As we rise up to meet the new world we are entering, much of our old world is falling away. We can’t help but be  excited about the changes that are carrying us into the future any more than we can help feeling overwhelmed,confused,lost and unsure about the many uncertainties we face.   2012 is the end year of the Mayan Calender and the beginning  of an new age.  Age of what?
  While much remains to be revealed, it is for certain that our failing systems,structures and forms of today are collapsing. What replaces these old paradigms  is being determined by our collective eyes,hearts and minds.       Anything that feeds our fear and closes our hearts is up for healing and remembering our divine nature.
 Individually we are all facing those fears and beliefs that have kept us blocked, stuck ,powerless and suffering in collective illusions.
   Accepting personal power means accepting personal responsibility for our choices and actions. NO VICTIM-HOOD.
 Whatever we are experiencing in our lives, we co-created in some way for some reason. Everything is a mirror reflection of what is inside us. This reflection is revealing a facet of us that calls us to a greater truth.  When we get triggered by an event or relationship, there is something unhealed or unfinished inside us that is being brought out into the light for healing and releasing.   Awareness leads to understanding. Understanding leads to letting go bringing inner peace and acceptance. The more light that is cast into our darkness, the more we can clear old energy, old beliefs and outworn programs. This releasing of denser energies creates space within us, our cells and our consciousness. 

  Where there is space, light rushes in and fills the void. Light carries energy and information. There is a new light streaming in from the galactic center and the Great Central Sun that is infusing us with a higher love, a higher truth and and expansion of consciousness.   So, if fear knocks at your door, answer it. If challenges surround you, welcome them. The chaos within and around us signals a great shift that mirrors the Great Shift of our world as we awaken from  a personal and collective dream.    As this grand tidal wave of light comes towards us, our choices
 are obvious.  We crash or we ride.     

 Surfs up! What are you going to do?

                                                                                                                                                      Cherie Lassiter


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