is different in that I do not get physically sick. I discovered my talent back in 1988 when there was an earthquake in Long Beach Ca and I was awoken by a deep moaning sound from within the earth, seconds later there was an earthquake. I mentioned this to my father who happened to be a geologist and he said there were people like myself with this ability. Needless to say, I left Ca.

  4. I have suffered with a head ache, and couldn’t sleep for a week ,Today there was a Earth Quake in Virginia , I live on the jersey shore and around 2:00 we were hit with a large tremor, and I’m still have nausea , and head ache, I hope this doesn’t mean there more to come,or it takes days for these symptoms to go away

  5. All day yesterday, Monday, I was in bed sleeping off a terrible headache. It actually woke me up the night before. I tried my usual “tricks” soda with caffine or french fries, neither worked as i was sick to my stomache with 1 sip and 1 bite, running to the bathroom. Laying down I was able to eat, drink all I wanted. I woke up this morning feeling better but still disorenated, kind of dizzy and just rather OFF!!! Within a minute of the 5.8 quake in VA today……..all dizzyness GONE, (I live on Long Isalnd & I deffinately felt the quake in my basement apartment of a concrete stone house) I was on the phone with my sister and she said the exact same thing!!! We both suffer from random migraines, usually from drastic weather changes. Like Colleen, I am still feeling slightly nauseated & Very hungry :(

  6. I’ve just been surfing around to find out if anyone else has experienced debilitation connected to earthquakes. I had a long day that was “just one damn thing after another” before and through the Virginia earthquake today (I am near DC). I kept going until about two hours after the quake when I began to feel ridiculously “out of gas.” I still am — sleepy, full of muscle aches and very hungry. I don’t usually become this useless even on a tough day — it actually felt like the momentum of having to get things done kept me going after I was ready to crash. It feels like someone pulled the plug.

  7. I live in the D.C. area. I started having headaches two days ago and experienced continuous and vivid dreams last night. About four hours before the 5.9 earthquake hit Virginia today and rocked the school where I worked, I began to experience strange, sickly symptoms. These symptoms included vertigo, anxiety and a debilitating feeling of fatigue. I thought I was going to have to go home sick, but I closed my eyes and forced myself to relax for a while until I felt a little better. After the earthquake, my headache returned and I still have a lingering feeling of slight queasiness as well as body aches.

  8. Since our earthquake yesterday I have had the weirdest feelings in my legs. It is a fast pulsing electrical felling that goes from my tail bone down my leg to the tips of my toes. Almost like when your limb falls asleep but not quite. It also causes a pressure kind of pain in my lower back. It had stopped but with each aftershock it starts up again and lasts a log time. It is not just a sensation, but when I feel the outside of my hip or, leg or fog, I can feel the fast throbbing as well. It is not my pulse. Very strange I know, but several of us here notice some irregularities so it is not in our heads.

  9. I live in australia a often feel a tremmor through out ny body to start with I thought it was an earthquake however we had not however late that day there had been one on the other side of the world I can now predict earthquakes through the muscle tremmors that i recieve.

    • Natalie
      I also live in Australia. In the last 3 weeks I have felt the south American & PNG earthquakes as they are happening. Each time I was sitting down and felt the earth and the building shake. I said to the people I was with did you feel that it was an earthquake and they looked at me strangely and said that nothing happened. I am turning 60 in a few days and wonder why I have just started feeling earthquakes that are a very long way from where I am living. I have also experienced more headaches than usual.

      • Hi Natalie and Jill,

        I am on the east coast NSW where we dont have any quakes. However i get dreadful panic attack and then I find there were quakes in PNG or Hawaii ortwhere in Sth America.  I have to work hard to overcome the dread and panic.

      • I have been "feeling "earthquakes for years. Today I predicted the quake in Chile.  I remember the panic I felt, knowing I couldn't warn everyone before the Big Bear/Landers quake in '92.  Friends thought I was crazy….I did too! I sometimes feel light headed, pressure on my brain. Other times I swear I felt the earth move and hours later, a huge one in Japan. Thank you,I'm ok now!

