Working with the Elasticity of Time

Time, as a construct, a framework for our lives has always confused me, and as a result, since I was a girl, I have been chronically late. Fortunately, I chose work that allowed me a little flexibility…. and as I explored the world of metaphysics, I began to notice the elasticity of time.

How often I would worry about being late to see a client, only to discover that they were also late, or had somehow gotten tied up so that I was arriving at just the right time.

Then I learned about squishing tme, slowing the clock so I could get where I needed to be on time. The first time this happened, I needed to be in London to close on my house for 1 PM, but before I could leave, I had to go downtown to pick up the final papers for the lawyer from the mortgage company. Traffic in downtown Toronto was terrible, the agent was late getting to our morning appointment, and with one thing or another it was almost 11:30 before I could finally point my car towards the highway. By this time I was in a panic, I had 90 minutes for a trip that normally took 2-3 hours. God knows how I did it, but I got there at 1:05. I know I drove very fast whenever I could – but with such heavy traffic, I didn’t have many opportunities to put the pedal to the metal… Somehow, the world’s clock seemed to slow down, time squished for me that day.

The second time it happened, I had a witness… Another psychic and I were on our way to an important gig out of town when we realized that we had misunderstood the directions… what we had planned as a 45 minute commute, would actually take under normal circumstances almost 2 hours. No choice but to floor it and do our best not to be too late… We used the drive to focus on arriving on time, and were still shocked when we did – with 5 minutes to spare to freshen up. Again, God knows how we did it…Speed alone could not account for our timely arrival.

I hate to feel rushed. I don’t recommend white knuckling it behind the wheel, it is far too stressful… and dangerous… I’d much rather relax and enjoy the scenery along the way. In both cases, by the time I arrived I was quite rattled, almost vibrating with the tension in my body. adding to the shakiness was the realization that we had somehow squished time – or expanded it to allow us to make a 2-4 hour journey in about 50 minutes… fast driving simply could not account for us arriving on time…

These experiences taught me to work with time more consciously… and I learned to relax a little more about being on time… I saw that when it was important, my intent to be on time could get me where I wanted to be – on time… and ultimately that no matter what time I arrived, it would be the right time…

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