Why can I receive messages/validation for others but not for myself?

Oh man!  Don’t we all feel that sometimes?  Personally, I’ve found that it is harder, if not (ofttimes) impossible, to get this for myself because I am in my own way.  I have worked through this recently to a degree, but here’s a thought I had when I couldn’t do it–I realized ‘no man is an island’.  We all need others in one way or another, and perhaps not being able to hear for ourselves, or get answers for ourselves when we can so easily see and get them for others, is really because we are meant to connect, and perhaps to even allow someone else to learn compassion or how to ‘hear’ or ‘see’ in regard to someone else–us, in this instance.

Another way of looking at this is kind of like not swimming or skiing alone–we need others to balance us, to help us be sure we aren’t getting off track in some way–do you know what I mean?  Kind of accountability stuff.  Someone to bounce things off even if we do have the ability to receive on our own.

I don’t know if that helps or even answers the question, but that is how I see it–at least today.  ;o)  Sometimes it’s just impossible to get clear when our own hopes and fears are so prevalent, up close and (obviously) personal.  ;o)  Teresa

I experience the same thing most of the time. On occasion I get validation though and am exhilarated when I do. Can’t say I haven’t witnessed a good amount of answers in recent years though but it is nail biting all the way.  LOL, Cate

You are not alone.  Most psychics can’t read for themselves.  We make just as many mistakes in life as anyone else.  It is easier to see others’ solutions because we are standing on the outside looking in.  We are too subjective when it comes to  ourselves.  Meditation will help you.  Your own spiritual inner voice eventually will get through the chatter of your internal dialog, and then things will be clearer, then you will be able to hear your own message.  Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

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