Every 28-30 years, Saturn returns to its natal position in our charts to give us a good shake.  This cycle can produce some very positive changes in our lives – if you are ready to move, willing to review and able to revise. The first Saturn Return, around the age of 30 is when we really take on our adult skins… in this cycle, we are changeable. We look back to see what we missed, inward to see what is holding us back, forward to see where we want to go and outward to see what we want to accomplish. Over the years I have noticed many young people in that age group suddenly choosing to go back to school,  change jobs, move cross country, or decide to get serious about finding a mate and starting a family.

Saturn Return is about maturing, growing, moving along your soul path. If you’re ready, as this visitor plans to be, your Saturn Return can literally propel you into an entirely new and exciting, more fulfilling life.

Do you have any insights as to how I can handle my first Saturn return?

Phil’s Sage Advice:

At least you’re aware of Saturn returning to his place in your natal chart, so you are already ahead of the game. Being forewarned is being forearmed, so half the “battle” has already been won – by you! Cool, run with that thought.

Saturn has recently (since September) entered Virgo, and will be there for another couple of years. I assume that you were born between late 1977 and mid to late 1980, the last time Saturn was in Virgo. Depending on what degree Saturn is in your natal Virgo will largely determine the time frame for what is going to be happening, so it will be better to happen to it, rather than it happening to you.

This Saturn through Virgo will be quite different than 30 or so years ago, as Saturn will be opposing Prometheus (Uranus) the next few years. The Saturn/Prometheus opposition is what I’m considering to be the over-riding astrological event in the lead-up to 2012, and the end of the Mayan calendar. No one knows for certain what 2012 will look like when it gets here, but I’m becoming more convinced that it will look like what we want it to – we who want to see a more sustainable world full of peace, justice, and
previously unimaginable innovation.

The Saturn/Prometheus opposition will have tremendous effects on all of humanity, as these two are considered to be outer planets. They only oppose each other every 42 years or so, and each time has “forced” cultural and political changes to occur. A look at what was happening in the mid Sixties, and 1918 – 1920, for two such mini-eras, will shed a little light on what is in store for all of us.

Others such as yourself and your sub-generation with a Saturn return will be going through this and much more, so it would probably be best to explain and define what Saturn means to the individual at this point.

Saturn is too often seen as the arresting cop, judge, jury, and executioner all wrapped into one, and has often been depicted by artists throughout history as a vengeful graybeard, an angry old man that everyone wants to avoid. The anachronistic Judeo-Christian God is often shown as having these same Saturnian features. However, the planet itself is arguably the most beautiful one in our solar system, with its’ many glowing rings. People often don’t acknowledge that the rings are perfect circles, and the circle is a Universal symbol for wholeness, completion, and the recognition that
all things are connected.

It’s also important to know that those rings are comprised of ice, dust, gas, small rocks and huge boulders, and this “space junk” is actually what happens when comets and asteroids slam into Saturn, sending out debris that is captured in the rings. Those same comets and asteroids could have easily swung in toward the Sun, and quite possibly hit the Earth and wipe out all of life as we know it. Saturn is thus seen as the diligent father figure who goes off to work each day and takes the hits for his children (us), so that
we won’t be destroyed.

More clues can be found out about Saturn by considering that he is the most distant and slowest moving visible planet, and our distant ancestors built a myth surrounding Saturn, one that would designate Saturn as the “Great Malefic.” One of the most difficult and mysterious things for us to fathom is how we are still so connected to this ancient awareness.

Saturn’s thirty year orbit represented a life passage for our ancestors, when his return to his place in their birth charts meant that a person had reached a milestone, whereby an adult became an elder. Their life expectancies were much less than what we can look forward to today, so it was also an indication that most of their lives would soon be coming to an end. A Saturn return for them was seen as a sign that death might be right
around the corner.

Our modern life expectancy is such that most of us can fully expect to see a second Saturn return when we hit 58 and 60 years of age, so those ancient fears of death should not be a factor when we arrive at the age of 29 or 30, but the subconscious memories are still there no matter what we might try to do to avoid or negate them.

Nowadays, the age of thirty – the big three-oh – brings on newer problems and issues. The questions are: Why aren’t I married with 2.3 kids, in a suburban MacMansion, surrounded by a white picket fence with a million dollars in the bank? “Success” has usurped the image of “elder” for our species, and we have become no wiser by this displacement of values.

Back to the planet, by taking all of those hits from comets and stray asteroids, Saturn teaches us unconditional love – a love that is dispassionate about whatever life throws at us. Saturn then asks us to take responsibility for our own actions and opportunities. He has created enough breathing space for us to live, grow, multiply, evolve, and ultimately
prosper, so it is up to us to find gratitude in Saturn’s level of beneficence. Most modern astrologers now refer to Saturn as the “Great Professor,” kind of like your favorite high school or college teacher, only on steroids for a Saturn return.

Usually, when Saturn transits a natal planet or cardinal point (Ascendant, Midheaven, etc.), he’s only asking us if we’ve correctly defined the energies of that planet. For instance, Saturn on a natal Venus might ask us if we’re exemplifying the energies of Venus, our inner Goddess. The questions at this time might be: Are we exuding Venus’ aspects of love, peace, intuition, harmony, etc.? If not, what can Saturn – the Good
Professor – do to help in the learning process? If we’re being Venus-antithetical, Saturn will be the cop/judge/jury/executioner, and we’ll have to pay the price – the price of us not being true to our source.

The same goes for a Saturn transit of our natal Mars. If we’re not being true to our inner warrior/initiator, we’re acting strictly out of a fly-or-fry paradigm, and we’re screwed when Saturn comes calling. Saturn on your natal Neptune or Pluto are far more spiritual and karmic in their scope, and you won’t have to worry about them for a while.

Saturn on Saturn – here’s your main classroom. Forget about high school or college, this is about learning much larger lessons. Fortunately (let’s keep a positive spin on it!), your Saturn return happens when Saturn will be opposing Prometheus (Uranus). A primer on this dude’s qualities will be in order, especially if you have any natal planets in Pisces where Prometheus has been since 2003.

Uranus/Prometheus was discovered in 1781, at the end of the American Revolution and at the beginnings of the French and Industrial Revolutions – the planet is discovered when the Earth is “ready” for it’s energies. A fairly recent NASA fly-by showed that his poles are pointed at (and away from) the Sun, contrary to all the other planets. This guy can shake things up for our planet, especially if he’s opposed to Saturn, like he was in 1918 during the Bolshevik Revolution, and 1965 -1967 during Vietnam, civil rights, the hippie days, and the beginnings of the environmental movement and women’s liberation. These two will next be opposed exactly on November 4, 2008, when the citizens of the US attempt to elect a new President, if there’s a true democracy left for us to enjoy… Uranus would have been more appropriately named for Prometheus, the guy who stole fire from the Gods and gave it to us humans.

I wrote most of the above for my lady-friend’s niece who is most probably your exact age. She is also “dreading” her Saturn return, yet she is already a socially active, vibrant and engaged person, dedicated to ending global warming and the oxymoronic “holy wars,” and furthering other Progressive issues. She’s already clearly working with the planetary influences of her chart, and I’d suggest that you follow suit.

There are currently far too many people who are living in fear (an unbalanced Saturn), who have turned their lives over to Saturnian father figures, and there is clearly no future in giving away one’s sovereignty to those misguided and greed-filled household names. Saturn only wants you to reclaim your own inner Good Professor – the ultimate guru who wants us all to keep on learning – so that we might eventually become our own best guru.

Hope this has helped with your Saturn return. Peace, Phil

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