    • Hi sorry for the late reply but I also feel the same thing I’m always hearing the hum or low diesel type noise when I’m inside or out and before an earthquake I’ll get pressure build up in my head and strong tremors too or vibrations right before an earthquake

      We had one today in Anaheim, CA it’s now August 28 2018 we had a strong earthquake Befo re 8pm and I was calling down from a hard day than before the earthquake my anxiety was sky high too so weird anyway you may write to me anytime thanks for listening have. Good night

  10. I’m in NW Arkansas, and a short time ago tonight we felt the 5.6 earthquake centered in Oklahoma. About 10-15 minutes before it was felt here, I awakened feeling a strange nausea and feeling of brief dread – line I was about to cry – that subsided after 10 seconds or so. I had never had this odd and very intense feeling before. I didn’t connect this experience with the earthquake until I remembered having heard of “sensitives” that had similar symptoms prior to earthquakes. I Googled it, and after reading some of the research on this phenominum, I am pretty sure I had a “pre-earthquake” physical
    experience. Has anyone else had these types of sensations before a earthquake?

    • Hi my name is Jennifer its now August 28 2018 we had a strong earthquake in Anaheim,CA/USA before 8pm and my anxiety went sky high before the earthquake and I felt strong vibrations or jolts sometimes I’ll feel pressure build up and the La Habra earthquake I felt chest pains

  11. guess id be what they call a global one. no mtter where in the world. 4.5 or better leaves me incapacitated for the duration and i can’t function at all. too sore and one of my arm goes dead for a while……… i feel sorry for all those countries that have been hit with big ones over the last while. tho i reside in canada… those big ones left me sicker than a dog for a while. local quakes cause electrical charge feelings to run up and down my legs too.. :P can’t say as i like having my leg hairs at 90 degree angles when that happens…>.<

  12. since 2007 i get sick. nausea ringing in ears, vertigo, smell is killer, projectile vomiting, anxiety, blood pressure rises 10 points. i have to take ativan or meclazine, i get bad feelings, dreams, bad sleep. 3 days before an earthqake to 12 hours before. i was in the hospital before major ones have struck. i smell ozone in the air or smoke and hear strange moaning groaning sounds when its dead quiet. i went ot get tested and my hearing is extremely acute. anyone else have this? if this is a gift ill give it back it’s ruining my life plus allergies. and fibromyalgia.

  13. i live in Bangkok Thailand
    I felt dizzy like standing on mobilizing machine as NZ earthquake striked.
    a couple months later EQ in Japan, i could not stand up or walk as i felt like i was in washing machine .

    today is Friday 9 nov.2012 , still living in BKK
    i felt dizzy again as same as had stroken before in NZ 2011

  14. I had a headache for a week prior to the earthquake. The morning of the quake I awoke at 4am with a migraine. After the quake I’ve been sick to my stomach and had a racing heart. I feel horrible! I’m glad that I found this site because I thought it was just me. :)

  15. Quake was Confirmed size EQ 6.x M in MM, at 8.1x am (BKK time zone).

    I felt dizzy before quake strike, i try to obserbed how bad and how long of those headache and recorded the severity and places of those EQ.
    For me i could not catch Qaukes those 180 degree away from the country i live.

    I think may be mammal or human can sense Quake-wave before it strikes.

    I don’t anticipate this much because most people think this is a bullshit story.

  16. I had pre-EQ symptom before EQ strike one or two days earlier. But on the day strike the symptom disappeared
    Before Japan 3-11 EQ happened, the accumulated power of that quake had swung my head from time to time. One or two days before it stroke I could not stand up. Some commented may caused by inequilibrium of liquid in Cochler. However I don’t have that sickness in my life.

    After Jp-3-11EQ, there were a numbers of EQ hit in Asia, also I had pre-EQ symptoms about 1,2 days of those EQ hit. So I marked my day of Headache and EQs to observe the relationship.

    From my observation, I found that:
    1. The severe and prolonged of my headache or pre-symptom EQ are in relation to power and the distance of EQ away from I live.
    2. I had pre-EQ symptom before it hit, BUT the day it strike I do not have feeling.
    3. I live in BKK, THA. I could feel Pre-EQ mostly those hit in ASIAN countries but not those of in America or Latin America.
    4. The Pre-EQ symptom cannot predict the specific place and definite time of EQ., but it may assume that there will have EQ strike soon.

    Hopefully, according to my observation may be benefit to those who study the animals-behavior in response to EQ.
    Thank you for the place to share my experience to you.
    …..EQ can cause death and damage, no matter how rich or how poor…

  17. Based on A, B, C, D …. Do you think there should be a possible outcome of the relationship to define the projection of place and time for next quake?

