Many New Year's resolutions have already been broken… for a lot of good reasons… lack of support, or real commitment – something you know you should commit to, but when it comes down to it, you're just not ready. I think part of the problem is that the word resolution is itself kinda threatening, demanding, so a different approach might be to set a direction and simple goals for the year, as opposed to making promises as implied by a resolution.

I got into the habit of making new year’s resolutions many years ago when I saw how creating a focus for the period really helped to move me along on the spiritual path.  Taking time to plan makes it easier to get where you want to go…. However, I usually choose a direction for the year – for example, one year my plan was simply to clear the clutter in my life – which kept me alert to notice the clutter and do something about it……

Tips for making resolutions –

Begin by thinking of setting a direction and goals, a focus… don't force yourself to make promises that you can't keep.…

Keep goals simple, achievable…. and specific, instead of asking for some extra money, ask for what you actually need, eg, I need an extra $1000/month this year.

Keep goals positive…  Intend to eat healthy as opposed to resolving to lose (or gain) weight

Give yourself a starting point, identify small steps that you can take to pursue your direction and goals, set a plan of action…. Then take the first step. 

Get support – tell your family and friends what you intend to do,

Give yourself rewards along the way.

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