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I. Reality :

      Present day physics regard the Universe as a one whole Energy Field ( EF ) . No matter how we name this energy – electro-magnetic, light, sound, gravity, quantum, etc. Therefore, each electron, atom, molecule, bio-cell, tissue, organ is just an EF, too. Our body and brain are an EF with individually specific characteristics  – frequency, amplitude, intensity, modulation, etc.

     But alas, our limited senses cannot perceive this.


II. Relativity :

     We all know that the abilities of our senses to perceive reality are extremely limited. Thus, for us, reality is quite restricted – just a tiny portion of true Reality. For example :

     Our eyes can see light only within the limits from 400nm. to 700nm. wave length. Our ears can hear only a16 to 20 000 Hz sound. But what about reality outside these limits? We are deaf and  blind to it. And so, for us, it does not exist.


III. Illusion :

     And this is how our limited senses and  “common sense”  create the most fundamental illusions of all – the absolute existence of space and time.

     Our restricted perceptions and mind produce “space” and “time”  in order to measure and adapt  to a reality we do not realize. They are but the viewpoints of a narrow intelligence. This way divisions, distances, dates become absolute for us. And we believe that through these measures and referents, only, we could possibly exist.


IV. Actualities :

     In true Reality, though, space and time do not exist. Because, as we said, true Reality is a one Whole. Which has no divisions in and outside itself. Hence, such phenomena as the Big Bang, expanding Universe, space-time continuum are non-existent. Because, for the Whole there are no in, out, up , down, here, there, now, then , beginning, end ,etc.

    In true Reality, every object and process exist in every single point and moment of the Whole. No matter where and when we are, the Whole Existence is right here right now. Eternally. And we could perceive whatever we like of it wherever and whenever we are.



V. Consciousness :

     We said that our brain and mind are just an EF of the Whole EF. Therefore, every single detail of the Whole is here and now – in our mind. And we could be practicly conscious of it whenever we like.

     Well, we shall disagree, but how could we realize this if our senses are so limited ?

       From physiological point of view, there is a simple neurological mechanism to materialize this  “all-perceptivity” , “all-consciousness”.

      As we well know, the “vehicle” of our consciousness is the cortex ( the outmost layer) of the brain. It is a network of billions of nervous cells – neurons. They are, basically, two kinds  :

  1. Activating (A).
  2. Inhibiting (I).

      The stimuli from inside and outside our organism switch on the A-neurons. And the cortex is activated. From here on, the opening of our mind to true Reality goes through the following phases :

  1. Concentration :

The cortex  A-neurons start to produce mostly acetylcholine , which, in turn, creates a localized high excitement of cortex zones rich in I-neurons. In human behavior this is manifested as a concentrated attention on an object or a thought.

  1. Noise Reduction :

The I-neurons respond with producing endorphin, enkephalin, GABA neuro-transmitters. Which , in turn, cut down the flood of outside stimuli to  A-neurons and thus calm down their over-excitement , over-burden. This is experienced in us as overall reduction of irritating thoughts and anxiety in our mind. A sedative effect.

  1. Synchronization :

All this, in turn, leads to the coordination of A and I activity and a gradual synchronization of the whole cortex electro-magnetic field and functions.

Most of the cortex is built up of pyramid-shaped neurons. Their tops pointing up and outside of the brain and their bases pointing inside towards the center of the brain spheroid.

Science proved the pyramidal structures pointing upward are receptive to the so called  “cosmic waves and vibrations”. They amplify and coordinate them.

So, when the cortex pyramid-neurons are liberated from noise-attacks  and become fully synchronized with each other they turn into one organ. The whole cortex starts to work as a one receptor, one sensor – the sixth sense.

  1. Awakening of Finer Senses :

Free from gross irritants, now, the cortex becomes sensitive to more and more fine stimuli, to the subtler  “voices” of the Field. And it does so especially in the cortex zones of vision (occipital) , hearing (temporal), emotions ( frontal ). We start to see, hear and feel true Reality. This is how our capabilities of telepathy, clairvoyance, astral travel, etc gradually wake up. Our geneticly  programmed ESP evolve and evolve.

And because, in true Reality, space and time do not exist, we slowly become able to experience every possible place, moment, process, phenomenon in the whole Universe. We can  “travel” and be present at any far away planet, star, black hole, galaxy… within any atom, electron, quantum… at any moment of the past, present, future we desire to  “visit”. We don’t need no space ships no time machines. Because we are the Whole Reality here and now. We are one with the whole Creation of God.

  1. Oneness with God :

From physiological point of view, the I-neurons have gradually started to produce such quantities of endorphin, enkephalin, GABA neuro-transmitters that the cortex becomes perfectly synchronized not only within itself, but with the Whole Field of true Reality.

And because GABA has trophic functions, too, the pyramid-neurons and inter-neuron links hypertrophy. And thus become hyper-active and hyper-sensitive to even the most fine stimuli. And this is how we become able to even perceive God.

At this moment, the effect of endorphin, enkephalin, GABA on the Pleasure Center of our brain is so powerful that we experience a limitless Bliss. In it we are perfectly one with God – in absolute Bliss. And if we have evolved enough, this Oneness could last eternally.

After all, it’s just a matter of training.

And this is how we are free from all irritants, divisions, illusions, space , time, limits…


VI.Free to Choose :

     Obviously, we are free to choose what we will evolve to – becoming clairvoyants, resonating our mind with objects or organisms thus practicing  telekinesis or healing, traveling in time, visiting parallel dimensions…

Or reuniting with the Source of all ESP and eternal Bliss – God.

No free choice could be restricted.

      So, if you choose to walk the Path to the Whole of God and Bliss  you are now offered the  “God Consciousness”  e-book. Email  for your free copy of this e-book. ( Read and Print it through the Acrobat Reader program. )

     Love and Blessing. Dr Paraskev

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