    A: Wave properties :
    • Amplitude: the height of the wave, measured in meters.
    • Wavelength: the distance between adjacent crests, measured in meters.
    • Period: the time it takes for one complete wave to pass a given point, measured in seconds.
    • Frequency: the number of complete waves that pass a point in one second, measured in inverse seconds, or Hertz (Hz).
    • Speed: the horizontal speed of a point on a wave as it propagates, measured in meters / second.
    Not all of these properties are independent; one has the relations
    • Period = 1 / frequency
    • Speed = wavelength / period = wavelength x frequency
    B: Based from experiment in the Physics classroom:
    Fork sound (The Y Shape instrument)
    When the Fork sound at the position A was hit, then the next sound at the position B, C, D were vibrating automatically and orderly.
    C: Major Quakes in 2010 then major Quake in 2011 hit and their powers were almost .
    D: Different types of animals, different frequencies of wave perceptions.

  18. Nov24, Time felt 1:15 pm BKK Time, Dizzy1, < l0mins
    My pre-symptom feeling forecast:
    Anywhere within Asia, Strength approximated 4-5.x R

  19. Nov25, Time felt 8:05pm BKK Time, Dizzy 1++ longer than10 mins
    The feeling forecast:
    Within Asia, Strength will be Harder than the previous approx, 6.X R

  20. I woke up thinking i was dreaming but the quake woke me up in england but the quake happened near africa ifound out later at work only then i realised i felt it

    • Hi Brendan
      I live in England and felt it to I asked every one if they they felt anything strange and no as usual it was just me and a couple of day,s later there had been another earth quake .

  21. I live in the uk and have had these strange feeling that the ground is moving under neat me which leaves me feeling dizzy and sick ,my ears and health are fine according to our doctors, every time this happens a couple of days later there is an earth quake some were in the world .I have felt this all my life and it scare,s me,but lately it is getting bad. My head ache,s are so strong ,I am even getting electric shocks when I touch things or people, my vision is affected also and my dreams are so vivid I know there is another on its way but big , Why I feel and know this is beyond me but I have never been wrong . I wish I had some sort of inner ear problem that would answer all my questions.

  22. Remark:
    Pls. ignore my above e-mail adds., whether send to or received from.
    I’ve been feeling quake almost everyday from the past 10 days till now, headache 2, longer than 5mins. Trace the forecast :
    The possible quake is accumulating its power. (6-7)
    This time might hit more than two areas, or
    The power should be stronger enough to destroy assets or lives, or
    The target should be close to BKK.

  23. I have been experiencing symtoms for almost 20 years. From ringing in the ears to head pressure, sinus pressure ( sudden opening and draining of sinuses ), nasuea, sudden body aches such as legs all of a sudden start throbbing. It all stems around earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. For some time i didn’t say anything to anyone because i was affraid of being labeled as nuts, lol. I sort of validated my symtoms by reading the Charlotte King affect. When i read it, i thought wow thats me to a tee. If you notice when quakes happen the animals act different. I feel we have the same senses but people dismiss them or don’t realiise they have them. I have told friends of mine when there might be an earthquake, and when it happens they are skeptical but open to the idea. I mostly pick up 5.0 and larger quakes. Within 24 to 72 hours of symtoms. My symtoms are different for different parts of the world. It is a blessing yet it is also a curse because of the ailments.

    • wow,know what you are saying

    • I get ear tones in my ears 24-48 hrs before decent sized earthquakes your not alone there will be a decent sized one any time now my ear rang Loud and long just the other day

  24. These are all symptoms of exposure to infrasound, which are formed during the processes inside the earth.

    Best Regards,
    SonoTube Team

  25. In Feb EQ strikes has recorded almost every single day…
    The animals’ behavior both sealand and inland may help us to warn us, especially,
    ….the evacuation of massive deep sea animals may telling us something….(what happened to their habitats ???)

    pls. trace them ..

  26. I get a sore joint leading up to anything over a 4 magnitude,Time of ChCh Nz 7.2 couldnt hardly walk,Now im so sensitive, anything 4mag or bigger i lose my balance..feeling as i have been or are on a boat at sea,kind of a motion sickness. last 24 hrs ive been getting that again except the sore joint,so be interesting over next day or two.

