How do you know that a spirit is present?

Many of you have wondered about how you can tell the difference between the times when your imagination is working overtime or you have had a real spirit visit.

If you have a pet in your home and they start acting strangely, then you can be pretty sure that you have a visitor from the other side.  But there are other signs, as Mischa notes below, goosebumps and unexpected waves of cold air are also indications… candles suddenly flickering when there is no draft to affect them, lights dimming, objects falling unexplanably… or you might feel a tap on the shoulder, someone brushing your cheek, touching your arm… or you could hear your name or a knock at the window, or smell tobacco burning when no one is around.

Spirit reaches out to us in any way it can. They will visit us in dreams, or in life, as they can and need to. If you watch for the signs, they will have a message for you…. what is important to understand is that spirit often has a limited amount of energy to be able to manifest their presence, so they will typically choose the time, and circumstances carefully – as well as the person they want to deliver their message to.

So pay attention to what’s on your mind and what’s happening around you when you sense a visit from spirit. And notice everything about the visit. Their message is contained within the context of how they manifest their presence… for example, my ex-mother-in-law who loved to wear hats visits from the other side from time to time, and I can usually get a sense of what it is she wants to tell me by the type and color of the hat she is wearing. A picture falling off a wall could be a sign of an impending death, or the breakdown of a marriage. Finding feathers and flowers speak of happy messages, depending on the colours and breaking glass can be a sign of good luck coming.

Be open to sensing spirit in your life. While most often they come just to let us know they are safe and well on the other side, and will see us when we cross, sometimes they come to help, to serve and protect. It is up to us to notice…

I have had a few important people in my life pass away, one was my father and 2 other father figures to me and i’m not sure if I have had their presence around me how can I tell? Jackie

Hello, thanks for your confidence in asking. Normally none of us is really alone, but some people do have the ability to be able to hear or actually see the ones who have passed on, better say their spirit form. Many are able to sense them, most feel like getting goosebumps all over, like feeling cold or excited, or simply like embraced by something they can not see, or sometimes it is a smell that you connect to the person who has passed. Have my assurance that at least one of them is watching over you. May peace and deep love always be with you. Mischa

  1. Hello,
    my name is Tabitha Moreno… My boyfriend just moved into his town home about 2 and a half weeks ago. The first night that i have stayed over there.. following in he early morning of me leaving i have smelled smoke when i am walking out. Also we went to a bbq cookoff last week and his jacket was put in the closet and the next day when i put some videos in hte closet it smelled like a bar full of smoke. then that night i had an experiece of like someone watching mewhile i was a sleep and the smell of smoke was so bad that i felt sick…. The next day we walked out that morning again and we smelled smoke… Then last night my boyfriend stayed at his house by himself and he said that when he got out of the shower he walked into the smell of cig… smoke.Can you tell me why is smells of smoke especially in the closet and when we go down stairs to the living room and kitchen….

  2. Hello, I am wondering about this possible spirit presence in my home. I usually sit in my bedroom and watch tv, while im in a chair watching tv, i hear my bed constantly creeking as if someone is sitting on my bed..I always say hello but the creeking seems to stop for about a minute or two them it happens again, sometimes its like as if someone is moving around in the bed or just sitting on it..I would like to know what this is about, i dont feel scared just curious…thanks

  3. When I take a nap during the day, like after lunch or so, I feel like I have to wake up but I can’t. I also feel someone pressing me back into the bed and I am fighting to get up but I can’t. I also feel a presence on the bed moving about.
    The next day I heard boxes falling in the room next to mine and when I went to get my mother, she had overslept and was late for work. She has never done this before.

    • What you’re describing is “sleep paralysis” read up on it~ I have this too. You can learn how to overcome the feeling that you can’t wake up or move , when you understand that this is a gift. And don’t be afraid. People that have these episodes ~ can have transcendental out of body experience’s~ bless you, be at peace, and much love~

  4. This spirit stuff is quite scary to me. The other day I returned from a visit from my mom’s house in Pa. Her husband passed little over a year ago. I fell asleep on the sofa and had very strange dreams but can’t quite put them together. This was about eleven pm. I went back to the rear bedroom to go back to sleep when lying down I felt a little strange. I stood up by the bed in the dark and felt a very heavy feeling of something around me but not touching me. The feeling was very strong of a presence of some sort. Hard to explain exactly what it was. Is this a ghost trying to contact me and should i try to re-contact him next time I visit with voice recorder, etc. This really freaked me out.

  5. Dear Skip. I am 52 years old and and seen, sensed and smelled spirit my entire life. Whilst I always feel a sense of awe when I experience spirit I must say to you that it is not the dead we need to fear but the living! I do not believe that dead people can hurt us even if they are negative. Further, whether alive or not we are ALL spirit. In fact, I have seen spirits of people who are still alive and well so therefore a ‘ghost’ can be of a living or dead person. You have nothing to fear but your own fear itself. If the presence feels heavy or dark, visualize yourself and the room filled with white light. I have found this to be a useful strategy and the ‘heaviness’ disappears. All the best, Dianne

    • Hi Dianne,

      I wholeheartedly agree with every word you say! I have the same view totally. Thank you and I hope your comments will help others. I have had many experiences which have been totally amazing and have given me much comfort over the years. I do hope others receive the same comfort too.

      Many thanks.

      Marion x

  6. I find spirit interesting. Lately I have been visited by a particular spirit, who will talk to me mentally. I am having trouble realizing if this is really spirit, or my imagination. How can I tell the difference.
    Some answers to questions wer bang on, others were sketchy. I am new at this.

  7. hello my name is teesha my mom passed away a few mounts ago and I sometimes get a feeling that something is behind me so I run downstairs really quick because im a little creped out. my mom loved to do paint by numbers and she didn’t finish one so my aunt finished it for her, after she was done she hung it up on her wall in the living room and she had left the room her and my cousin heard a big crash and they didn’t know what is was till my cousin said look at the wall the painting had fell and the glass was smashed no one was near it and there was no draft…. Im trying to figure out if my mom is upset or angry with the things that have been going on lately my dad has a girl friend and I have a feeling she might be upset about that.

  8. I have sensed my spirit few times.its been so long before my marriage.I used to live with
    My parents n siblings.I was in my was my habit to check the locks before sleeping….
    Somehow I slept early n in then I realised I woke up,felt myself so light n went to check the locks of door.I felt
    I was flying.I checked n came back to me…..n once I was sleeping in my mothers room.I felt m going up,I felt sso light n in ease.I touched the roof n instantly came back.I experienced theses so many times in my teenage n 20’s.
    Now after marriage when my mother in law passed n my husband felt her presence for a month.we heard knocking objects. I felt her presence….n she used to have lot of prize bonds n get happy when won cash prize by lucky soon after her death when we checked her bond numbers.she won
    cash that day I felt her presence in my bed room.knocking objects were signs.I congratulated her in loud voice …n talked to her.then knocking I believe that spirits present around u but they go away after a month of their death.because I can’t heat her now.

  9. My uncle passed 4 years ago. The past two years in october(his birthday month) I will feel like I’m being watched. I’ll have dreams of him. I wake up around 3:30 am almost every night the week before his birthday. Sometimes crying. And again I’ll feel a presence there. I can remember having this feeling of being watched as far back as age 5. It’s scary. Last year, I actually had an experience where I felt something get into my bed next to me. What does this mean? I never see anything. I only feel it.

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