The angels are active in our lives every day, but most often we don’t recognize their communications. Or we are afraid to believe – or so awed-  that we could actually have been touched by an angel in some way. Yet, as these stories indicate, the angels will take any opportunity they can, to connect with us and show us they are ready to help when needed. All we have to do is ask!

Once I deeply wanted to see the angels and one day I saw a magnificent figure in the sky, it was just an angel figure and there was big light behind on the head and every where the light was the moon light …was it really an angel??? Ayse

You saw an angel, an angel that looks the way they are “supposed” to. The trick is to see them in ways that you can’t imagine – as everyday humans, animals both wild and domesticated, spots of light, in dreams, and that voice in your head, for example.

Seeing angels isn’t as important as knowing that they are there. Learning to listen to what they might be telling you, and learning to work with them is. Sometimes, just their presence is enough for you to acknowledge their existence. They are always there, but we might not always be there for them.

You’ll know they are around when you are at peace with yourself, and in those times, you will know about the peace and assurance that they provide. Peace, Phil the astrologer

Do angels communicate during sleep?  I’ve heard a beautiful woman’s voice in my dream. But could not see her.  Thanks Alice

With angels, anything and everything is possible! Anything and everything… get used to it. Understand that from where they come from – the Spirit world, a limitless place of non-time and non-space – they communicate with us in whatever channel they can to make themselves known to us.

For instance, I know they speak to me at random moments, so I tend to try and be as “random” as I can be – as they are – and this involves being as “wide open” to their messages at as many moments as I possibly can. This is known as the “here-and-now,” and this is where they live – at all times, and at all places. For me, being in the “here and now” – at all places, and at all times – is the best chance I have to hear what they are trying to tell me. Holding my end of the bargain and talking back with them is another
story for a different day, but get my drift so far?

Right now, they are only trying to talk with you in your sleep, or more correctly, this is the only venue they can currently get through to you. You must take it to the next level, and work with being in the “here and now” while you’re awake and conscious, in order to make sense of what they’re trying to tell you.

Look closely at the coincidences that will inevitably occur while you are being in the here and now. Some of these can be huge and potentially scary, but not if you’re being fully within the here and now! Follow the leads wherever they may go, and you will not be disappointed.  Peace, Phil the astrologer

I keep seeing zig zagged crystal lines appear before my eyes. What does this mean? Fay

With you seeing this I feel this is indeed your angels trying to communicate with you…I would like to suggest that you read up on the angels…also invite them into your life as they are truly wonderful beings….also if I may could I suggest that you also try and meditate and ask the angels to come to you during this….and you may feel a little breeze though please don’t be alarmed…as long as you feel ready.  I would say that most likely the angels are trying to contact you….and I also congratulate you as having our angels in our life is the most amazing thing as they provide us with so much love, protection and comfort and help us in times that we need….I truly hope this helps you, blessings, Love & Light xxx Karen

I see numbers sometimes with eyes closed  or open, or while meditating. 3 numbers, usually. Recently I realized  that I see dates. Last one I saw turned out to be a birthdate of a business associate with whom we lost a lot of money.I had seen the date before I went into a deal with him, before the birthday.. I see these numbers  as visuals. I do not understand the message I may be receiving. Sadhana

Could well be that the angels were trying to communicate with you as in i.e. the numbers, as you had been seeing the numbers. All numbers if you continue to see them all have a meaning from the angels….that I strongly believe… if this happens again……from what I feel you were being prewarned, although you didn’t know what the message meant……you say you see numbers so I feel this has been going on for quite some time now……..and the more I tune into your energy the more I feel yes you most certainly were being given a message from your angels to try and stop you going into this……saying that please don’t feel bad about this as not everyone knows the meanings of numbers being repeated……next time this happens….look for signs Sadhana…as i’m sure you will see and sense them yourself…….. I hope this helps you, sending you much love, health and happiness, blessings, Love & Light xxx Karen xxx

What do orbs over animals in photographs mean?  I have a friend who has a horse.  She took five photos of her horse and in all five photos there was a distinct orb above or beside the horse.  I told her it was an angel, but my friend was frightened.  I cannot imagine why.  I would be very pleased and impressed.  Thank you for any input. Sincerely, Lynn