  27. serious warning earthquake power close to 8up or nz eq last 2 yrs, any hazadous project pls. use robot

    • unsure what you are trying to say,anyways joint very sore last 12hrs,so next 24 will be interesting

  28. I felt the earthquake in Costa Rica last night from Australia , I felt it strongly, this often happens to me I get jittery on my feet and feel strong waves rumbles even when sitting down I feel it

  29. Obj: To prove the human sensitive to earthquake really exists.

    Time of Observation: 2010-Apr2013

    Inspiration to writing: After the earthquake,the picture of the difficulties of the people who lost their lovers and pets inspired me to writing down the felt observation, results and the projection by felt.

    Test my blood pressure whether it is normal before observation to reduce false positive.

    mark down the timing and the level of pain of each felt to compare those to the level of the destructive power after the real eq. hit.

    Summary of the observations:
    1.the level of the eq-felt is positive correlation to the destructive power.
    2.the clearer and the frequency of the felt are positive correlation to the distance and the day of EQ strike.

    The disadvantages:
    It is the human felt, cannot automatically recorded or copied to other sources without notification from me.

  30. quake felt prolonged for several hours, forecasting,
    There should be possibly accumulating power of next quake, however, the severity should not exceed previous severe quake.

  31. There have been a series of earthquakes here in California today. I’ve been feeling extremely fatigued and had a headache for the last 3 days. In addition, I have felt pressure in my sinuses and ears during this time. During the 2 quakes (yesterday and today) that I felt, I was extremely dizzy. Now that I’ve seen this research, I feel comforted, as these illness symptoms are the strangest that I’ve experienced. They don’t match those of a normal cold. Nausea as well, but with no vomiting. I hope they disappear soon, as I feel exhausted.

  32. Last night I became very ill with little energy to even get off my couch. my husband was concerned I looked pale and ill. for about 20 minutes I sat agitated, nauseated and completely physically fatigued. It was then we were hit with a 5.9 earthquake. I often will have anxiety before an accident happens, but I have never experienced this feeling and then an earthquake..

  33. Like others here I am sensitive to Earthquakes, we are having a Speight of them in Central NZ right now, though I live 100kms away from the centre of them I feel the ones others don’t. my problem or “Gift” is sometimes known as ‘Micro shakes’ those Minor Earthquakes less than magnitude 3. My symptoms are Nausea, Dizziness, Migraines and general rush of anxiety all due to these Micro shakes. Which can last hours after they have subsided. Anyone else feel these types? the Minor ones and how common is it? would love to find reading material about this.

  34. Since I was in my young teens I have been “predicting” “sensing” earth quakes. Usually a few hours to a day in advance. It’s really weird. It’s like I just know. I don’t get sick. I just get this overwhelming feeling, sometimes when im awake and sometimes when I’m sleeping it’ll wake me up. I have a twin sister and I have told her about my earthwuale feeling and then next thing we know an earthquake happens the next day. It’s usually local earthquakes. Rarely a big one that’s far. I also had this feeling before 9/11 and I told my sister that something strange is going on with the numbers 9 and 11.

    I am by NO MEANS into crystal balls and ghosts or anything paranormal. I am a normal person who just gets these feelings.

    Any comments or anyone have this experience?


    • Yes Tiffanie…It’s happened to me 4 times. Once I believed it…I felt better.

  35. I am a 55 yr old woman who has lived threw 2 6.6 or higher earthquakes. My father thinks i’m earthquake sensitive…but I never believed him till the last one. In 1971 I lived in Canoga Park, Calif. and i was feeling scared all night till bedtime…my father calmed me and put us to bed. Next morning we had the San Fernando earthquake. Years later it was much sooner…I felt something strange and grabbed the counter and said real loud…EARTHQUAKE…and several seconds later it hit. The third was the strangest…it years later, I was married now with 2 children,was 11 PM at night when I got that really scared feeling again. I brushed it off for an hour till I finally went in and woke my husband…feeling kind of silly told him I was scared and wanted to check on our earthquake kit and the next day I went to the store and did just that. The next evening I still couldn’t sleep due to the fear…finally my husband came and made me go to bed at 2 AM. At 4:30 AM I was awakened to my husband shouting to me to get up, EARTHQUAKE. Still I brushed it off but moved away from earthquake territory. But on Aug. 5th of this year…19 years after the last husband came home from work at 5pm and within an hour I started feeling really strange…I told him I wasn’t feeling well and went for a nap. I woke up 2 hrs later and couldn’t put my finger on the feeling. At 10:30 PM I went outside for a smoke and finally realized what the feeling was and instantly texted all family as to what I thought was coming. Went to bed, woke up feeling fine and wanting to kick myself for sending such a text…my daughter called me 5 minutes later and said MOM…OMG you are so wierd and your feelings are still good cos there was an earthquake this morning. Thanx for listening…most people don’t believe.

