Our first paranormal or psychic expereince usually triggers a lot of questions:

When I was researching on your site, I started feeling some weird energy moving through me. It felt like a really good stretch but more prickly and static. It kept coming in surges for over an hour and then went away and I’m wondering if that was anything paranormal.
Sometimes when I’m walking around I’ll see small black orbs surrounded by a white light, is that anything or do I need to get my eyes checked?
How exactly do you meditate? I would like to get to know my Spirit Guides (who doesn’t need a good and loving friend) but I don’t know how I would go about doing it. Michael

Reading through our site will generate certain levels of consciousness that would give you that good feeling.  In fact, by reading our web site you are actually meditating.  You are focusing on a different level other than the normal every day one. Meditation is much like day dreaming.  You allow your mind to wander and see where it takes you. Find a quiet space and just let your mind go.  Just be still and quiet and you will be amazed at what pops into your brain that is informative.  Spirit guides are always around us but they can not interfere unless they are asked.  If you need help in something, don’t hesitate to send out a little silent request for their assistance.  They will make themselves known when needed.  Other than that, they stay pretty much invisible.  The orbs are manifestations of things just beyond the realm of your everyday sight.  They are bubbles of energy.  They are always present, just not always visible. Hope this helps you, Michael.  Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

I liked your description of the energy reception.  Yes, I think that your spirit felt something when you came to this site, that the feeling that you perceived was confirmation of a sorts that you may find some of the answers you seek.

Meditation is a process for some, for some its imagery and living inside that image.  But mostly it is relaxing your mind, your body and spirit and bringing them together in one space and time. Some like to visualize a peaceful place within their minds, and going there. Some like to watch a candle flame dance in a dark room and watching the light from the candle become so bright it engulfs your vision. You can find all kinds of things to meditate upon. Take a favorite passage of a poem or of a wise writing and think deeply upon what it is saying to you.  Listen and be selective with the voices you hear.  Reject the negative, pursue the positive outlook, there is more than enough negative energy in the world, your age group must learn to project more positive energy. You are taking a first step. Michael

The weird energy you felt was your spirit being ‘touched’ by what you were reading.  I know it’s weird to feel all prickly, but that’s really a fairly good way to tell if you are in tune when something is going on.

I remember the first time it felt like a good stretch to me when something touched me that way.  I was listening to a guy play his horn and I felt my spirit stretching and growing, as if it were standing up inside me, relieved to finally be allowed to move and grow.  It was an amazing feeling!  I knew something had happened on a deep and personal level.

Sometimes we don’t know what we are ‘learning’ when this happens, but we can be assured something in our deepest selves, almost like our cellular level, is be transformed.  The prickly static-y feeling is your spirit tingling, awakening perhaps, just like when your arm has been asleep and then it prickles as it awakens.  That’s how I know when I am speaking truth to another, and it works in reverse (when you are hearing truth from another).  Of course, we have to be careful we don’t judge everything by this.  My brother is mentally slow and he calls it ‘a wonderful feeling going through my body’ and I sometimes worry he is using that as his guide and sometimes our bodies can fool us.  Be sure to be wise when you are sensing something like this is all I’m encouraging.  Okay?

As for the orbs, a lot of people see those.  I suspect someone else will write to you about what those are.  I think they are energy, but perhaps the energy of a spiritual being.  Pretty cool to be able to see them!  I’ve actually seen pictures my husband’s cousin took when he was on a pilgrimage and saw some.  It never hurts to have our eyes checked, though.

There are several types of meditation.  You could research that either on the site or at your local library.  I’ve noticed a huge selection of books on all subjects paranormal and teen-related in my library.  I would likely trust that more than the web in the beginning, though of course there are probably a few ‘freaks’ out there getting published, too.  Don’t be afraid to ‘test’ what you read and hear with your spirit’s wisdom.  That is that awakening I mentioned earlier.  (I remember once hearing something new on the radio and I could physically feel my spirit reaching up and toward the radio because it KNEW what it was hearing was truth.)

