Early in my work as a psychic, my guides advised me to simply say what I see, hear or feel, then to trust that it would have meaning to my client. And since experience had already proven the value of this approach, I listened.

It all began many years ago… at lunch with a friend, I thought to tell a story of something that had once happened to me. I was barely into the story when my friend burst out with “how did you know? how do you do it?” “know what?” I was puzzled, the story seemed to have come out of thin air. But, I had hit a button, a problem that she’d been struggling with… my story provided the very answers she’d been praying for. I didn’t realize it, but my psychic self was in operation in that moment…

That was the first time I noticed a pattern that I soon learned to recognize and accept, especially when I’m reading the cards.

In a reading I will often be drawn to tell some odd story from my life or someone else’s, just because it comes to mind. Invariably, it turns out that that particular story came to mind for a good reason in that specific moment.

The imagery and symbolism of the Tarot tends to trigger immediate reactions within your psyche. Old soul memories, ancient knowledge rises to the surface of your being from the depths of your unconscious or subconscious self… the Tarot, like your dreams, is a way of talking with your soul, connecting with your higher self.

To become a good tarot reader, you must learn to notice, not only what attracts you in the cards, but what words and images fly through your mind, what you hear in your heart and feel in your body, what you sense in the air around you and then you must trust what comes up, trust that whatever words come, they will have some value and may even contain some insight that can change a person’s life.
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  1. I don’t have any psychic ability, but with the Senate scandal getting worse by the week, strong feeling the Harper government is on its last legs so to speak….

    My sense is Harper WILL NOT SEEK RE-ELECTION in 2015. Defense Minister Peter MacKay perhaps may try to keep Tories in power; however lot of energy surrounds new Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

    Big question though will Canadians see Trudeau as too young and inexperienced? A lot of mystery also surrounds NDP Leader Mulcair – don’t know his real vision for our country…

    Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens….

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