  36. ever since we have had the big shake in canada, the energy has been horrible. you can feel it threw your body like buzzy weird sensations
    sometimes it feels like a pain/burn and sometimes its got a cold sensations. the house or area’s in the house get tight like there is alot of pressure almost like your head is getting squeezed ringing in your ears high and low sometimes 1 ear or 2 i also notice certain times of the day or certain days are better then others. its odd how it works sometimes the upstairs is really bad yet you go downstairs and you dont feel it. sometimes its the opposite, of that. some rooms you feel it more then others . it is like it comes up in pockets under the ground randomly. it sure makes you feel sick. i feel sorry for anyone that is dealing with this all my symptoms are dizzyness, headache/pressure in the head. burning/pain sensations in muscles/joints muscle twitches, mood swings sometimes getting really hot “like an inside fever” heart beat faster/harder.

  37. Felt weird, weak, and everything outside seemed like it was dreamy with the way it looked and felt. Was thinking I must be just unusually tired but it was a different kind of tired I felt that Monday(Oct.14)afternoon here in Manila. Next day a 7.2 hit Cebu although Manila was not affected at all by the quake.

    Glad to find this site knowing that there can be a possibility that what I felt was being sensitive to EQ’s.

  38. I live in New Zealand, Canterbury and have been here through all the EQ’s we have had in the past three years, roughly for about two weeks before the big Sept 2010 and Feb 2011 quakes, I suffered from intense headaches, I told my wife about it and she laughed at me :(. What just reminded me about this is that I have been having them again, for the last week or so, not that bad so wasnt too worried, but yip sure enough we just had a 4.4m. So I guess I am too, I didnt actually realise that there was so many people with the same kind of things happening to them. Nice to know your not alone :)

  39. Is it related to geomagnetic sensitivity? Magnetite in the body? Solar flares?

  40. I live in CA near Los Angeles county, and last night i had the worse sleep ever! I’m talking about tossing and turning And waking up about every 20 mins even after I took some NYQUIL! I tried falling asleep for 2 1/2 hours but I just couldnt without waking up every 20 mins or so feeling my heart beat going really fast and felt like i wasnt breathing normally the little feeling went away after a couple seconds and i went back to sleep finally….NOT!!!!!! I woke up again about 25 minutes after and grabbed my phone looked at the time and it was 2:00 AM. I set my phone back down counted in my head making myself atleast rest my eyes since i had to wake up at 5:30 AM for work. Im assuming i fell asleep and i didnt realize it till i woke up at 6:02 AM LATE for work of course! So it was finally lunch break when one of co workers mentions there was a tiny earthquake around 1:25 AM & I did NOT feel any earthquake!!!! I then remembered last year we had a tiny earthquake around 3:30 AM and recalled that, that was a night of bad sleep also!!! These little thoughts began to run in my mind thinking maybe it was just a coincidence i was tossing and turning the nights a little earthquake striked here in caifornia, till i read some of these people’s experiences I dont feel like im crazy thinking that my bad night of sleep was because i was experiencing earthquake sensitivity. Lol so as im typing this Im thinking to myself that hopefully there is no earthquake whatsoever tonight because once again im laying here hoping I get a better 5 hour sleep since I havent been able to fall asleep already :( i I would never have thought a sense like this could be possible and now that ive came accross other people’s experiences and found out many other people experience this too made me be so interested in this strange sense.

  41. So apparently there was another tiny earthquake this morning and I didnt feel it Again !

  42. Last nights SC earthquake felt in our house in Georgia was 4.1. Just prior to the quake I told my husband I was nauseous and a little light headed. Within 10 minutes the quake rumbled the house. The sick feeling went away as soon as the house stopped rumbling!!! Very weird!’n

  43. I have been in extreme pain and very bad anxiety for about a week and last night we had a 4.1 earthquake in South Carolina.

