I keep seeing repeating numbers, like 11/11, 22/22, 22/11, 16/16. What does numerology have to say about it?

This is a common question. It seems each and every one of us at some time in our lives deal with this phenomenon. There is no simple answer. Each set of repeating numbers has a different meaning.

As a rule of thumb, when a person keeps seeing the same number pattern – sometimes with slight variations – it points to two things. The meaning of the numbers involved are a current issue for the individual, and the numbers function as a warning to get the person to pay attention. 

For example, when the number 11 is prominent within the pattern, as seems to be the case more often than any other number, intuition – or the acceptance thereof – is an issue, and ….. you better take some time and make the effort to figure out what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

When numbers begin repeating themselves around you it is often a signal that you are on purpose in life, and to be awake for new opportunities… repeating numbers are a signal to connect with your soul… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I have been seeing the #83 numerous times daily for about 8 months. At first I thought that is maybe was due to the fact I was born in that year & I noticed it more and ignored it. Well now it is starting to effect me because it’s on every license plate, sticker, news, store prices – everywhere. This is the first time I really put much thought into it and added it all up. This morning and evening back from work there it was “83” in that exact sequence. Always 83. I am a Catholic married women, dental assistant, and small business owner. I am pretty intelligent in some things and have my share of tragedies. Leaving me with a pretty good leveled head. This is getting silly and more frequent. Please any advice. Does that happen often or normal. Till then I’ll keep ignoring. God bless, Jacqueline

When a number shows up to you all the time like this one is, it is a message from your angels/guides to help you along your journey.  It is a cue to your subconscious mind to engage certain energies/talents within you to help you and those around you!  It can become very disconcerting at times.  *hugz*  The angels/guides can be VERY persistent and very demanding in their attempt to get our attention.

The number 83 is a compound number in numerology (the science/art of interpreting how numbers influence our lives).

83 in your life tells me that you have a wonderful talent for adapting ideas that are very complex to the realm of ‘ordinary’ thought.  In other words, you are VERY good at taking complex ideals and turning them into practical and easily understood realities.

You have an inate comprehension of the Absolute, or what some call the God presence in the things around you!  This is a wonderful thing, but one that you tend to set aside in your day to day lives.

The sense I get from the information you have provided is that your angels/guides are very much trying to help you fully awaken and make use of these talents.

Without more information I can’t do a full work up of the numbers around you, but I hope this helps you some! Namaste and Love, Kimbah

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