Sounds like an angelic presence to me, and probably one that protects both horse and rider from harm. People can have karmic connections with their animal partners, and your friend might “own” this horse to get a few glimpses of past-life memories while riding it. Maybe the horse “owns” her? I’m actually sensing that both your friend and horse were killed on some ancient battlefield, and have been reunited to share a life of peace. What a blessing that would be to close that karmic loop! Peace, Phil the astrologer

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  1. I have always loved animals. In the past 10 years, I have assumed care for a couple dozen feral cat colonies on a daily basis, rain or shine. I feed and also make sure the kitties get spayed /neutered. I have also rescued over 520 cats, about 5 dogs and two dozen bunnies (and a hamster)from local shelters where they were ready to be euthanized because of lack of space or not being adopted. I found all but 15 of them home, and those 15 live with me or have passed on by now in comfort of a home. I have a rule that whatever animal is made known to me that needs help, that I will commit to either giving or finding this animal the best home they could possibly want or if too wild, providing all the comforts I can to make life much easier. My question: I wonder why this is SO IMPORTANT to me. I do not seek or want credit for my action, it is all labors of love for all animals.
    Is it possible that I was horrible to animals in a past life or for some reason feel so closely connected to needing to make things better or “right” for the animals. I’m also an animal activist so I don’t just do this for local animals, but put myself anywhere for anything I can possibly do for them. I have a job, love,friends,pets, etc so it’s not like I have a lot of time to fill. This is forever and I commit to it for all my life and I just wonder why it is I cannot find anyone who feels this commitment for animals in the same degree. I must have done something horrible in my past that I am trying to clear my karma with now. Do you think so?

  2. For the past year my cousins, sisters and I have been totally involved in our family tree. We found a relative (died young with alot of mystery around her) buried in an abandoned cemetery. My cousins, sisters and I have been msn(ing) since October of 2006…on November 9th of 2006 I decided to make a visit to this cemetery, I had to use a ladder to get in as it is gated and padlocked. I found the relative I was looking for…took pictures of her stone, and came home..downloaded the pictures and sent them to the rest of the girls involved…I did not realize at the time that the day I visited the cemetery was the death anniversary of Eva…she died November 9th 1901 (105 years previously) If this was not odd enough the next few days became more interesting. It is a long story, but I can say that there seemed to be contact and it mostly seemed to be chaneled through my computer. The first thing that happened was that my sister got junk email…subject was Hi it me Eva…when she got it she commented to the rest of us on MSN…each night when we chat on line, one of us copies the chat and it is sent out to the rest of us (six in number)..when I received my copy …crosses appeared in the text (only I received these)…I commented to the rest…the next night the crosses turned to the letter “A” (our family tree name begins with the letter “A”)…the third occurance was really strange…the crosses and “A” now turned to something I definately could not explain…so I contacted the girls I could and told them to get onto MSN, that I wanted to show them what I was seeing…two of them were available, so I took what I could see and copied it and went to paste it and send…however, as soon as I hit paste, what I was seeing was changed back into crosses. I could not copy and paste and I did not want to tell them what I was seeing, I wanted them to see for themselves. My sister suggested I use my digital camera and take a picture of my screen…that worked and I was able to send the picture by email…what I was seeing …randomly placed where the crosses and “A” were previous days…was a womans face. I asked our computer expert at work about it and he said he has never seen that icon, not only that the text font changed to an old world look …he said he has not seen the font before….so now we are totally in awe of all that took place the week of November 9th….the final day that contact was made was my horoscope in the paper…mentioning what had taken place.
    So now a year and a half later…we start mentioning it again…last night actually…so while on msn I start searching (googling) contacting spirits. I come across your webste and start to read…was reading about contacting guides and angels and that you have to be aware and listen to clues of contact, as spirits can not physically talk to us. I was amazed to see in your contact that you are local to me (London Ontario)…infact only blocks away from where I live….is this a sign….googling is world wide, odd that I would pick up on this so local.
    My Mom passed away in May of 2007…my sisters and I received a special present from our Mom, just minutes before she died…something was definatly taking place and has since then. I have a picture of who I believe is my Dad, taken a couple of months after he died, at a cemetery in Lucan. I know it is him, in the picture he is standing by a car, you do not see his legs under the car, and the picture was taken that you should have been able to see them. A true believer, my msn gals and I have uncovered amazing information in a short time, our family tree website is amazing…we are now planning a family reunion here in London this coming summer, bringing in newly discovered relatives…coming from California, Cinncinnati and England….amazingly true story!!!