  44. This past Friday, Feb. 14, 2013, my left leg started to ache really bad. I have had issues like this when a strong weather front was coming in, but here is Northeast Georgia, we had just gotten pounded with the worst snow and ice storm that I can remember, and that day it was raining already. So I made the comment to my husband that I didn’t know why my leg was hurting since all of our weird weather fronts had come through already. Then, the earthquake hit SC and we felt it at our home! Well, today is Sunday, Feb. 16. My leg had hurt all day again today. I made a joke to my husband and mother-in-law saying, “I keep waiting on an aftershock from the earthquake”. At 3:23 pm it hit! I knew my leg was sensitive to weather. Never did I ever think I would be sensitive to natural disasters as well!

  45. Good Night. i feel symptoms to. i feel like an electrical energy that runs through my feet, and it does this the night before an earthquake, ill be lying in bed and ill feel the tingling in my feet and the feeling sometime last longer then others. and ive noticed when it last longer the earthquake is actually longer. i had one last night that was a short one then this morning their was one in L.A. i had told my husband about this in the past but he just ignored it and said Oh now you predict earthquakes too. So i just stopped telling him but it happens every single time their is an earthquake. I have also been able to tell someone when a near relative or someone they know is going to pass away. I believe in God and im a christian and when God tells me to talk to that person about what is going to happend i do. but now its the earthquake thing and im glad to have found someone else who is feeling this to. God Bless you all.

  46. I have been feeling nausea for like a month, moody, angry, extremely tired. March 27th I felt off balance till the earthquake hit March 28th that night. I still feel a little bit off balance and still a little nausea. I knew that the full moon and high tides affected me and now I know earthquakes do to. Wow…amazing.

  47. I have lived in California for the last 25 years, and as a kid I never felt anything before or after an earthquake. Now that I am older I tend to feel ill before any major earthquake. The last three noticeable ones I destinctly remember feeling naseaus and irritable a good hour before they hit. What’s even weirder is that my 2 year old son started vomiting 30 minutes before this last 5.1 hit in La Habra. He felt a lot better after the quake, he was fine all day and had no temperature. Could be a coincidence or might have been directly linked to this earthquake. I’m going to pay close attention to him and myself whenever the next one chooses to hit…Stay safe and be prepared everyone!

    • The vomiting and nausea are associated with motion sickness because of the ground moving well before it actually reaches the surface of the crust where physical shaking of buildings and what not occurs. I experienced the same thing about 24 hours before the earthquake on the east coast.

  48. I seem to get migraines about 24 hours before an earthquake happens. I never noticed it until my friend noticed the possible correlation. Every time I told her I had a migraine, there was a reported an earthquake of 5 or 6 or more magnitude about 24 hours later.

    The first time we noticed it was before the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch. We were in Wellington. I felt off, moody, migraine, nauseous, and restless, but I needed to go to bed. The earthquake happened about 24 hours later. Since then I have been noticing a correlation.

    I visited a certain building in Nicaragua 2 years in a row. Both times, I felt physically sick while I was there. To the point that I had to call a cab and leave early. I later found out that it is built on an earthquake fault.

  49. I’m glad there are others who can sense the oncoming of earthquakes as I can too. It feels like my head is inside a balloon and the atmosphere feels still, I get exteme fatigue where my body sleeps all day. My mind can’t think straight and I feel off balance.

  50. I have recently noticed that I am extremely sensitive to earthquakes. I always feel like crap, suffer with fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraines, and many allergies. This has been going on for years. A few months ago, I noticed what felt like my bed shaking. I wrote it off to the house settling or whatever. Then out of nowhere a sharp jolt of my foot started happening. I was on Twitter one of the times, and a guy said there was just an earthquake in Southern Ca. (I live in Central Ca)Now every time this happens, I quickly look online to see if there was an earthquake. The one that freaked me out, was when I experienced a very strong jolt, looked online, and didn’t see any activity except there was a good sized quake in Chile that had just happened! Then a few weeks later, same thing happened in Solomon Islands (except I felt tremor 15 minutes later) It sounds kooky but I really believe it’s possible, especially considering how sensitive I am- lol feeling earthquakes across the earth here! :O I guess I have a talent after all :/

  51. Wow after reading this article and another I realize I have a name to what I experience. My symptoms in which I experience are a feeling of dread, panic, dizziness, as if I am experiencing actual earthquakewhen one has not occurred. I make sure to tell someone when I have this feeling so that way when an actual earthquake occurs they will know I was not just making it up. Last month while watching a movie at the theater, I leaned over and told my friend that there was hoing to be an earthquake…and when I got home and checked my Facebook…there had been an earthquake in LA California (I live in central Valley) around that exact time I told my friend of my prediction.

