Hi, I am interested very much in reading the newsletter that comes to me. I think all points of view are relevant but do so totally agree that hate filled commentaries, such as that of Pat Robertson’s are to be countered and encountered as “wrong”. Any religious person would have to think and think again about such negativity which is, in its own way, hate full. The spirituality of truth is the beauty that is entirely dominated by this inchoate word, love.

I do it with words, and so I can see something deeply within the words themselves, our “lingua franca” and I know psychics are doing it too, in looking deeply into names and naming. I see it on this site. Tell me your name and I will tell you something I am seeing in “you”, your destiny, your life.

I do totally believe there is depth and more depth, to all of this, as in the pulling of layers, the onion skin of life, as the etaphoric 
connects that do bind us all, hold deep and lasting truths about us, about soul, and about hearts and minds.

I think if there was, as stated, an unconscious will to have this disaster, and surely I know people, not Haitians, who were thinking that an earthquake that leveled Port Au Prince would be a good thing, but I also know they weren’t thinking about the loss and devastation to the people, well yes, this has been happening. I have thought the same for Israel, the Middle East, that perhaps people needing to dig themselves out of a hole, literally and metaphorically, would find out, we’re all brothers, we’re all sisters, and that humanity is one.  Perhaps this would eliminate for once and for all, these distinctions.

In reality, I would never truly wish for an earthquake, because I know how terrible it is, in life, to lose life, to lose those anchors that bind us all to each other, our families, our friends, what makes life  meaningful.

Even if there’s another side, and I surely do believe that as souls, we circulate and re circulate and there is an alchemy, a deep alchemy to all of this. I see a symphony with a conductor, and for me, that’s where the baton goes, the directive, that rules this universe. All psychic phenomena come from the Source, the well, that nourishes all of us.

So the onus of what happens, in such Acts, which we still call, Acts of God, rests with a Divinity that is powering all of us. Perhaps God wants to be put on trial. Perhaps God wants to be seen. Perhaps what is seen, this “scene”, of massive hurt, of massive force, of massive loss and heart break, is just this: the breaking news, and perhaps in order to move forward, we will have to look at what orders the universe, and enter a new perception that is called, cosmic.

A disaster of such seismic force, such size mic force, in terms of magnitude and the part that brings us to our knees, to ask such questions, perhaps this is a big part of the why.

Respectfully as always, all ways, Ruth Housman, Marshfield Hills, MA

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