  3. i have 3 pic of angels but i dont know what that means

  4. In various instances my wife has been seeing white orbs chasing me or holding still beside me. Last night, my son mentioned to me about seeing an orb wiggling near my head. I’m praying the Lord to reveal its meaning by the time I enter this comment.

  5. i think i saw a gold angel. i am 9 months pregnant and it was infront of my babys new crib. what does that mean?

  6. If you are seeing numbers in meditations, you may want to get the Doreen Virtue books – either – Healing with Angels or Angel numbers 101.

    My experience is that these numbers help you lighten your load, as they are reminding you that they angels are with you on your life path.

  7. This is so awesome.I could tell you of alot of things that have happened to me, concerning angels etc…. Just this last time (couple of days ago), dreampt of numbers. Dreampt of them for 2 days in a roll. Then found this website. Really Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  8. hey i saw this litter girl yesterday at my house and she was wearing a white dress it did not scared me i just felt ok….fine…..but then i keep having these bad feeling while im walking around the house what does it mean it is preaty bad and scary what i feel while i walk but when i finish seen the lil girl thats when it started what is it mean tell…..let me know please and thank you! Love,

  9. Couple weeks ago there was a angel standing by my bedside while i was sleeping, i could feel The Holy presence and turned look right at the servant of God, i remember being very scared before going to bed…and right after this i had peace like that Bible says that surpasses all understanding!!!
    I thanked God for letting me know and see He is Watching over me and my children

  10. On Friday, April 22, 2011 we had passed by A church & as we were passing I saw a beautiful Angel standing there just looking. As I had turned to look back for the 3rd time the Angel was gone. Shortly after that I saw 2 white birds flying past us. This was the first time I have seen an angel. I was not afraid although it surely was a miracle! Does anyone know the TRUE meaning of seeing an Angel & 2 white birds?

  11. Recently my 11 year old daughter came to me & said she has been seeing angels in the sky near her floating. I didn’t know what to say, so I asked her what they looked like. She explained that they are different shapes & colors & always in a bubble. They appear only in the daytime, outside, never indoors. Recently she saw one while she was on the playground at school & tried to reach & grab for it until a classmate asked what she was doing,lol. She said she was trying to reach for a bug,lol. I don’t know what to think of this. If anyone has any info, please contact me. Thank you:))

  12. im the youngest out of 5 kids, and my oldest sister died at the young age of 19 ( colan cancer ) when we were at her funeral and sitting in the front row as family members do, and we all were sobbing like crasy, me to, i was only 10 years old at the time, and all of a sudden i got this peaceful overwhelming feeling go threw my body and i then just happen to look up and hovering at the end of her casket was a beautiful femal angel standing there, and instantly i stoped crying, but at the same time she the ( angel ) kept saying…. timmy everything will be ok, timmy everything will be ok, she said this twice to me, and at that time i was amased at what i was seeing, and again the overwhelming feeling i got from her was amazing. my brother is a year and a half older than me and  my other 2 sister were about 3 and 4 years older then him, i was amased that none of the other family members did not see her, and within a couple of seconds, she was gone, i just could not wait to tell my mom and dad what i have seen, so when we got home i pulled my mom and dad to their bedroom and told them what i have saw, and they just busted out crying, we are a religous family and went to church 2 times a week every week, we believe in crist and god. and since my exsperiance i have yet to find anyone that can tell me not only why i seen her but why im the only one that seen her… can you answer that for me.????   thanks and god bless 

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