I just have a question about belief. My kids are always saying they don’t believe in a God or afterlife, because they have never seen spirits. I tell them about my experiences, but they just look at me strange. My main experience was when my father died and I saw a person in complete white clothes standing next to his coffin. I have been blessed with this memory along with other spirit sightings. These other sightings were also seen by my four brothers. My little brother was with me 2-3 times and he described the same thing that I had seen, (I did not tell him what I had seen.) Again the question, How can I ease their mind or give them a sense of faith? Thanks, Ella

The Experience is Everything

Science has been attempting to prove the existence of ghosts, an afterlife and God for a very long time. But because paranormal or supernatural events are highly unpredictable, and because we have not yet developed equipment sensitive enough to detect the subtle frequencies emanating around such occurrences, we have not been able to provide definitive proof of our longevity as souls or spirits, or even of the existence of God.

Does the fact that we still cannot prove the existence of a One Source, a God, mean that S/He does not exist?  The truth is that unless we can FEEL the presence of God in our lives day by day, we cannot believe in the existence of such a being. While scientific proof, real physical evidence might help move more folks to wanting an experience of God, I doubt that hard evidence would be enough to convince many folks without the feeling, the actual EXPERIENCE of God. Fortunately, it is a whole lot easier to experience and feel the Godessence in our lives than it is to see and feel ghosts and spirits and even angels. A simple walk in the park, a giggle with a 2-year-old, a cuddle with the dog are for me, easy proof of the existence of a Supremely Loving Being… And if you want more, lift up your head, take in the sun and the moon and the stars, feel your place here on earth, and from here, as a little speck, see your place in the grand scheme of things, notice the incredible harmony, the magnificent interaction between all things great and small… there IS a Whole System somehow at work, fitting all the pieces together…

Still, at the end of the day, the decision to believe in a Oneness is highly personal, and it is always based on some personal experience with the One. While we might think we believe, it isn’t until we have some validation of our belief, through personal experience of it that we are convinced

So it is with ghosts and spirits and the afterlife. As a psychic, I have had numerous experiences with the afterlife, including a time when I experienced my own death in a previous lifetime and saw myself planning this life from the other side. The first experiences frightened me, as they do most people, but as I became more accustomed to time travelling and dimensional shifts, I began to enjoy my journeys and I found that my discoveries, insights and understanding of what I call “the other side” were quite consistent with esoteric philosophy and the ancient teachings about spirit life and the other dimensions that comprise our Whole Universe. Yet, all the preaching and reading in the world would not have convinced me of the reality of life after life had I not experienced this afterlife, in a sense, for myself.

There are some excellent books in our bookstore on Life After Life, the James Van Praagh series, Talking to Heaven, ISBN 0451191722, is a great place to start . You might find that your children develop more faith in your experiences when they read of others who speak of similar stories. Perhaps you can at least shift them from looking at you “strange”, to looking at you with curiosity. Otherwise, I think you may need to wait until they have some of their own experiences to “prove” or at least have them accept what you have seen.

Having told your children of the spirits you have met will encourage them to be somewhat more open and may enable them to speak when they finally have their own encounters with spirit. Best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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