Learn all you can and I’d love to hear how you are doing.  These are not just ‘gifts’ for your own consumption.  They are to make the world a better place for all of us.  Live, learn, love, grow Michael.  The world awaits your special kind of be-ing. LoLove, Teresa

  1. The past few weeks I have been trying to find a website of some sort to help me figure out what causes precognitive dreams, and how to control them.
    Ever since I was little I have not been able to control when I have these dreams or what they consist of, most of the time it involves someone I haven’t met yet but will meet in the not so distant future.
    When I have them, they usually only last for about 30seconds and it may be something pointless like seeing somone at school or being at the shops but they always come true unless it is bad and I can remember it just before it happens which in that case, I get a chance for it not to happen.
    I have been having these dreams all my life, since I can remember, but when I was little I thought nothing of them as it was just strange.
    I am now 16 and I continue to have them, I’m not sure of when my last dream was, but it was sometime at the end of last year.
    I also have a well intuition of when people are being stressed by something, or are not being all that true to themself and are pretending that everything is fine when they really aren’t well at all. But I have only just begun to see people like that.

    I really just want an answer as to if I can control when to have these dreams and whether or not I can make my intuition stronger or something?
    As I have looked everywhere and they haven’t explained things similar to my situation.

    Please, I hope you have some sort of answer for me as it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  2. Okay I feel very odd doing this but I have some questions. I’ve never gone on any sights looking into this and so ya… I’ve been pretty much telling myself I’m crazy.
    When Io dream I see things that happen a day after or so and at first they were little clips and now they are longer. I hear voices and feel things I don’t know how to explain it! I can also sense peoples moods and even thoughts some times. Oh and the whole thing about letting yourself go I do that all the time even when I don’t want to. Sometimes I even see things then! Its really nuts. I came on here looking for this weird symbol I can’t stop drawing or seeing. But I looked up the physic thing and now I’m here. Are these things some kind of phsyic thing or am I going nuts?!

  3. Okay I feel really wierd doing this but I’ve got to know so I’ll just have to get over it!
    When I dream I see things that normally happen and sometimes I can tell myself to dream things and I do. I can sense peoples feelings and other things I can’t explain. Like I was taking a test today and I’d look at the answers and I would feel this tingle on one so I chose them and I got them all right! And the whole thing about letting yourself go I do all of the time! Even when I don’t really want to. When I do that I feel wierd and can sense things. Its really wierd. I’ve done most of these things since I was young. What in the heck is going on?!

  4. Can someone please help me understand why I am seeing dead people that I never knew? I don’t know what is going on but I am starting to think that I am going crazy. I am having visions of dead people I never knew. When I see them they don’t look dead at all. I talk to people I know and if someone they knew has died, I can see them. It is not during my sleeping hours but when I am awake. Almost like a daydream. I do not see the entire vision at once but in flashes. I am able to give names, type of clothing they have on, facial features, style of hair and what type of person they were and what they feel. I don’t understand and it scares me. When I was younger, I would “see things” but my family always dismissed it and said that it’s just my imagination. Then when I was about 13, I stopped seeing the shadows and started to believe it was my imagination. In my early 20’s, I began to see people that no one else could see in my house. As if they were standing right in front of me but I was not always afraid. I would see a little girl, dressed in a white dress and white shoes with black hair in my house and at my work. It did scare me when I saw her at work because I didn’t understand what she wanted and why she was following me. During this time, I also heard a man coming up our stairs in our house. We were laying down in our room upstairs and there was someone coming up the stairs; heavy footsteps and the smell of cigar. It continued for a couple of weeks and then went away. In my mid-20’s I started being restrained by things I was not able to see. Nothing was ever there. One of the times I was being restrained by whatever it was and my mother saw it. She came into the room to check on me and saw me trying to crawl on the floor to get away and my legs being held down by something on the bed while the rest of my body was on the floor. My older sister thought maybe it was Epilepsy because I told her my body would shake abruptly but then I told her no and that there was something in the room with me. They told me I needed to start going to church again. It didn’t happen in one specific room but in every room in my parents house including the living room. After a month of going through this once a week, it stopped. Now I am in my late 20’s and something different is happening to me. When I talk to people, I see other people in my head/mind that I have confirmed are deceased. It’s like I am not myself when I talk to the people and tell them what I see. It’s like something is forcing me to say what I see. I can see them clearly. Everytime that has happened, I am able to confirm that they are indeed deceased, what they look like, their name or names that I tied to them, the clothes that they have on and their surrounding. When I am able to “see” these things, visions or whatever you call it, I blurt out what I see without being afraid to be judged. After the flashes go away and there is nothing else left to say, I feel stupid and crazy. The people usually cry or stare at me like, “What just happened here?” or think that I am crazy. Then I get scared because I don’t understand what just happened. During these times that I am talking, I say “Does that make sense to you” alot, which I never say any other time. I think I am going nuts. Am I haunted or cursed? Can someone give me some peace of mind and explain to me what is going on and what went on when I was younger? I would really like to know because I am tired of living in fear of the things I do not understand.

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