  52. 24-36 hours before the earthquake on the east coast in 2011, I started to feel nauseous and I couldn’t figure out why. I knew it was nothing I had eaten or anything of that nature. Then one morning I woke up and that nausea was so bad that that I had to run to the bathroom and felt the overwhelming need to throw-up. Intuition kicked in and all I could think about was the movie Phenomenon with John Travolta. There was one part of the movie where he’s standing in a wooded area and says “Did you feel that?…There’s going to be an earthquake…” And for whatever reason I could not get this movie out of my head…Two hours later the earthquake hit (I was living in the panhandle of West Virginia at the time)….I realized what I was experiencing was motion sickness 1-2 days before the actual earthquake itself. I live in Kansas now and have occasionally been experiencing the same thing, which may have to do with the smaller, constant earthquakes near Stillwater, Oklahoma and a couple in southern Kansas.

  53. About 2 hrs before the 8/24/14 earthquake in Napa California I was awakened from a dead sleep and could not exhale and seriously thought I was going to die. Couldnt cough couldnt burp couldnt vomit. Felt very nauseous and then found out at 6am there was an eathquake. I live about 12 hrs north of the area in Portland Oregon. Could this have been caused by the earthquake?

  54. I have noticed a low frequency tone in my right ear, there has been quite a bit of activity in my area. It sounds like a vibration sensation and it is annoying but it goes away when the activity slows or stops.

  55. September 1 2014 my ears were ringing real bad so was my mate next door ,maybe big quake coming,, PS’ dreamed of nukes going off”’most likely a false flag event too happen real soon ,and blamed on Isis or some other USA Israel zionest funded freaks

  56. I don’t know how I ended up on this sight but this is freaky. I noticed I felt really sick {dizzy, nauseous, weak} on the evening of the 24th so much so that my wife had to drive me home. Then on the 25th around 1 CST I felt extremely dizzy and nauseous I pulled off to the side of the road, drank some water checked my blood sugar{normal} and after about 2 mins it passed. Well I get back to the office and I am reading the news and read that there was a big earthquake in Alaska at around the same time. This is not the first time this has happened but I thought it was just me until I Goggled something to the effects of “can people feel earthquakes from far away” and there are a lot of people that feel something before a quake. I really don’t know what to think, coincidence or real? This is crazy, I will see what I can find on this topic.

  57. I also got intutions most of the time before earthquack in any area /country ,but i dont know exact word for that feeling…“earth quake sensitives”….I had dreams of earthquack ..also i feel slight vibrations before earthquack…this happened to me most of the time before i got news about big earthquack  

  58. I had a funny feeling in my head just 15 minutes before the earthquake hit in Western Canada, it felt like pins and needles on the right side of the head.. I was shocked when someone told me about the quake as I was on transit to work and did not notice anything else.

  59. I went searching this topic out od desperation. Im embarrassed so im glad you dont pist emails. Everytime before an earthquake within hours my body become aroused, my ears ring sometime both sometimes just one ear and I get nausea. It is a very strange strange feeling. Im an empath so it doesnt suprise me although I would rather not feel this way.

  60. I feel earthquakes that others dont notice . I have the flu at moment and asubsumed that was the sole reason for my dizziness till  I checked Geonet.

    I worry for Wellington I have had  an identical vision to a Maori Elder where the roof of the Beehi've was snapped off almost surreal he saw alot more than me, possibly more spiritual……These moments scare the crap out of me and I prolong the feelings by going into fight flight mode.


    I wish I couldn't do this  also have very heightened senses of smell hearing  etc


  61. I live in Hong Kong and I can “feel” the earthquake usually 2-3 )days prior to the disaster.I can’t feel either the power or locations….The only symptoms I have for the last 20years are…1# a sudden itchy on my body mostly start with the legs and then belly…2# After feeling itchy,my ears will turn red and it makes me feel like my ears are on fire /burning..Itchy makes me very discomfort

  62. I live in HK.i can feel the earthquake usually 2-3days prior to the disaster. I can’t tell where ,when and the level..But am sure somewhere in the world gonna has earthquake soon. I hv 2 symptoms.
    1#. A sudden itchy on my body usually start with kegs and then up to my belly.2# my ears turn red n feel like burning.Usually just one ear..If both ears, the earthquake level us very high

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